Dr. David Samadi:

Dr. David Samadi is a well known Physician that specializes in Oncology. Dr. Samadi has performed many successful prostate surgeries using a special Robotic surgical method. Currently, Dr. Samadi is Chief of Surgery at the Lennox Hill Hospital located in Manhattan New York. Dr. David Samadi has also performed many successful surgeries involving Cancer of […]

Seattle Genetics Set to Raise Large Funds

Seattle Genetics, a company that works towards producing cancer medicines, has started their largest round of financing. This biotech company is increasing its 480 million public stock offering to 552 million through the interest from investors. This round of funding will go towards increasing their drug pipeline, expanding their cancer research, and continuing to grow […]

Seattle Genetics and Their CEO Clay Siegal

Seattle Genetics and Their CEO Clay Siegal The biotechnological company, Seattle Genetics, was founded in 1998 on the premises of innovative scientific research. The founder, Clay Siegal, is a trained scientist himself, and he has a passion for developing new medicines and treatments for patients all around the world. In truth, the Seattle Genetics company […]