Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur lives in Fribough, Switzerland. From the time he was a teen, he knew he was interested in finance. Continuing his education after high school, he attended the University of Rochester in New York. He acquired a MBA degree and then furthered his education by attending the University of Bern to finish an executive MBA. He feels fortunate that his life long desire to work in finance has come to fruition.


Working for over twenty years in banking and investment, he changed directions to invest in startup companies. In 2014, he, Max Meister, and Oliver Walzer co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory. Swiss Startup Factory is an organization that is designed to help new startup companies get started. Swiss Startup Factory’s desire is to create companies worldwide with successful beginnings. They guide startups with financial support, mentoring programs, coaching in all business areas, and link them to an entrepreneurial investment network.


The Swiss Startup Factory accelerates start ups with a three month service that helps every step of the way. Services include bookkeeping, payroll management, tax reporting advise, invoice management, and reports and reviews. This company gives inexperienced entrepreneurs and their companies guidance and provides them with the step by step ways developed from experienced businesses and companies to encourage successful business starts. Knowledge from businessmen who have made companies successful enables newer businesses to succeed when others fail. Guidance through pitfalls and areas where most new businesses struggle enables communities to thrive and have a renewed business community. No longer do new businesses have to make it one their own. Companies like Swiss Startup Factory are designed to encourage and enable new businesses so that new ideas and creative endeavors can make it.


Mike Baur not only helps new businesses grow and prosper, he also gives back to communities. He encourages colleagues and other businesses to be stepping stones and mentors to keep community businesses and entrepreneurs going. New ideas don’t always come from people who are business oriented. Ideas come from many places, and companies like Swiss Startup Factory enables these new creative ideas to develop and serve a community that is ever changing and in need of innovation.


Cone Marshall: New Zealand’s Barrister

UPDATE: November 18, 2016 – Cone Marshall recently released a this PDF that includes a complete record of their services and company details.
The subject of international taxes is one of the most fascinating and complex issues facing the world today. With business around the world becoming so much more globalized and connected, it’s becoming a highly important aspect of the practice of law. That’s why I find the story of Cone Marshall, I am amazed when I see the determination Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall has shown in making the firm the most prominent international tax and trust planning firm in New Zealand. From what I’ve seen of Cone’s experience in counseling, as well as some experience as a litigator in the West Indies, it’s certainly helping him build this firm into the vision they’ve had for it and beyond. There simply isn’t anyone out there like Cone Marshall. Founded by Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall in 1999, the firm has been creating international tax plans for more than 17 years and continues to show the same standards of excellency.

To understand Cone Marshall you have to understand New Zealand and it’s tax transparency. In contrast to a tax haven, where few tax laws exists and those laws that do exist are intended to conceal information from governments, tax transparent countries participate in the international exchange of information in order to improve the enforcement of domestic tax laws. For example, if I were to take $10 million pounds from Britain and put them in a Japanese LLC, tax transparency would require that Japan shares the details of my transfer with the United Kingdom. This isn’t about shady backroom deals or cheating the system.

Equipped with that understanding of New Zealand’s tax transparency, it’s easy to see why Geoffrey Cone and karen Marshall’s firm is so important. Their firm provides foreign businesses with tax plans designed to fit around the demands for transparency found within in New Zealand law. It stands to combat the sort of shifty deals you might see in tax havens. Cone Marshall promotes the sort of transparency and reliability needed in contemporary tax law and trust planning. It’s no wonder so many companies have trusted them to take on so many difficult tasks.

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John Goullet: Building the Future

UPDATE: August 17, 2016

John Goullet has been named Principal of Diversant. This is big news coming from the tech world as John had recently merged his company, Info Technologies, with Diversant. For more information on the merger check out the links below.

John Goullet is an entrepreneur and that means he knows how to build something from scratch. Nothing came easy to him, and he wouldn’t want it that way. John likes to work for everything in his life and not just have it be handed to him. When you are an entrepreneur, it means you have started something from the bottom up and created it into something special. It means you have gifts and talents that can’t be matched by just anyone. He has handled the IT sector and he has handled it with class, dignity, respect, and the utmost honor. That is what separates him from everyone else in his field.

When you think about DIVERSANT LLC, you think about a company that is different from the rest. They strive for greatness and quite frankly, the achieve it and then some. Their motto is “empowered by difference.” I think that is a motto that all of us should live by. How often do we know people in life that are simply ordinary, run-of-the-mill, and average. Why not be different and be empowered by the fact? It means you stand out from the pact and you aren’t just another face in the crowd.

They have built relationships with their clients that will last for years upon years. They have built those with trust, hard-work, and honesty. Their IT consultants have experience, knowledge, and the power to get things done. Not only that, they truly care about their clients. They know that everyone plays a part in making the engine run. It’s a group effort at the end of the day, and it takes everyone pitching in to make things happen. Goullet understands those principals and that is why he has been so successful.

They broke the mold when they made him. People like John Goullet don’t grow on trees. That is why when you meet someone like him or have the chance to work with him and get to know him, it’s truly something special, without a shadow of a doubt. You walk away from the experience knowing that you were in the presence of greatness.

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Stand Out with Bold Lip Colors from Lime Crime

Even though a nude lip is always classy, sometimes you just want to step outside of your comfort zone and go bold. This is where the gorgeous lip colors from Lime Crime can come to your aid. Lime Crime offers unique lipsticks in colors not found on your local store shelves.

Doe Deere, CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, believes that cosmetics are a form of self-expression and a way to boast personal freedom, thus her creation of vibrant colors not found in your typical makeup palette. Doe believes that the shade of makeup you wear should be what feels right at the moment, but not necessarily what looks natural. The result of this line of thinking is her unique line of vibrant, intensely pigmented lip colors that spans every color imaginable.

Doe’s website offers her vibrant Unicorn Lipsticks in eye-catching shades such as Serpentina (metallic green), No She Didn’t (bubblegum blue), Poisonberry (glossy berry purple), and many others. Wearing any of these gorgeous colors will ensure you turn heads and stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking for lip color with real staying power, Doe Deere has created a unique formula of liquid-to-matte lipsticks known as Velvetines. These lip colors go on as a liquid and then transforms into a matte lipstick with incredible staying power that does not transfer or smudge. Velvetines glide on smoothly, then dry to a deep matte finish that won’t dry out your lips.

Although Velvetines are not available in as many colors as her famous Unicorn lipsticks, Velvetines come in their own unique shades such as Jinx (witchberry purple), Black Velvet (a deep black) and Utopia (vibrant orchid). Add to this their matte finish, and you will have lips that are the envy of every one!

Although Lime Crime offers lip products in unusual hues, they also have a wide variety of more subtle colors in varying shades of pinks, reds, corals and nudes. No matter the color, each cosmetic is created with the customer in mind. Each one is crafted with care, using high quality ingredients to ensure you are receiving a product you will be proud to own.

James Dondero and His Visionary Role in the Growth of Highland Capital Management

Amidst the growth of a company known as Highland Capital Management, is a big investor’s mind, the James Dondero. Dondero heads the company Highland Capital, which mainly deals with credit management. Managing assets and hedge funds is something that requires expertise in financial markets and a great understanding of the spheres of financial markets.

It requires a visionary approach that is pegged on risk taking and risk management while maximizing on investment. A company should be able to identify opportunities for growth and investment where others cannot see. This is what has built the Highland Capital Management.

James Dondero on has been the big name that is behind this asset management company called Highland Capital. It is a company that focuses on long-only credit investment strategies. For example, it may invest in distressed companies or organizations that are experiencing financial problems and be able to turn around the companies to great profitability thereby benefiting the investors.

Highland Capital has been in the asset investment and management field for more than 20 years meaning that it is more than experienced in this field. It applies its credit strategies in diverse arrays of fields such as investing in distressed companies, high-yield investments like gas and oil, healthcare, and special situations loans.

It as well deals with structured products investments. The company operates in other areas like real estate and emerging markets. In 1993, the company was founded by James Dondero and his colleague Mark Okada. It has grown to be one of the respected global investment management companies in the world.

The multi-million dollar asset management company has spread its wings to camp in other parts of the world. Although it has its headquarters in Dallas, it has been able to establish offices in other parts and serves the U.S. clients and international clients. It now has an asset base that clocks about $21 billion, which it manages for its clients. This is a pretty big success and shows the commitment the company has made in serving and investing on behalf of its clients.

In 1990, a joint venture was formed by both Dondero and Okada and this business focused mainly on fixed income markets. It would, for instance, deal with senior loans, which are mostly secured. The business grew and soon it signed an agreement with another company Protective Life Insurance Corporation.

A merger soon followed allowing a new company known as Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO) to be formed. When PAMCO was formed, it had 60 percent ownership going to Protective Life insurance while the remaining 40 percent went to the founding individuals Dondero and Okada. PAMCO had already shown signs of expanding and growing by 1997.

With such potential growth, the two partners thought of buying the ownership that was being held by Protective Life Insurance. And, in the following year after the acquisition of shares from Protective Life Insurance, PAMCO changed its name and was renamed Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital secured another agreement in 2004 with a company known as Columbia Asset Management, which helped it to buy two floating funds. It has offices globally including South Korea and Singapore.

Citadel CEO Ken Griffin Still Thriving After 25 Years

Kenneth Griffin a CEO and entrepreneur who’s had a long and successful tenure at global investment company, Citadel, a company he started in 1990. Under Ken Griffin’s leadership, Citadel is now worth over $25 billion.

Griffin was born 46-years ago in Daytona Beach, Florida. He attended Harvard University where he graduated with a degree in economics. Ken Griffin on insidermonkey began selling stocks in his sophomore year and made quite a bit of money for both himself and his clients. A short time later, he opened Citadel. By 1998, the company was worth an estimated $1 billion.

Griffin has made the Forbes Magazine 400 list several times over the years. In 2003, he made the list as the youngest self-made millionaire on, with a net worth of $650 million. He also made the list in 2004 for being one of the richest CEOs under the age of 40. Today he is one of the most successful and richest hedge fund managers.

Recently, Griffin was honored by Harvard University for his recent endowment gift to the university of $150 million. The funds are to be used to help students with financial aid and tuition. The school’s financial aid office will now bear Griffin’s name. Griffin in known for his philanthropy and has given to many area schools, day care centers and hospitals. He has also given to the Art Institution of Chicago, the Chicago Museum and the Field Museum of Natural History. Griffin serves on the Chicago Public Education Fund Board, the Commercial Club of Chicago and the University of Chicago’s Board of Trustees.

Although Griffin is a registered Republican, he has given to both political parties. He has made political donations to American Crossroads and Restore Our Future. He has given money to Rahm Emanuel, Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential bid, Eric Cantor, Sen. Mark Kirk and Bruce Rahner.

During the 2008 banking crisis, Citadel was on the cusp of ruin.”It was a very scary situation,” says Griffin. “We made it through, but a lot of tough decisions had to be made.” Griffin was able to guide the company back to prosperity. It is stronger today than it has been at any time in its existence. Griffin has spoken out against Wall Street practices and the corruption that exists. He also blames the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) for failure to do its due diligence regarding the banking industry. He has testified before Congress more than once on this issue.

Journey to the Billionaires Club

Ken Griffin on valuewalk is a hedge fund manager, the founder, and the Chief Executive Office of the Citadel, an international alternative investment company. He has a wealth of more than $20 billion dollars in capital investments alone. His company is the largest alternative investment company in the world. The company is ranked top amongst the most successful and major hedge funds company globally. In 2012, the Forbes magazine identified Mr. Griffin as the highest earning hedge manager of the year and among the Forbes 400 successful entrepreneurs.

Griffin’s Philanthropic Works
At the start of 2012, Mr. Ken Griffin donated $150 million to a Financial Aid Program at the University of Harvard. His donation was the largest ever given by a single entity to the organization at that time. He has extended his hand to other charities, and his total contributions amount to about $500 million dollars to date.

The Early Life and Education Background of Griffin
He began capital investments ventures during his first year at the University after reading a business inspirational article in Forbes magazine. During the start of his second year, he raised a total of $270,000 from his relatives and friends including some funds his grandmother gave him as a present. He used the money to start a hedge fund, which specialized on convertible bond arbitrage. He also invested some part of the money in setting up a satellite, which linked to his hostel in the university so that he acquired real-time market conveniently. His investment strategy saved him from the infamous stock market crash that occurred in 1987. His success in business enabled him to establish subsequent hedge funds, and this gave him over $1 million under his management. Griffin has a degree in economics from Harvard.

After his graduation, Griffin received $ 1 million from Frank C. Meyer to expand his investments. Mr. Meyer is the founder and an investor of the Glenwood Capital LLC. Mr. Griffin surpassed the expectation of Meyer and the latter reportedly made over seventy percent return on the business. Griffin founded Citadel firm in 1990. Eight years later, the company has grown from the $4 billion initial investment to $1 billion capital worth investment today. Besides, it has over 100 employees recruited from best professionals across all disciplines.

Griffin’s Recognitions
In 2002, the CFO magazine quoted Griffin among top 100 most influential individuals in the finance sector worldwide and was the youngest self-made billionaire on the list. In 2004, Fortune magazine ranked him the wealthiest American under forty billionaires in the self-made category in the United States. In 2006, the Forbes magazine ranked him fifth out of the seven individual under the class of the youngest self-made billionaires. His wealth was estimated at $6 billion in 2014. Griffin was the guest speaker during the inauguration of the Milken Institute Global Annual Summit March this year. He spoke about his company, Citadel, and investing in employees with the aim of building sophisticated firms.

Bruce Levenson Facts

The name Bruce Levenson is quite a well-known name in the United States. Most people who known Bruce Levenson or has heard his name associate him with the Atlanta Hawks. It is true that Bruce Levenson played a massive role in NBA history with this time as he owned the Hawks for over 10 years.

There are many things that many people do not know about Bruce Levenson. Here are four facts about Bruce Levenson that really showcase who he is!

Fact One
Bruce Levenson really values family. Few people know that he was born to a Jewish family who lived in Washington D.C. He spent very little time there because he moved to Chevy Chase Maryland early in childhood. Through this time he spent many days with family as they were quite close to him. Today he owns two homes in Maryland. He uses these homes to care for his beautiful wife and loving three boys. He still holds true to his family values.

Fact Two
Bruce Levenson cares deeply about people. He loves all people regardless of their sex, race, religion, or other associations. When it comes down to it people are just people. He cares more about bringing people together for the love of a common interest than tearing them apart for their differences. He has proven his love for people through sports with the Atlanta Hawks and through other businesses that he has created. This is a very honorable quality that Bruce Levenson holds onto to this day.

Fact Three
Bruce Levenson owns businesses outside of the Atlanta Hawks! This may actually come as a surprise to a great number of people. Bruce Levenson’s co-ownership of the Atlanta Hawks with Ed Peskowitz was not his first partnership with Ed. He actually co-founded a business called the United Communications Group with Ed Peskowitz in 1977! The United Communications Group is still in business today and owns such things as GasBuddy. The business originally started in Levenson’s home in Gaithersburg, Maryland as a newsletter about the oil industry called Oil Express.

Fact Four
Life for Bruce Levenson is not over just because he has sold his portion of the Atlanta Hawks. It is very true that the Atlanta Hawks played a big role in Bruce Levenson’s life. He shared the team with a partner for over 10 years and enjoyed every single second of it. While most people think that his life is now over, he is still thriving. He has a great deal of money, a great family, a place to live, and a million supporters to talk to whenever he wants to.

Bruce Levenson is a brilliant man and he will live life to the fullest. He is constantly working on projects and running side businesses that most people don’t even know about. He has his hands full and he is quite happy today. The chapter of his life with the Atlanta Hawks may have ended, but his love for sports and for life in general certainly are not over!

Organ Gold: An Amazing Health Product

Powerful and vibrant are Organo Gold’s superior products. Organo Gold produces excellent premium gourmet beverages that will enhance your mind/body experience of the moment. You wake up in the morning to face a grueling day, and you need to be your best. Organo Gold drinks offer the body an energy and emotional enhancing experience. Organo Gold provides beverages that are based on ancient Oriental herbal medicines. Such herbal remedies have been used and appreciated for hundreds of years. Previously, these herbal remedies have been primarily the province of the Eastern Oriental world. Only recently have such herbal remedies for enhancing your mind/body state been available to the Western world.

Bernardo Chua is the Founder and CEO of Organo Gold. His vision is to bring the benefits of the ancient Chinese herbs from the limited Oriental countries and introduce the herb to the wider world. The herb that is so tremendous is Ganoderma. Bernardo Chua is using education to inform the Western world of the health benefits of Ganoderma. A significant vehicle to educate the public is the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Napoleon Hill and Organo Gold are collaborating to promote the beverages of Organo Gold as well as the book. Through their collaboration, both Organo Gold and the Napoleon Hill Foundation are benefiting.

Organo Gold has a strong foundation in positive business principles that advance the goals of the company and generate profits for its investors. Organo Gold is a fast growing company. The company began in Richmond, B.C., Canada, in 2008 as a small store, and the Organo Gold has developed into a major Network Marketing company. It is dazzling to watch the growth of this company into one of the major companies of the world. In only 7 years, Organo Gold has gone from one shop to operating shops in over 35 countries. Loyalty of its employees and the hard work of its independent distributors are critical to its success.

Organo Gold has a vision of providing a personal opportunity to individuals to build balance and wellness in their lives through using the products of the company. This company is reaching vast communities on many continents and improving the health of all who use their products. As a corporation, Organo Gold has created a non-profit company. Organo Gold’s non-profit company’s goal is to develop leadership abilities in the next generation of young entrepreneurs. Building the health of today’s people and developing future leaders of tomorrow makes a significant contribution to our world. Organo Gold should be praised for their health products as well as their lofty goals for the future.

Bonn Óir Irish-American vodka brings a traditional recipe to the US

Thinking of Irish-American’s may not see many people think initially of the development of vodka, but the O’Shevlin family are bringing their own Irish-American vodka brand to the bars and stores of the US. A three generation old recipe is used to produce the Bonn Óir Gold Medal vodka that is available with a 40 percent alcohol level and a crisp flavor infused with soft white wheat and glacial waters. The Spirit Business explains the launch of the brand comes after the grandson of Bonn Óir recipe creator Philip Joseph O’Shevlin II with the help of entrepreneur Marc Sparks have worked to bring this traditionally Irish recipe to the people of the US.

Marc Sparks and Timber Creek Capital are the financial backers of this Irish-American vodka startup, which sees the investment company continue its tradition of backing new companies and individual entrepreneurs. The Bonn Óir brand will launch with three recipes initially available for those who want to explore the flavors of Irish-American vodka. Alongside the Gold Medal traditional vodka recipe a Lite version will also be offered that has just 40 calories a serving. Finally, the brand is looking to add a little spice to the vodka market with the Irish Fire recipe that adds cinnamon to the recipe for a unique flavor. Those who want to mark their Irish heritage with a traditional vodka recipe or those who just love vodka are being targeted as potential customers of this new vodka brand.