Dr. Scott Rocklage a Full Life in Pharmaceuticals

**UPDATE 7/17/17**
Scott Rocklage is not a leader to miss, so check him out. He is a healthcare manager and more. He is also a known biopharmaceutical expert.

Primary Role
Managing Partner for 5AM Ventures

8 Investments throughout 4 Companies

Menlo Park


Social Media:
Primarily Facebook and Twitter

Title Company
Executive Chairman EntreMed
Chairman and CEO Cubist Pharmaceuticals
R&D positions Catalytica
Executive Chairman Ilypsa
Executive Chairman Relypsa
President and CEO Nycomed Salutar


University of California
B.S. in Chemistry

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – or MIT
Ph.D. in Chemistry

Date of Publication and Release
April 2017 Ideamensch.com – Scott Rocklage – Managing Partner for 5AM Ventures
March 2016 PE HUB – Aprea AB has raised $51 million
March 2013 Fin SMEs – Novira Therapeutics Secured $7.5M; Completed A Financing
August 2012 Fin SMEs – Novira Therapeutics Secured $23M in Series A Financing

Rocklage’s Board & Advisor Roles

Board Member

VBI Vaccines
Board Member

Novira Therapeutics
Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board Chairman

Board of Directors

Epirus Biopharmaceuticals
Board of Director

Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
Board of Associates

Board Chairman

As if these traits alone were not more than enough to show commitment, courage, honor, sacrifice, intelligence, innovation and inspiration, there’s more. Check it out. Rocklage has also invested many times.

Semprus BioSciences
Board Chairman

Current Investments Held
Date Investment Made Round Other Details
March of 2013 Novira $25M / Series A (Lead) 5AM Ventures
March of 2013 Achaogen $18.91M / Series D 5AM Ventures
August of 2011 Pulmatrix $14M / Series B 5AM Ventures
April of 2010 Achaogen $56M / Series C 5AM Ventures
November of 2009 Pulmatrix $30.2M / Series 5AM Ventures
March of 2009 Pulmatrix $3.5M / Series A 5AM Ventures
March of 2009 Rennovia $16.33M / Series A 5AM Ventures
October of 2006 Achaogen $26M / Series B 5AM Ventures

In the field of health care, Scott Rocklage has 20 years’ experience and credibility. He has been involved in the approval of three applications made by FDA for new drugs and has entered six drug candidates into clinical trials. He became the Managing Partner of 5M Ventures in 2004, but it was in 2003 that saw him join the company. He has served in other companies such as Cubist Pharmaceuticals where he held the chairmanship position, in Nycomed Interventional as CEO and Chairman and in Salutar and Catalytica he was in R&D. Positions he is still maintaining is the chair of the board at Achaogen, Relypsa, and Semprus.

Rocklage received his B.S. in the field of chemistry from California University, Berkeley and got his Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he had specialized in chemistry. He got the best support while undertaking his Ph.D. as his supervisor was the Noble Prize winner in Chemistry, Professor Richard R. Schrock.

Scott contributes to different organizations and political agendas. His first contribution to the Federal Political contribution was in 2002 for $ 500 and the most recent contribution being a $500 made in 2012, but in total his contributions amount to $ 3,900.
Scott Rocklage understands well the need to give back to the community and recently together with his wife contributed $ 250,000 to help with the renovation of nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab space. He worked hard to gain acceptance in the then-nascent Richard R. Schrock research group and was able to be part of a fun, dedicated group. There was a lot of competition in MIT for projects, glove-box time thus created quite the volatile atmosphere. Thus the best performance was brought out by each student and Scott is still making strides in his career using the same spirit. His contribution to the department was no struggle as he knew MIT gave him a solid foundation for his professional life and career and he was just saying thank in a loud way.

Making partner in 5M Venture is a great achievement, 5M Ventures is a company specializing in startup companies. Its focus is mostly the media for equity, in that it buys a stake in companies as a way to grow capital transactions with a hope of getting space for advertisement. The company headquarters is Paris France and focuses on investing in businesses to customer sector companies. This is a company with a team of professionals as well as investors that have a passion for building a market leader. The company invests in the education sector, the internet and mobile sector to deal with any difficulties a customer faces. Talk of professionals and you will understand why Scott Rocklage made partner.

The Role of Eucatex Group in the Unprecedented Growth of Brazilian Economy

Brazil is among the leading and strongest economies in the world. The country attributes its economic success to companies, such as Eucatex Group, which have created diverse employment opportunities and strengthened foreign exchange trades. Eucatex specializes in the processing of extracts from eucalyptus trees.


The economic success in Brazil can also be attributed to its alliances with foreign nations. The country seeks to sign new agreements with the United Kingdom, which recently exited from the European Union. Flavio Maluf, a Brazilian businessperson, investor, and executive, believes that the bilateral agreements would foster foreign trade between the two established economies.


Flavio Maluf’s Work and Education Background


Besides paying attention to current economic affairs, Maluf is the president of two companies based in Brazil known as Eucatex and GrandFood Group. Maluf earned most of his managerial skills from the New York University when he was pursuing a business administration course.


Maluf is also proficient in mechanical engineering thanks to the undergraduate’s degree that he acquired from FAAP, one of Brazil’s oldest and leading higher learning institutions. When he is not in the office, Flavio enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and three kids.


Eucatex Group


Maluf became part of Eucatex’s executive team when his uncle served as the president of the firm. As a newbie at the company, he spent most of his work time garnering leadership skills from other executives of the enterprise. Due to his ambition and dedication, the company’s board officially elected him as president in 1997.


With over six decades of experience, Eucatex Group has been on the verge to serve furniture and construction companies with diverse products. These products include modular partitions, paints, laminating materials, and doors. Eucatex carries out its manufacturing processes in three processing plants situated in Salto, Brazil.


Under Maluf’s managerial tenure, the firm managed to open a new Salto-based plant. The plant usually manufactures thin, high-density fireboards (THDF) and medium density fiberboards (MDF). Maluf also led Eucatex in its environmental conservation endeavors, such as planting trees in 44,000 hectares of land in São Paulo. The company also managed to generate net income of R $ 215.8 million back in 2009.



Jason Halpern Making News In Real Estate Development

Jason Halpern is an innovative real estate developer born from a third generation of real estate family in the United States. He was raised in a family that valued properties and grew up knowing that he wanted to be like his father. At a tender age, h would join his father in construction sites and in meetings with sharp realtors and architects and learned a thing or two in the business. He is the current chief executive officer at JMH Development a company he began in 2012. Under his innovative leadership he has pioneered various prestigious properties in both residential and commercial markets.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

Some of the projects that Jason has spearheaded include the 289-key hotel project in Long Island. The hotel constitites of 289 exquisite hotel rooms, a fitness centre and office spaces. The property was leased to JMH Development for $19.6 million dollars. With Jason being the leader of the project, the end product was intended to attract clients and businesses into the building. The company was also involved in the reconstruction of the 184 Kent Avenue, an award winning property in the city that opened up so many opportunities for the company.


Jason is famously known and loved for his ability to remodel a property and still maintain a touch of its history. For that reason, he has been consulted and contracted to be in charge of remodelling historic buildings in Brooklyn. Together with his team of professionals, he has received praise for ensuring that products remodelled have a modern touch and still, retain their uniqueness.


He has worked alongside the Madden Real Estate Ventures to develop the famous Aloft South Beach in Miami. The high end hotel includes two hundred classy hotel rooms. The details of the hotel have been a reason behind the many tourists and guests flocking into the premises. In addition, JMH Development has remodeled and owns various houses in Cobble Hill and a condo in Brooklyn Heights Cinema.


In a recent press release, Jason announced that the company has invested in $500 million worth of projects in real estate. The company intends to accomplish this dream by working alongside talented and detail oriented companies like the Plaza Construction to reinvent the property development and real estate sector. He encourages his team to think outside the box and to get creative in order to give their clients exactly what they want and so much more.


Besides remodeling and modernizing properties across the country, JMH Development has also diversified their services to include marketing and branding. The property developed is put in the market by a talented team from JMH Development. Jason encourages and inspires his team to be creative, reason they have registered success for several years.

InnovaCare Health’s Team and Reach Lead by Rick Shinto

Updated 12/12/2016


As its core values indicate, quality medical care is especially dear to this company. InnovaCare Health lays emphasis on qualified professionals to drive the growth of the company and ensure stability. Team work is yet another value that the company pegs its success according to Rick Shinto. Proper communication, good working relationships and a clear vision are ingredients that ultimately bear the good fruits of success. Without transparency the company fears it would not sore as high as it does in the health sector. The mission statement, redefining the management of healthcare in today’s healthcare environment, is in a nutshell what the company is about.

This healthcare outfit has two affiliates in Puerto Rico: MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. PMC and MMM offer high quality care programs, which promote physical and emotional wellbeing of members. The customer satisfaction rate is consistently at 90 percent, which is indicative of the success of these two affiliates. In 2011 both MMM and PMC received NCQA accreditation, which is only given when a plan meets or goes beyond the expectation of the quality assurance. Customer protection coupled with improvement of quality are key determiners of the NCQA accreditation.

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InnovaCare Subsidiary MMM Healthcare Acquires First+Plus Medicare Advantage Members
InnovaCare Health Announces Three Additions To Leadership Team


Rick Shinto is an authority in the healthcare industry. As President of InnovaCare, Rick Shinto brings leadership and technical experience from years of service in operational and clinical healthcare. While working for Aveta Inc., he was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year. This award recognizes individuals who are committed to excellence. It was as an internin Southern California that he began his career. Rick Shinto once served as Medical Management’s Vice President before moving on to Orange County’s Cal Optima Health Plan as its Chief Medical Officer. Prior to this, he was Chief Medical and Operating Officer of Medical Pathways Management Company. NAMM California is yet another company Richard worked for years before joining Innova.

As a healthcare expert Shinto has several written works on clinical medicine. He studied at the University of Redlands where he attained his M.B.A. At the State University of New York he earned his medical degree after graduating with a B.S from the University of California.


Penelope Kokkinides is InnovaCare’s Chief Administrative Officer. She had worked in this company as its COO. At Aveta Inc., she was also Chief Operations Officer and its Clinical Operation’s Vice President. She has over 20 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in clinical programs’ development. Penelope Kokkinides is also knowledgeable in management of health care and operations: efficiency and organizational infrastructure.

Read more about Rick Shinto on the InnovaCare site.

Keith Mann, an indispensable Boss of Dynamic Search Partners

The previous managing director of Dynamic Executive Search, Keith Mann has spent more than 15 years of his working life in the executive search industry. After identifying that the hedge fund industry was a rapidly growing market, he decided to launch the Alternative Investment Practice within this particular industry (the Dynamic Executive Search) in 2002.

Later on, in 2006, Keith expanded the practice into a private equity industry and in 2009 he succeeded to establish Dynamic Search Partners (DSP) where he is currently the CEO. He helps his clients in marketing, hiring investment, building out new platforms as well as professional strategies for their active teams.

DSP is partnering with firms in the United States, Europe, and Asia across the alternative investment industry and every year, it fills more than 200 client mandates.

How Keith came up with the idea of Dynamic Search Partners.

Since Keith wanted to maintain some consistency following their previous firm – the Dynamic Associates – it led to the formation of Dynamic Search Partners. This innovative idea resulted from his years of experience as an expert in alternative investment.

How Keith Mann brings ideas to live.

According to Keith, it is all about finding and fulfilling a particular need because that is where his ideas originate. Being conscious of the fact that they need to expand, makes him take the appropriate steps such as hiring more workers and interviewing candidates accordingly.

Things that Keith says make him the successful person he is today.

-Working out every morning in order to kick start the day well and remain focused.

-Being open to technology and ensuring that you incorporate it into every possible activity that you carry out.

-Reading books. He recommends thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman.

More about Keith Mann.

Keith Mann is a New York-based entrepreneur who is well known to be a problem solver and strongly interested in community activities. His Career as manager of Alternative Investment Division at Dynamic Associates started in 1995.

Apart from being gifted in business, Keith is also a philanthropist. He assisted in putting together a charity event in 2008 and made a donation of $8000. In 2013, DSP created a partnership with uncommon schools to help low-income students.

More on Keith Mann:



Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur lives in Fribough, Switzerland. From the time he was a teen, he knew he was interested in finance. Continuing his education after high school, he attended the University of Rochester in New York. He acquired a MBA degree and then furthered his education by attending the University of Bern to finish an executive MBA. He feels fortunate that his life long desire to work in finance has come to fruition.


Working for over twenty years in banking and investment, he changed directions to invest in startup companies. In 2014, he, Max Meister, and Oliver Walzer co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory. Swiss Startup Factory is an organization that is designed to help new startup companies get started. Swiss Startup Factory’s desire is to create companies worldwide with successful beginnings. They guide startups with financial support, mentoring programs, coaching in all business areas, and link them to an entrepreneurial investment network.


The Swiss Startup Factory accelerates start ups with a three month service that helps every step of the way. Services include bookkeeping, payroll management, tax reporting advise, invoice management, and reports and reviews. This company gives inexperienced entrepreneurs and their companies guidance and provides them with the step by step ways developed from experienced businesses and companies to encourage successful business starts. Knowledge from businessmen who have made companies successful enables newer businesses to succeed when others fail. Guidance through pitfalls and areas where most new businesses struggle enables communities to thrive and have a renewed business community. No longer do new businesses have to make it one their own. Companies like Swiss Startup Factory are designed to encourage and enable new businesses so that new ideas and creative endeavors can make it.


Mike Baur not only helps new businesses grow and prosper, he also gives back to communities. He encourages colleagues and other businesses to be stepping stones and mentors to keep community businesses and entrepreneurs going. New ideas don’t always come from people who are business oriented. Ideas come from many places, and companies like Swiss Startup Factory enables these new creative ideas to develop and serve a community that is ever changing and in need of innovation.


Jason Halpern Successfully Runs JMH

JMH is a real estate development company. They have worked hard to make sure that their clients are happy and they work to make sure that people are getting the most out of the business. Jason Halpern, the current owner of the company, has been able to bring more success to the company in the time that he has been there than anyone before him did in the years leading up to his ownership of the business.


Jaspon Halpern got the right idea in that it is nearly impossible to build new developments without taking some slack from cities and other areas. He wants to make sure that he is doing things the right way and that means that he does a lot more in the business than what others did. The thing that he does best is reimagine developments. He takes old buildings that are falling apart or are unable to be used anymore and he makes them into something that is much better. He wants the old buildings to be returned to their former glory except to be used for different purposes.


JMH mainly operates out of New York. While they do some work in the city, they also do a lot in the state of New York. Their business is successful in that it is able to do a lot more than what other development agencies are able to do. Jason has recognized that New York state may be the way for the business to go because there is not as much competition there as New York City and many people are spreading out to different areas anyway.


Along with spreading out to New York state, Jason Halpern has also made the decision to move to completely different areas. He took some of the JMH concepts to Miami and this made a huge difference for the people who were in the area. He wanted to make sure that he was doing the most for the business and he also knew that this would be the best way for him to be able to do more when it came time for him to do things with JMH. The Miami development is very successful and has shown that Jason knows what he is doing when it comes to developments.


There is a lot of luxury in the developments that JMH has done. The luxury is intended for people who want to be able to do more and this is something that has helped them to be more successful. People love to see luxury and JMH knows how to do it right. They want to make sure that they are providing their clients with the most luxurious options that are available.


How Diversant is Relying on John Goullet to Serve the IT Industry

Diversant LLC has distinguished itself by offering staffing services to IT firms. The company has helped numerous Fortune 500 firms to fulfill their recruitment strategies. It offers different staffing services to its clients. The company’s success is based on the fact that it has a detailed database that links IT firms with prospective employees. Such individuals are only required to sign up and submit their résumés. They will be contacted as soon as a vacancy that matches their job description arises.

Diversant has experienced remarkable growth over the past few years. This is attributed to the experience and industry expertise of individuals such as John Goullet who is its Principal. The firm’s growth has coincided with advancements within the IT industry. It reflects the company’s ability to serve its clients in an effective way through the provision of diversified services and products.

John Goullet Info Technology

John Goullet has been serving as Diversant’s Principal since 2010. He was appointed to the position after his company, Info Technologies joined forces with Diversant. He had founded the company in 1994, and led it into one of the biggest and most proactive IT staffing firms in the United States. He merged it with Diversant so that the scope of services offered could be expanded. Prior to this, Info Technologies was recording turnovers amounting to tens of millions. At one point, it was named among the fastest growing corporations. This success is credited to the visionary leadership that Goullet and his management team provided.

How Diversant Will Benefit from Goullet’s Expertise

Mr. Goullet has already established himself as a trusted industry head. His tenure as Diversant’s Principal has coincided with impressive upturns in the company’s operations. Being an innovator, he has helped Diversant to maintain its supremacy in the IT staffing industry. Mr. Goullet’s deep understanding of emergent marketing trends has enebled him identify the specific staffing needs of Diversant’s clients.

Several solutions have been added to the company’s portfolio including direct hire, and innovative diversity solutions. The formation of affiliations with like-minded companies has enabled the firm to exceed the needs of the IT industry. Under him, there has been a general recognition that clients ought to be involved as proper business partners through extensive consultation.

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John Goullet: Building the Future

Todd Lubar’s climb to the top

There are certain qualities that are normally shared among people who are highly successful in business. To be a true entrepreneur, one has to have the ability to see gaps in the demand and supply dynamic. While seeing the gap is the first step towards great enterprise, finding ways to fill this gap innovatively is what sets apart those who make millions and even billions from the rest. Todd Lubar is one business leader that has beaten all the odds to become the iconic investor that he was when he got to retirement.
It is difficult to believe that only two decades ago, the only thing that Todd Lubar had was a degree in finance and huge dreams. When he started getting interest in the real estate business, he wanted to see whether he could make it there. He liked the field to the extent that he decided it was going to be his lifetime investment. But he had to figure out how to become an investor in the field.
He decided that creating a referral business was the easiest way in, especially because he had limited finances. He collected connections such as CPAs, real estate property valuers and developers and they really helped create a good business network. Then he started studying the traditional mortgage model. He realized that the model had flaws that locked out many people who might have deserved to be home owners. Todd Lubar decided to make an investment in the field. Through his mortgage model, more than 7,000 people became homeowners. He invested in a mixture of separate homes and shared accommodation. This venture was made possible all thanks to a partnership that he formed with the Legacy finance group.
As a mortgage lender, Todd Lubar got to understand the many different situations that shape the decisions that people make regarding their housing situations. The First Magnus Corporation really helped him as an investor. He made use of the information he was getting from the field to try and improve service delivery.
Other businesses Lubar tried his hand in include a demolition business and scrap metal recycling. Todd is now retired and he spends his time with his wife and kids in Florida.

Boraie Development: Creating Better City’s for all

When Omar Boraie left Egypt and came to New Brunswick in the 1960s, he had no idea that he would find his calling in real estate. Today, Boraie Development LLC deals in property management, real estate development as well as in sales and marketing. The company partners with architects, contractors, and financial institutions to finish its projects.

Boraie Development first set up a project in the area in 1985 at 120 Albany Street, the company’s current headquarters. Today, Omar Boraie is responsible for numerous commercial and residential premises in New Brunswick, something Omar admits he wasn’t sure would happen when he first started.

In 2005, Omar Boraie development partnered with Edgewood development in a bid to use formerly abandoned sites and turn them into prized housing units. They were involved in different projects targeting both the average income earners and the rich people of New Brunswick. The high-end project entails 120 apartments priced between $350,000 and $500,000 and vary from one to three bedrooms each with the majority of the units having two bedrooms.

New Brunswick is home to Rutgers University and is the headquarters of Middlesex County. However, in the last half century, it has faced some challenges that have hindered it from realizing its massive potential on njbiz.com. However, with recent success in the city’s urban renewal initiatives and Rutgers University’s rise in athletic and academic standings nationwide, the city is headed for big things. Boraie is perfectly poised to take advantage of this and is currently working on its third commercial project. The company is targeting innovative technological firms that can benefit from Rutgers.

Omar Boraie Development has interests in Atlantic City as well and is currently working on an apartment complex designed to have 250 units in the city’s south inlet. The move has been hailed by Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian as a step in the right direction for the city he leads. After the collapse of the steel industry, Universities in the area were the economic lifeline that transformed the city. In line with this, Omar Boraie and other real estate companies aim to create businesses targeting students and faculty.

Boraie LLC committed $25000 through former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal who is a partner in the firm to help in the reopening of the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City. This move reaffirms the company’s commitment to being part of the community it is helping build.