McDonald’s Decides It’s Time for a Revamp of Chicken McNuggets

The food produced by McDonald’s continues to produce billions in revenue for the company, despite a shift in philosophy of many people toward healthier alternatives. Those purchasing this food know that a good portion of it is relegated to being dubbed as junk food.

To counter that belief, McDonald’s latest approach is focusing on a number of specific menu items, including Chicken McNuggets. The main focus by the company is directed at eliminating at least a portion of the preservatives that it’s been using for decades, with at least half of the menu under this new directive.

The sandwich buns used to make its iconic hamburgers and other meals will now use be using sugar when making them, as opposed to high-fructose corn syrup. Such a move isn’t necessarily seen as a healthier step forward, but the company will also address the preservative issue with a number of its breakfast items. That issue has the potential to become more important due to the company’s decision over the past year to make breakfast food available all day long.

When McDonald’s was first asked about the shift a few months ago, it only noted that such plans were simply a test. Two of the things they have admitted that will disappear from the Chicken McNuggets are the tongue-twisting preservative, tert-Butylhydroquinone, which is used in the oil, and sodium phosphates. The latter item may get noticed more quickly, since it has been used to keep the chicken pieces making up the product moist.