Chick-fil-A Is Teaching Employees About “Please” and “Thank You”

I take my children to grab a “kid’s meal” on payday each week. We select from various fast food chains, depending on our location that day. I worked fast food for years as a teenager. When a customer approached a worker, you were to be courteous no matter what. These days, I get drinks slung out the window with lids half off and cold food. The colder grimace coming from the worker leaves much to be desired. Why are people so unpleasant these days? Do I have to beg for someone to say “thank you” and “have a nice day?”


An article recently caught my eye about Chick-fil-A. They are teaching their workers to say “please” and “thank you.” It’s no surprise that they were rated in the top 10 of friendly establishments in the country. An independent company went on the road to test the courtesy at 2,000 residents from coast to coast. The study found that Chick-fil-A restaurants received a total score of 95.8 percent. That means that most of their employees are courteous and make the customer feel welcome.


Even more surprising is the fact that McDonalds score a low 78.2 percent, while KFC came in at 84.9 percent. If people don’t want to be in the “people” industry, then why do they get a job that has them in constant contact with the public? I want my food hot, fresh, and with a smile. Perhaps, the reasons why so many fast food establishments are having a hard time cutting it in this health-conscious world is not their food but their servers attitudes.


People, in general, have changed. They are always in a hurry, don’t want to work, and want to hurry and get things done. Managers are more concerned about getting the lines in the drive-thru moved quickly and rushing the product out the door. Has everyone became so concerned about the numbers that they don’t remember the little people who make all the difference. I love going to Chick-fil-A because I get a good product and a smile, which is more than I can say for most other places. Customers will frequent where they feel welcomed. It doesn’t matter if it is a fast food chain or a bank, courtesy is a necessity.