Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur lives in Fribough, Switzerland. From the time he was a teen, he knew he was interested in finance. Continuing his education after high school, he attended the University of Rochester in New York. He acquired a MBA degree and then furthered his education by attending the University of Bern to finish an executive MBA. He feels fortunate that his life long desire to work in finance has come to fruition.


Working for over twenty years in banking and investment, he changed directions to invest in startup companies. In 2014, he, Max Meister, and Oliver Walzer co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory. Swiss Startup Factory is an organization that is designed to help new startup companies get started. Swiss Startup Factory’s desire is to create companies worldwide with successful beginnings. They guide startups with financial support, mentoring programs, coaching in all business areas, and link them to an entrepreneurial investment network.


The Swiss Startup Factory accelerates start ups with a three month service that helps every step of the way. Services include bookkeeping, payroll management, tax reporting advise, invoice management, and reports and reviews. This company gives inexperienced entrepreneurs and their companies guidance and provides them with the step by step ways developed from experienced businesses and companies to encourage successful business starts. Knowledge from businessmen who have made companies successful enables newer businesses to succeed when others fail. Guidance through pitfalls and areas where most new businesses struggle enables communities to thrive and have a renewed business community. No longer do new businesses have to make it one their own. Companies like Swiss Startup Factory are designed to encourage and enable new businesses so that new ideas and creative endeavors can make it.


Mike Baur not only helps new businesses grow and prosper, he also gives back to communities. He encourages colleagues and other businesses to be stepping stones and mentors to keep community businesses and entrepreneurs going. New ideas don’t always come from people who are business oriented. Ideas come from many places, and companies like Swiss Startup Factory enables these new creative ideas to develop and serve a community that is ever changing and in need of innovation.


Kenneth Goodgame Hits the Ground Running with Innovative Marketing Strategies

Kenneth Goodgame is an alumnus of the University of Tennessee with a degree in Marketing. He began his marketing and sales career in 1995 working as a product merchant for Hardlines D28. His role included managing purchases for the Southern Region, store opening programs and the expansion of the company to Puerto Rico.

In 1999, Kenneth joined The Home Depot as the Director of Property Brands. He launched the 20 SKU Husky Air Program and led the company to dominate the market. Before his promotion as the Senior Global Product Merchant, he increased sales and improved GMROI AND launched RIDGID.With his promotion, Kenneth secured procurement for $1.6 billion worth of product nationwide and $18 million in gross margins.

Mr. Goodgame then joined Newell Rubbermaid in Huntersville, NC in 2002 as the Senior Vice President in marketing and sales of the Channel, Irwin PTS & Shur line products, in 2002.His work grew the firm to a net worth of $490 in less than 3 years. He set up various products and ad campaigns as well as redesigning the international marketing strategy.

In 2004, Kenneth Goodgame earned a promotion as the company’s president and general manager for Bernzomatic. He grew the sector by 94% by launching product lines and acquiring a $30 million product company. During his tenures at the company, he was also the president and general manager of Rubbermaid Cleaning until 2004.His position there rerouted the company’s YOY fails to secure a $30 contract with Walmart, $100m enterprise units and $1.5m to the bottom line.

Kenneth then worked for Techtronic Industries as the President of Baja Motorsports ad Direct Tools Factory outlets. He redesigned the company’s business module and added a $5m profit to the enterprise. He reduced the competition gap with competitors and reduced the products’ costs by 8%. In two years, Kenneth opened 30 more stores of the company and raised the net worth to $1.6m in total sales. In 2010, Kenneth modernized the branding and merchandising of Ace Hardware Corporation as its General Merchandising Manager. He implemented a Craftsman program, hence growing the sales from $9m to $180m.By 2013, Kenneth had increased the annual growth from $35m to $50m

Between 2013 and 2015, Goodgame led True Value Hardware Corporation in Chicago Illinois as its Chief Merchandising Officer and Senior Vice President. His roles included overseeing the P&L purchases, inventories, functional strategic planning groups and the talent management and merchandising team. He improved the buyers group and raised the savings by 8%.By 2015, the annual test markets increased by 9%due to the launch of the SKU EDLP program. The program also improved the retail price of products in stores.He then created an additional program named “New at True Value” that implemented its regulations in more than 2800 stores and rose to be the most successful program for the stores’ increase in sales

Get the Most out of Your Panama Visit

When you are visiting Panama, Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa has created a list of must-see attractions in the country. These can give you a taste of Panama and even more than that if you let them.

1. The Valle de Anton is inland and is a great place to go if you are tired of the beaches. Check out the different options that the Valle has.

2. The Pearl Islands are the place to go if you want to visit a tropical paradise while you are in Panama on Make sure that you bring your beach towels and your sunscreen on this island adventure.

3. If you plan to see a lot of nature, make sure that you check out the Baru Volcano spot.

4. The Gulf of Chiriqui is gulf living at its finest. With great seafood, prepared attractions and a high-end feel, the gulf is the place to be.

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5. Boquete is a different experience than the typical beachcombing one that you will find in Panama. It is a fun place to relax but make sure that you get the most out of it by finding the local attractions on Instagram.

6. Santa Catalina provides you with your own little island escape. You can see what it is like to visit a small island with a short boat ride to the island from the mainland of Panama.

7. The San Blas Islands are a group of islands where you can visit. Make sure that you check out the shops that line the beach to find some great souvenirs.

8. Bocas del Toro is for the more adventurous. The journey to these uninhabited islands according to Figueroa is just as fun as exploring the wildlife around the area will be.

9. If you’re coming into Panama, plan to spend at least a day in Panama City. It is a big city with a big feel and gives you exactly what you hoped for in your Panama vacation. Join the parties in Panama City.

10. The Panama Canal is truly a wonder and something that you may be surprised to see is so big. Check it out while you are visiting Panama.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is confident that you will have a great time in Panama if you visit these 10 places. Just make sure that you make plenty of time to visit each of them while you are in the tropical paradise of Panama.

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Keith Mann, a Current for Positive Flow

Learning about static electricity is hilarious for students. Scientifically known as the triboelectric effect, children do crack-up at the sight of their Frankenstein hair. As they experiment with a Van-de-Graaff electrostatic generator the elation is electrostatic. So when Keith Mann and his Dynamics Search Partners team visited Uncommon Schools at Crown Heights, nothing about it was electrically neutral. The atmosphere was a buzz. The five paneled executive recruiters were there to peak interest in high school seniors for college and job preparation, and the electricity in the room was certainly positive. The New York based entrepreneur, Keith Mann saw the senior’s potential, and happily praised them.

Uncommon School’s staff boasted the event was bubbly, and the kids thrilled. Having established a charter school, Uncommon School is an educational system based on quality, not stadium like capacity as public schools are.

Dynamics Search Partners is a remarkable executive search company deemed on gathering the best hedge fund and private equity personnel. They match qualified job seekers to hiring managers. So did the students recognize the arc between their future, and the man standing before them? The answer is yes.

It is a fact that most objects are electrically neutral, however on occasion, analogous to this event, when objects in close contact touch, some object lose electron, and the others gain electrons, triboelectricity. Similarly, there was an exchange of ideas at the senior resume expo between Uncommon School students and Keith Mann which both say the experience will stick with them enduringly. This same philosophy is congruent with Dynamics Search Partners motto, creating long-lasting relationships and partnerships. This is the foundation.


Jason Halpern Continues His Family Construction Company Tradition

Jason Halpern launched JMH Development Company in 1990. Halpern is from a family run construction company background that has so far gone into its third generation. The 46-year-old construction developer plans to honor his late father, Joel, by carrying on the tradition of quality construction and passing it on to his 14-year-old son, Max, from a previous marriage. Halpern, whose father was killed in a powerboat racing competition in 1981, began his career in the 1980s working in his father’s construction business. In the late 1990s, the company was sold to Reckson Associates. It was then that Jason Halpern founded a new construction company called JMH. Halpern honored his father’s memory by creating the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center. The center has specialized doctors who work with many trauma’s including burn victims, heart patients, neurology, and orthopedics.


Jason Halpern’s company has developed hotels, apartment buildings, town houses, and beach houses. The most amazing hotel is called Aloft South Beach, located in the heart of Miami Beach. Aloft South Beach has a fitness center, 235 hotel rooms, outdoor pool, and a roof top deck lounge. This spacious hotel sits on the property that was once The Motel Ankara.


The Halpern Family has had over 50 years of experience building luxury apartments in the Westchester County, NY and New York City area. They have built a solid, quality reputation that Jason plans to continue. Today, JMH constructs buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami Beach, FL. In addition to constructing new buildings, Halpern works to renovate older structures. One of the pride and joys is the reconstruction of a building that was constructed in 1913 in Brooklyn NY, a warehouse that kept goods from the Austin Nichols Company. More than a century later, the warehouse is being reconstructed into a luxurious 340 apartment rental with a state-of-the-art gymnasium. The warehouse was originally designed by Cass Gilbert who created the old Woolworth building. The Halpern construction company is renovating old townhouses from the late 1800s, early 1900s, leaving some of the original design.


Goettl Air Conditioning Adds Moore Air Conditioning to It’s Family


Air conditioning service provider Goettl Air Conditioning acquires Moore Air Conditioning, essentially adding the skills and expertise of Moore’s 300 plus combined years of technology and service.

In addition to the purchase of the 50 year old company, the Las Vegas based Goettl Air Conditioning plans to add 100 new employees and grow the company by 50% in the next 12 months. The company is positioning itself to be the top air conditioning service provider in the Los Angeles area.

In addition to the aquisition of Moore Air Conditioning, of which the current President of Moore feels hopeful about, Goettl has partnered with the College of Southern Nevada’s air conditioing school to help provide qualified students with jobs upon graduating as technicians. This is one way in which the company hopes to grow and expand their skills and knowledge base, as well as providing a valuable service to the community.

This is not the first time Ken Goodrich and his company, Goettl Air Conditioning has partnered with the college. Recently, former US Navy cook, Nick Hughes took advantage of a scholarship that allowed him to study in the College of Southern Navada’s air conditioning program. He has since gradutated from the two year program and now works at a local HVAC company.

It is stories like this that make Goettl Air Conditioning a valuable local business. Founded in 1938 by Gust and Adam Goettl in 1939. The company later moved to the Las Vegas Valley in 1968, but left the Southern Nevada area during the recession. Ken Goodrich acquired the company in 2013, and moved it back to Las Vegas in 2016.

For over 75 years, the company has provided high quality AC and heating equipment, as well as maintenance, replacement, and repair services to thier customers.