Dr. Mark Mckenna: A true American Hero

When it comes to true success stories, Dr. Mark McKenna should be at the top of the list. This extraordinary guy is a man of many acts because he has worked in a number of exciting fields. Dr. Mark Mckenna is known to be a doctor, a philanthropist, a businessman and an entrepreneur. It seems like there isn’t anything that he can’t do. After graduating from the prominent Tulane University Medical School, he began his career in the medical profession. During this exciting time, McKenna launched a real estate development firm that was known as McKenna Venture Investments. In due time, this guy would use his real estate background to help the residents of New Orleans.


The year was 2005 and Hurricane Katrina had just ravaged his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. Mark McKenna went straight to work after the waters receded, and he did so through redevelopment purposes. This remarkable man played a huge role in rebuilding low-to-moderate income housing for hundreds of people. McKenna has always been involved in his community and the aftermath of this devastating hurricane has personified his excellence to the highest degree. Also, during this time, Dr. Mark McKenna’s real estate company was destroyed, but this wasn’t the end of the road for him. He would soon jump back into the game by purchasing properties and by rebuilding the properties. By doing so, he was able to earn a ridiculous amount of capital by selling the renovated properties to investors. Go To This Page for additional information.


After relocating to the city of Atlanta, he would open a successful non-surgical aesthetic company. This company was known as Shape Wellness Medical Center, and it offered many brilliant wellness services such as injectables, hormonal therapies, skincare solutions and weight management solutions. ShapeMed was a huge success as it reached the prestigious “Black Diamond” certification. Dr. Mark McKenna may not be a household name, but he is definitely an American hero.

Is USHEALTH Group The Real Deal For Healthcare Coverage

Healthcare coverage is something that everyone should strive to obtain. Unfortunately, most people can’t afford healthcare coverage, but all is not lost. No one actually knows if and when an illness is about to take effect in their lives, and no one actually knows if they’re about to get injured. This is why having some form of insurance is so important. Even prescription medications have a hefty price tag and if you’re not covered by any healthcare insurance, you’ll have to pay those expensive prices to receive the medications. One of the very best solutions for this issue is known as USHEALTH Group, and it is revolutionizing the game with its brilliance.

USHEALTH Group takes healthcare coverage to another level thanks to its portfolio of plans. Just about anyone can receive some form of healthcare coverage with this organization, especially if the person is self-employed, is a small business owner or if the person is an employee of a small business organization. USHEALTH Group is formed by a conglomerate of insurance companies that work together for the greater-good of society. Freedom Life Insurance Company and National Foundation Life Insurance are the actual subsidiaries that USHEALTH Group pulls from. This all-exclusive organization has a total of 50 years of experience under its belt, and it has served over 15 millions individuals. Disability insurance, accident insurance, income protector, special disease, term life insurance and many more options are available.

Some of the best features here are the tailored-healthcare solutions. These solutions are innovative because they can be tailored to meet the individual’s personal needs. Since everyone is unique, everyone will have specific needs. USHEALTH Group is also changing the game by making these solutions much more affordable. There just isn’t any flaws with this program. The advisors and agents here are well-trained as well as knowledgeable. If you want to make the switch between your current insurance plan to one of these exclusive healthcare plans, the time is now. Visit:https://www.linkedin.com/company/us-health-group


The Qualities that Make the USHEALTH Group the Best Health Insurance Provider

The health insurance provider that you choose determines the quality of cover you will get when you are unwell, and also the peace of mind that you will have regarding your health when you are okay. Many companies offer health coverage to their patients, but not all of them know how to create the needed balance between the cost, reliability, and affordability of the products. The USHEALTH Group is run by professionals who have been in the health sector for a long time, and they understand the pros and cons of the different types of health insurance products. Below are some of the qualities that make the company the insurance provider of choice for many. Check more on bloomberg.com to know more:

The variety of products that they have for their customers is the first thing that makes the company stand out from the rest. The USHEALTH Group had always believed in providing affordable healthcare for their customers when in need. As a result, the administrative team has made products that suit the needs of all income levels. The insurance premiums are available for a deductible of as little as $100 per month. When you have paid this amount, you get a cover of more than $2500 which includes many inpatient and outpatient treatments, dental health coverage, accident coverage and several others.

The principles that have guided their operations for the past few years are another factor that makes them the best insurance provider in the state and beyond. They have always believed that success as an insurer means that their customers have peace of mind concerning their health once they have subscribed to the premiums offered by the group. To make this possible, they have ensured that they have products that suit the various needs of their clients across the country. They also have an online platform where all information about their products and services can be accessed with ease. All these are the steps that the company has taken to ensure that they make the lives of their patients better every day.

The management team has been working in the health sector for close to 50 years. They, therefore, have a combined experience which puts to shame most of the other insurers trying to compete with them. The company management system still believes that despite their broad expertise in the field, they have a lot more to learn about the sector. They are always listening to the needs of the customers and creating products which meet these requirements. They also ensure that all the complaints and compliments related to the business are appropriately handled and that their customers are happy. The USHEALTH Group hopes to improve their service delivery and become the insurance provider of choice to all Americans. Read more:https://www.indeed.com/cmp/US-Health-Group


Equities First Holdings Wikipedia Offers Insightful Advice Concerning Finance

In 2002, Equities First Holdings became a legitimized brand in the world. With the guidance of Al Christy Jr, who hails from Indianapolis, the company was launched with immediate operations. Christy was in a position to navigate this company into greatness because he has impeccable experience in business and finance. Being the owner of Equities First Holdings, Christy was in charge of operations and strategic management. He has since devoted his time and effort to growing the company in various platforms of operations.

Background of operation

Equities First Holdings made about 700 business transactions in the first year of operations. The step towards growth was marked at that moment as most clients referred friends and families for financial support. Equities First Holdings was delighted to be part of a trans-formative initiative to clients. Until now, the company is prominent for its ability to offer top notch services in finance. Equities First Holdings commits to ensuring that clients are financially safe.

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Igor Cornelson’s Tips on Investing in Brazil

Brazil has put a big platform for investment opportunities as the economy of the country is currently growing. Igor Cornelson is among the investors who are ready to start their investment plans in this particular country that will see them get big profits for their businesses. Investing in a foreign country is something that requires lengthy market research for someone who is new in that particular investment line. Prior knowledge about the external market will help get your confidence high and reduce the risk levels of your investment as well as maximize your profits.

Before investing in the foreign market, Igor Cornelsen asserts that one should familiarize themselves with the restrictions on the currency of the foreign country. Brazil, for example, has stun control over its currency. In these controls, a nonresident must do a foreign exchange in an authorized bank. The exchange rates also vary based on the nature of the transaction.

According to Igor Cornelsen the investor should also try and find a connection with the locals in their endeavor. The large number entrepreneurs in Brazil makes the business going in the country through networking and relationships. The Brazilians are also very social people, therefore, making it easy to bond and work with foreigners. The connections with the natives are what will give you clear insight of the market, and it is also a means of doing further research on the market.

Another thing that one should look out for is the business regulations in that particular country. The government of Brazil, for instance, has put in place numerous laws on its market. The bill is aiming at blocking other people from doing business in the country as a means of trying to stabilize the economy by getting rid of unhealthy competition which makes potential investors shy away.

Brazil being a country in the recovery process as far as the economic status is concerned, they have to do all in their power to attract investors to the economy. With these guidelines outlined by Igor Cornelson, one can now invest in the Brazilian economy with a vision of success. It’s worth noting that Brazil is one country with vast regulations, high taxes, therefore, investing needs skillful expertise.

Find out more about Igor Cornelsen: http://www.jusbrasil.com.br/topicos/64228355/igor-cornelsen

Take Aloha Construction Company for All Your Home Repairing Needs

Aloha Construction, Inc. is Construction Company that deals with all types of construction problems which may occur at your home. This family and family operated and owned company works around southern Wisconsin and in all areas of Illinois. This group is run by several specialists who are trained in all fields. If you have a gutter problem, you will get a gutter inspector and installer coming for your help. In addition to that, the company has a field supervisor who is responsible in overlooking at all the projects that are conducted by the company and read full article.


Aloha Inc. started as a small family business, but as we speak, it is the biggest company that is grounded on professionalism, fairness, and honesty just to mention a few of its building blocks not forgetting integrity. Aloha Inc. is associated with many prominent members of the society who include company agents, insurance adjusters and sub-coordinators who work with suppliers in providing the best results to the customers. If you want a company that works with outermost notoriety to achieve excellence, Aloha Inc. is one of them.


Aloha Inc. Works on all types of home damages that you may experience. In most cases, if you have minor or significant losses from natural calamities, Aloha Inc. will get you out of that problem. All sections of your house which include sensitive places like roofs and windows are repaired jus within hours to make sure that you do not sleep outside. The primary aim of this company is to provide maximum customer satisfaction thus providing high-quality services that are delivered on time and Aloha Construction’s lacrosse camp.


Like any other hiring company, Aloha Inc. Employees only qualified staff members who have gone through different tests. If you join the group, you are given warranty which takes about ten years in the craftsmanship mostly in the roofing sector. Before working on your roof, a 9 step inspection testing is done on the roof thus making the company more successful in doing its work well. Apart from roofing, this group also deals with all issues connected with gutter problems, siding issues and window fixing and replacement. And if you need to remodel your home, Aloha Inc. will provide all that at affordable prices that will mind your pocket and https://nextdoor.com/pages/aloha-construction-lake-zurich-il/.

USHEALTH Group Is an Insurance Company Committed to the Overall Health of Your Family

Good health is a very important component of any successful economy. Thanks to the services of USHEALTH Group, the American company is at least trying to provide better and affordable health care services to its market. USHEALTH Group is an insurance company located in Texas State, Fort Worth city and provides affordable, personalized and innovative insurance covers to its customers. Through its subsidiary companies that include Freedom Life Insurance, the National Foundation Life insurance, and Enterprise Life Insurance, USHEALTH Group has been able to sell products that include life covers, accident and disability covers and life and specified illness cover to name but a few.

Established more than 50 years ago, USHEALTH Group has been able to learn the American insurance market well thus aligning its products to the needs and wants of the industry. In addition to this USHEALTH Group products are also fairly priced compared to other products in the market thus making them pocket-friendly to every citizen, the self-employed and small business owners included. The fact that these insurance products are personalized makes the company have enough insurance products for each of their customers.

The other selling point that shows USHEALTH Group commitment towards bettering the healthy life of the American citizen is the USHEALTH Advisors. USHEALTH Advisory is a sales and marketing arm of USHEALTH Group that specializes in offering detailed product advice of the company’s products. This is important as it gives the clients a lot of information that helps them make the most informed decision. USHEALH Advisory has also been awarded for its contribution to bettering the customer’s experiences and also encouraging growth in the company.

Other than committing itself to offering quality services and products to its clients, USHEALTH Group has a warm approach to their clients and appreciates the fact that each one of them is unique. Through this, they have been able to offer specialized services to their clients. This has earned the company an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

USHEALTH Group is surely committed to improving the health sector in the American economy. Therefore by deciding to work with them on your medical insurance cover, you guarantee yourself quality services. Check more: http://www.ushealthfamily.com/


The One Planet Award – Recognizing Excellence in Business

Entrepreneurs and businessmen all over the world have the chance to receive a prize illustrating their dedication and excellence as leaders of their respective businesses. Many CEO’s and company Presidents all over the world have had the pleasure of being nominated for the One Planet Award, a prize pool that references and celebrates the achievements of businesspeople of our generation.

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Staff from all countries can nominate their employers, executives, and Presidents of their companies if they think their bosses are really good at what they do. This system is created in order to build confidence between employer and employee and award leaders who have a good relationship with all sectors of their businesses.

The prize pool has different nominations as well based on various traits and qualities. These range from the nomination of the “Executive of the year,” “Women in Business,” “Company of the Year,” “Product & Service of the Year” and more, even a personal award for individuals that had outstanding performance independent of their role inside the corporation, being the “Outstanding Individual Achievements of the Year.”

Since the creation of the One Planet Award, entrepreneurs and business developers all over the world have been nominated by their own co-workers to win the prizes and recognition of the One Planet pool. That has happened in 2016 with Troy McQuagge, who works with the USHEALTH GROUP and won the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award.

Troy McQuagge won the golden place in the One Planet 2016 award and was elected the CEO of the year by his fans and the critics who analyzed his involvement with the company and his dedication.

Indeed, Troy McQuagge achieved a lot in very little time. He joined the company only in 2010 and has been changing many lives in the USHEALTH Group since he became the CEO of the corporation.

Troy McQuagge has built a name for himself by having a close and positive relationship with his staff and by promoting growth and space for innovation in his workspace. His ethics have been valuable assets for the enterprise, and his name in the company is held very dearly by his employees and partners in the firm.

Many other businesspeople have won their part in the One Planet Award. Some CEO’s like Troy were recognized because of their success in improving the sales and the condition of their businesses, but even some who were CFO’s or who were not in the executive officer’s role had their fair share of praise.

Troy McQuagge is not only the CEO of the year, but he is also the President of the corporation USHEALTH Group since 2014, when he was elected by the board of directors because of his excellence and dedication. The USHEALTH Group has grown exponentially faster since then.

Richard Blair Unravels the Mystery of Investing

Investing can be a challenge for anyone that has not done it before. It can really take a long time to get familiar with the investment opportunities that are out there. It goes without saying that investing is something that people have to work on consistently. Richard Blair is just the type of financial advisor that can help all of those that need investment help. He has been able to prove over the years that he knows what it takes to make a successful portfolios.


When people are making plans they definitely want to have someone like Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions on their side. He has a wealth of information, and he is knowledgeable in so many different areas. He can make a big difference when it comes to how people plan for the future. Richard Blair knows about different strategies that can totally change the earnings that people get when it comes to portfolios. People that are maximizing their returns and getting great dividends from Investments will appreciate the fact that Richard Blair was able to help them make these types of Investments.


Richard Blair is really showing a ton of investors that it is not always about how much you are investing. In many cases it is actually about your knowledge of investments and what you are putting your money into. This is what makes Richard Blair successful in the area that he is in. It is also the thing that makes his clients wealthy.


Richard Blair knows about a lot of different Industries, and there is no shortage of possibilities when it comes to Wealth Management & Investment opportunities. Richard has been able to create a large amount of interest in his investment guidance, and this makes him one of the most popular financial advisors in Texas.


Richard Blair is showing many people that investing is not as hard as they think that it is. It just takes someone that has a solid background in investing to give people the information that they need to get started. Once this is done it becomes much easier for a person to maximize their rates of return (http://anthonycioe.com/richard-blair-providing-sound-investment-and-wealth-solutions-to-clients-in-austin-texas/). Once they know the ropes and they feel confident about investing it is easier to get involved in the investment process. Anyone that is trying to engage in long-term investments can definitely benefit from what Richard Blair is bringing to the table.

USHEALTH Group Workroom in Numbers

It has on various occasions been argued that successful Insurance agents or advisors earn higher salaries than their peers in other industries. While this is an argument advanced by human resource consultants, conservative estimates of earnings by individuals working for the USHEALTH Advisors the marketing arm of the USHEALTH Group go a long way in confirming that the narrative is true.

The estimated average annual earnings of USHEALTH Advisors workers also do range high above their peers in the same insurance industry. While an average insurance agent in the industry earns $64,000 per annum, a USHEALTH agent earns an average of $70,341.

While it’s always difficult to determine how much individuals working for any company make to the cent, career experts have given conservative estimates that show what some highly rated jobs at USHEALTH earn. For example insurance agents affiliated to the company earn an annual fee of $97,393 while sales represents make about $95,000. Outside sales representatives make as high as $100,000 per annum as sales executives earn $98,223.

Licensed agents rake in $70,000 leaving $74,000 for sales consultants and $100,000 for account managers. It is necessary to take cognizance of the fact that USHEALTH usually makes payments in Bonuses and Commissions that follow an innovative structure. A fraction of issued business maiden commissions is advanced each week. Monthly commission plus vested renewals, create opportunity for agents to collect up to a six-figure incomes.

In light of some of this estimates, it’s not difficult to conclude that working for USHEALTH Advisors can offer a creative and dedicated individual an opportunity to earn super normal incomes annually alongside an opportunity to grow up the ladder. This means that consumers always have an eye for professionalism at all costs.

BBB files indicated that consumers had minor issues dealing with customer support some of which bordered unprofessional treatment of customers contacting customer service representatives. The company responded by introducing a training program for their customer service agents. The program is aimed at improving agent professionalism, ethics and compliance that is even as USHEALTH offers unreserved apologies to offended customers across the nation. Learn more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=313923