Life Begins With The Midas Legacy

No matter what someone’s age is, they might feel like their life has not properly started. They might feel like they are stuck in a certain situation and there is no hope and there is no way of turning it around. They don’t have any answers but they just know that this is not the life they have envisioned for themselves. It has not turned out the way they thought it would when they were young and full of hopes and dreams. Life got in the way and while they are not completely unhappy, they know there is more out there. They just don’t know how to get it.

Then they stumble upon The Midas Legacy, a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory, and they feel as though they have finally found a company that gets them, understands them, and knows what they are looking for out of their day-to-day life. On their website, they talk about living a happier, healthier, and wealthier life. When it comes to happiness, that is not something that someone can purchase in a store. It is not something that someone can put a dollar sign on, that is for sure. Someone is either happy or they are unhappy. When they are unhappy, they have trouble sleeping and they have trouble facing the day.

The Midas Legacy gets to the root of the unhappiness and they try to come up with ways to fix it, make it better, and improve it. They have seen cases like this before and it is not their first rodeo. As far as health, that is something a lot of people struggle with and it really ties into happiness. If someone is not happy, chances are it is going to affect their health as well. Health problems can be financially and emotionally draining.

As far as wealth is concerned, the price of living is increasing and a lot of people simply can’t keep up with it. It has gotten out of reach and out of hand. The Midas Legacy can also help with that, as they know how to help people better manage their money and get the most use out of it. They don’t have to worry about it anymore. They know it will go in the right places and really work for them with The Midas Legacy. They can provide all three of those things and even more for their clients.

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The Advisory Solutions that are offered by the Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is a leading consultancy firm that is committed to guiding people on the investments, wealth management, and how to be prosperous. The company serves its broad array of customers from its headquarters, which are located in Winter Garden, Florida. The main clients who rely on the Midas Legacy’s advisory services are entrepreneurs who have a goal of succeeding in their ventures, people who need inner happiness and serenity, and individuals who desire to use natural cures to heal themselves. The services that the company provides are essential in making a person successful. The experts at the company give advice that assists entrepreneurs in deciding on the best finance and business options. The firm also inspires its clients to be focused and fruitful in their endeavors no matter the obstacles.

Most people face the challenge of managing their investments efficiently so that they can be financially stable even after retirement. This problem can be solved by the staff of the Midas Legacy since they have ample experience and knowledge in various industries. Individuals who seek the services of the company are assisted from the first day at the organization. Newly registered members receive the Midas Code, which directs them as they strive to be successful.

The Midas Legacy has three main specialists who offer guidance to its customers. They are Mark Edwards, Jim Samson, and Sean Bower. Mark Edwards is an expert in natural remedies he assists clients who need to know more about health solutions and to use them in their treatment. Jim Samson is a reputable author who has written many bestselling books. He is also informed about entrepreneurship and the real estate business since he has been in the sector for approximately 20 years. Sean Bower is a renowned journalist who has specialized in business reporting. He has gained sufficient knowledge on the finance industry, and he uses it to offer advice to entrepreneurs on investments.

The Midas Legacy also donates to support various charity undertakings in the community. Organizations that benefit from the social responsibility of the company are the Give Hope Foundation, which assists people of Central Florida in battling against childhood cancer. The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is also a beneficiary, and its role in the community is to campaign against dangerous conditions such as childhood cancer. Other foundations include the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Florida Sheriffs Association, the Salvations Army and the Wounded Warrior Project.

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The Midas Legacy Is Looking Out For The Greater Good

There are a lot of people in life that have dreams and goals but they never actually went out and did something about them. They just talked about them, pined over them, and wished for them. However, as they look back on their life, they wonder if it is too late or if there is a chance at redemption. Can they live the life they have always wanted? Can they pursue what makes them happy? The answer is a resounding yes. That is where The Midas Legacy comes in, as they have plenty of experience dealing with these types of situations.

The Midas Legacy look out for entrepreneurs as those are the types of people that are tired of the same old, same old. They have worked the 9-5 desk job and they have realized it is not for them. They have done it for too long and it has really worn them out and drained them. It causes people a great deal of anxiety, stress, and angst. It is not the life they imagined for themselves when they were growing up. They had bigger and better plans. The Midas Legacy used to talk about their dreams, but somehow life got in the way.

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When it comes to entrepreneurs, The Midas Legacy is with them every single step of the way. They know this is a new venture for them and new ventures can be quite scary. There are a lot of unknowns and a lot of mysteries. However, if they do not take the plunge right now, they might never take the plunge. They have to start somewhere, though, and when they have someone in their corner that is guiding them, giving them great advice, and has experience with this sort of thing, they make sure it is a risk worth taking and a risk that will result in a huge reward.

The Midas Legacy doesn’t even see it as a risk. They know they have done their homework, researched the project, and they always, always tell the truth to their clients. They don’t want to just tell them what they want to hear in the hopes of getting them as a client. That is not their end game. Their end game is to see entrepreneurs living out the life they talked about as children and enjoying each day more than the next. They are firm with their beliefs and they stand by them.

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Succeeding as an Entrepreneur in Panama

In Panama, success in business is inspired by the likes of Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. Undoubtedly, Mr. Figueroa is a prominent business person in Panama’s business community. Previously, Mr. Figueroa was serving in the Venezuelan Army as the head of Security Department of the Presidential palace at Miraflores during President Hugo Chaves regime. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is married to Claudia Diaz who was also previously served as the Treasurer of Venezuela.

Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has mentored many young business leaders and helped their businesses grow. Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is of Venezuelan origin and currently holds different positions in various corporations including director, president, and treasurer in five Panamas companies.

There are eight tips that young entrepreneurs in Panama could employ to attain the level of success that Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa enjoys:

Be on Top of Your Game
This involves the intersection of skills, experience, and passion. It also entails looking at new ways of doing things and looking for innovative solutions to problems. Undoubtedly, this will make your business ahead of the pack.

Master the Art of Mobility
The best business ideas on are those that do not require your presence for the business to run and bring you money. Low maintenance business that brings you passive income will allow you time to innovate other business ventures.

Seek Out the Perfect Match
Networking is essential in bringing you in contact with trustworthy and competent partners with strong work ethic who share in your vision. Joining forces allow you to accomplish twice as much in half the time as you play off strengths with your partners.

Remember that IQ doesn’t Limit Your Prospects
Many entrepreneurs were not the A type students in the academic circles. However, smarts are also needed in business, and when required, for instance, in setting up your company, you still can hire a lawyer to do the paper work for you. It is enthralling to see yourself succeeding in business in spite of what you school grades say.

Avoid Shortcuts
A lot of work goes into building a successful business. You need to work and stay updated with the information about your industry. Set goals and reward yourself after you have achieved them.

Minimize Costs
Avoid business ideas that require huge capital investment. Sharing your operational cost with your partners such as utility bills and office rent will considerably increase your profit margin.

Plan to Fail
Failing is expected for startups in any industry in Panama. Preparing for failure will secure your place in the industry and cushion you from legal battles. Learn from others’ mistakes and accept criticism.

Become a Student of the Game
Find a mentor who will accelerate your learning curve. They will help you avoid costly mistakes and reach your timeline milestones. Seek advice from whoever will give it.

Bottom line
Succeeding in any business venture in Panama need not be such a hustle, especially with such information at your disposal. A mix of these tips will evidently boost your chances of succeeding as an entrepreneur.

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John Goullet: Building the Future

UPDATE: August 17, 2016

John Goullet has been named Principal of Diversant. This is big news coming from the tech world as John had recently merged his company, Info Technologies, with Diversant. For more information on the merger check out the links below.

John Goullet is an entrepreneur and that means he knows how to build something from scratch. Nothing came easy to him, and he wouldn’t want it that way. John likes to work for everything in his life and not just have it be handed to him. When you are an entrepreneur, it means you have started something from the bottom up and created it into something special. It means you have gifts and talents that can’t be matched by just anyone. He has handled the IT sector and he has handled it with class, dignity, respect, and the utmost honor. That is what separates him from everyone else in his field.

When you think about DIVERSANT LLC, you think about a company that is different from the rest. They strive for greatness and quite frankly, the achieve it and then some. Their motto is “empowered by difference.” I think that is a motto that all of us should live by. How often do we know people in life that are simply ordinary, run-of-the-mill, and average. Why not be different and be empowered by the fact? It means you stand out from the pact and you aren’t just another face in the crowd.

They have built relationships with their clients that will last for years upon years. They have built those with trust, hard-work, and honesty. Their IT consultants have experience, knowledge, and the power to get things done. Not only that, they truly care about their clients. They know that everyone plays a part in making the engine run. It’s a group effort at the end of the day, and it takes everyone pitching in to make things happen. Goullet understands those principals and that is why he has been so successful.

They broke the mold when they made him. People like John Goullet don’t grow on trees. That is why when you meet someone like him or have the chance to work with him and get to know him, it’s truly something special, without a shadow of a doubt. You walk away from the experience knowing that you were in the presence of greatness.

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James Dondero: a Dallas Success Story

James Dondero has two majors in accounting and finance. Upon completion of bachelor’s degree at the University of Virginia in 1984, He got certified for CMA and CPA. His excellent financial analysis skills have made him a favorite resource hub for investors.

Dondero started his career at the Morgan Guaranty training program for a year. He got into American Express in 1985 as a corporate analyst and later became its portfolio manager. He was instrumental in the formation of GIC subsidiary of Protective Life which attained a $2 billion net worth in 4 years.

James Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Market [HCM] which is a financial adviser on investment. With 36 years of financial management, James is a leader in hedge fund management and has overseen the growth of HCM to its current net worth of $21 billion.

Highland Capital Management is among the biggest globally. The firm deals in credit strategies, separate accounts, credit hedge fund and particular case in private equity together with collateral loans. The company is also involved in natural resources, emerging markets and short and long investments. Its headquarters are in Dallas Texas with offices in Sao Paulo, New York and Seoul, Singapore.

China’s economic crisis is due to the country’s currency devaluation in efforts to remedy its distress without scrutiny. Policy makers did not consider foreign exchange market but only found the domestic market. The government increased liquidity to banks in a short-term intervention plan. Cutting its currency supply beyond its borders worked against the economy. This brought down betting costs to the point it was at the start of the year. Consequently, investors are scared of investing in the unstable economy.

This prompted outflows to the tune of 158 billion dollars in December 2015.Credit costs in Hong Kong shot across the board in January 2016.This is after the Central Bank of China bought the currency after its own devalued. This has increased the cost of credit for short-term transactions and for selling borrowed assets in Yuan by targeting profits on repurchasing the property at minimal costs.

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Philanthropic Work Is Bigger In Texas With James Dondero At The Helm

There is a saying that goes something like this “Everything is bigger in Texas.” If that is true and I believe it is, then they must be talking about James Dondero. Nope, I am not talking about his clothing size but instead his larger than life personality when it comes to giving back to the community. James has done some incredible philanthropy work with, uplift education. A public charter school that focuses on helping children develop into their full potential. They also work with students on the idea of giving back to the community and beyond. James works closely with the group in order to cultivate change in education. This means that at times he has to go out into the community to speak to officials. If there are any particular issues with violence the school takes an active stance to help fix any problems. It is their goal to make the community that they live in, a better place for all. James is the type of person on that gets involved with all of the levels at his company, Highland Capital Management. It is his personal goal to see that everyone he hires is not only a fantastic employee but also a person who can make a difference. He feels that children in school need to be taught at a young age about community outreach and responsibility. His reasoning is solid as there is nothing more important than developing a solid well rounded person, which starts at birth. The one thing James is able to pick up on is where his time and attention are needed the most, both for philanthropy and also working at Highland Capital Management. Mr. Dondero has worked hard his entire life and he knows that hard work eventually pays off. This is why he is adamant about building a child up from baby through college and beyond. For him life is full of learning experiences that have been well received and preparation is a large part of the success. James himself graduated from the University of Virginia with the highest of honors, Beta Gamma Sigma as well as Beta Alpha Psi. He also has a lengthy history in the financial markets and his career has spanned over thirty years which is quite long for someone of such a young age at 52. Along with his interest in education he also sees to it that many of our nation’s greatest are looked after and that would be our veterans. James believes that without the United States veterans we would not be living in a nation as great as we are. Lastly he finds public policy to be of great interest. He understands that as time continues to evolve it is important to make sure that today’s policy works for tomorrow’s people. James Dondero is someone who has worked hard to get where he is and believes in giving back to make a difference in the lives of others throughout the nation.