Nathaniel Ru Reinvents the Food Industry

Update 12/20

The Sweetgreen Machine that Nathaniel Ru Created Better

There are lots of people out there that want to eat healthy and they want to know how they can get on board with a much better menu for their daily routine. What Nathaniel has done is help so many of those people that may have had this type of question. He has given people the ability to see that eating healthy does not have to be a bad thing. In fact, Nathaniel has made it possible for more people to look at healthy eating as a real viable option.


What he discovered was that it was going to be much better to lure people with the benefits of healthy fresh fruit and produce. This would be the thing that started him on a journey where he would connect with farmers and create Sweetgreen, a restaurant that would cater to those that were serious about eating healthy.


What he realized that it was something that needed to be done. There were so many people that were struggling with obesity issues, and Nathaniel Ru knew that he had what it took to make people see that there was a way out. Everyone does not have to scarf down those double and triple cheeseburgers from menus at places like Wendy’s and McDonald’s. There are so many other options to consider when people look at the seasonal menu of salads and warm bowls that are part of what Nathaniel is offering with Sweetgreen.


There are so many people that are on the edge of their seats when they consider the possibility of an establishment that offers a great amount of flexibility when it comes to eating healthy. People are excited about the low calorie meals that are delectable and fun. These are salads that have cool and trendy names, and there are millennials that are taking a great amount of interest in what Nathaniel is doing with the entire Sweetgreen concept. It appears to be a labor of love for Nathaniel and his business partners. They even make it a must for people that work in the corporate office to spend some time in the Sweetgreen restaurant as workers.


This gives them a better perspective on the change and how everything is operating inside of the store. This is essentially going to make for a much better work environment for the employees and it makes a better organization overall for improving Sweetgreen operations.



Nathaniel Ru Says To Keep It Real

Nathaniel Ru, the co-founder of Sweetgreen, has an important tip to share with us: Everything you do should last longer than yourself. When he and his friends were studying at Georgetown University, they realized that there was a real dearth of good places that offered healthy food where they could eat. They started the Sweetgreen chain at the place where a tavern used to be located on a street near the university. They did this while they were still students in Georgetown. The landlord of the tavern, after some persuasion, decided to help them out. They enlisted the help of a baker and an architect. Now, the chain has locations all over the country, with a branch in every major city. They have become synonymous with great tasting, healthy, and local food.


Sweetgreen is not just a tasty place to eat. It also has a deeper goal and mission in place, according to Theresa Dold, head of marketing at Sweetgreen and another Georgetown graduate. They work from the outside in, meaning they try to find a need and then fulfill that need. They realize that people do not just care what you do, but how you do it.


Nathaniel Ru says that no matter how many branches Sweetgreen will have, one thing will always remain the same. Each branch must live up to the company’s core culture and values. At first, they had three values; eventually, it went up to twenty. They realized that it was too much and a little silly, so they cut it down to five core values. The first value is to always win. This means that not only should the company win, but everyone should win, including the customers and the surrounding community. Another value is to always think in the long term about what will happen in the future. The third value is keeping it real and always staying honest and authentic. Fourth is the sweet part in Sweetgreen. The fifth value is to always make an impact. The sweet part, their fourth value, is passed on to their employees. For example, they teach them to open the door for a mother who is struggling with children.


Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder of Sweetgreen. He started it while still in University. He studied at Georgetown. Sweetgreen hosts Sweetlife, the largest food and music festival in the country. Twenty thousand people attend, including the best cooks. He has a BS in Finance.


Nathaniel Ru
Nathaniel Ru was a Georgetown Senior when him and two other friends decided to build a company. None thought it would become as successful as it is today, but they had the plan and the determination to create something new. Nathaniel Ru based his business on bringing food to the people by being new and fresh. His ingredients were all farm grown in local markets with nothing gone to waste. All of his locations were picked with precision to where it would bring all forms of people as well as traffic no matter the time of day. Ru made sure to set up restaurants in chic neighborhoods to affluent and hip neighborhoods. Everyone had the chance to experience the food as well as learn about healthy living with the distribution of Sweetgreens throughout the US.

Nathaniel Ru did not only use food to bring the community together, but he used music and other companies. Ru had bands and local musicians play outside his stores on the street to draw attention and connect his food with the lively music. He also held classes such as yoga to teach people that it isn’t just the food that makes a life healthy. He wanted others to expand their knowledge and learn about the purpose of why he created Sweetgreens. In addition to small events, the inclusion of his employees were important in making the restaurant a friendly environment. The employees were picked carefully and were encouraged to treat the customer with care. Things such as coupons and umbrellas were placed around the restaurant as encouragement and a way to brighten their day.

Before Nathaniel Ru created his first restaurant, he wanted it to have values. He was careful in choosing what he wanted: a deeper purpose to opening up Sweetgreens. He and his partners created a list after much deliberation of five values that he wanted up on the wall in every restaurant. The first was “win, win, win.” He wanted his customer and employees, both, to be able to get something out of the company. The second was sustainability. He had an idea that everything should last longer than the person themselves, and their decisions should be for their benefit long term. The third is authenticity. Everything from the food to the actual product should be fresh and something new to the public. The fourth value is for the employees to have their own personal touch. 110% effort should be made by all employees resulting in giving the company a good name and drawing more crowds. The fifth and final value is the impact of Sweetgreens. Ru wanted his restaurant to make an impact in every community it was established. Sweetgreens would be a new and easy way to get started with the healthy lifestyle and open up new opportunities for others to join the cause.

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The One Planet Award – Recognizing Excellence in Business

Entrepreneurs and businessmen all over the world have the chance to receive a prize illustrating their dedication and excellence as leaders of their respective businesses. Many CEO’s and company Presidents all over the world have had the pleasure of being nominated for the One Planet Award, a prize pool that references and celebrates the achievements of businesspeople of our generation.

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Staff from all countries can nominate their employers, executives, and Presidents of their companies if they think their bosses are really good at what they do. This system is created in order to build confidence between employer and employee and award leaders who have a good relationship with all sectors of their businesses.

The prize pool has different nominations as well based on various traits and qualities. These range from the nomination of the “Executive of the year,” “Women in Business,” “Company of the Year,” “Product & Service of the Year” and more, even a personal award for individuals that had outstanding performance independent of their role inside the corporation, being the “Outstanding Individual Achievements of the Year.”

Since the creation of the One Planet Award, entrepreneurs and business developers all over the world have been nominated by their own co-workers to win the prizes and recognition of the One Planet pool. That has happened in 2016 with Troy McQuagge, who works with the USHEALTH GROUP and won the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award.

Troy McQuagge won the golden place in the One Planet 2016 award and was elected the CEO of the year by his fans and the critics who analyzed his involvement with the company and his dedication.

Indeed, Troy McQuagge achieved a lot in very little time. He joined the company only in 2010 and has been changing many lives in the USHEALTH Group since he became the CEO of the corporation.

Troy McQuagge has built a name for himself by having a close and positive relationship with his staff and by promoting growth and space for innovation in his workspace. His ethics have been valuable assets for the enterprise, and his name in the company is held very dearly by his employees and partners in the firm.

Many other businesspeople have won their part in the One Planet Award. Some CEO’s like Troy were recognized because of their success in improving the sales and the condition of their businesses, but even some who were CFO’s or who were not in the executive officer’s role had their fair share of praise.

Troy McQuagge is not only the CEO of the year, but he is also the President of the corporation USHEALTH Group since 2014, when he was elected by the board of directors because of his excellence and dedication. The USHEALTH Group has grown exponentially faster since then.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Establish TechStyle

Updated on November 10th, 2017:
Don Ressler has some new tips that have come out, for businesspersons that are trying to increase brand awareness. Everybody has to start somewhere, and building a brand from the very beginning, to the heights of something like a Nike, requires a lot of effort. But it can be done, if you have the know how, and something worth selling. Ressler breaks down his opinion of what makes a brand sell on Patch.

Updated on October 7th, 2017:
Don Ressler and Kate Hudson announced a new partnership between Fabletics and breast cancer awareness advocacy. Get the full rundown of everything that they’re doing to hep bring an end to this awful disease, by raising vital awareness, on

Updated on August 14th, 2017:
Fabletics has recently changed the way that they market to customers visiting their physical locations. The new strategy, detailed by Affiliate Dork, really exposes some brilliant ideas from both CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, in a bid to continue to compete with online giants like Amazon, as well as other physical retail locations.

Updated on July 12th, 2017:
JustFab has started a new collaboration with Betches. Through Don Ressler’s guidance, the two will produce a new fashion line, that’s both stylish but also affordable. Read the full story, and more about Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s collaborations across both of their companies JustFab and Fabletics, through

Updated on May 30th, 2017:
Don Ressler has been really reinventing how technology and brick and mortar stores can fuse together for better fashion experiences. Now through Fabletics, when you shop in a participating location you can check out which clothing you might like in person. Then, if you decide not to buy at that time, the clothing is automatically added to your cart at the Fabletics online store, so if you choose to buy at a later date, the item is already right there waiting for you. The future is here.

Updated on January 7th, 2017:
Don Ressler has some new plans for where he’s taking his TechStyle brand. All derived from Hollywood starlet, and TechStyle partner, Kate Hudson, they have some pretty interesting ideas about the future of active wear. See what they have in store, and what type of clothing you can expect from them in the future in the article.

While there are companies that are known quietly, others are known to be industry leaders. Intelligent Beauty is one such company known to be an industry leader. The company has received a wide attention. However, little is known about its tech system, even to its Los Angeles fans on Forbes. Intelligent Beauty is a product of a long-established MySpace under InterMix Media. Intelligent Beauty was a new venture by the company. The e-commerce platform has grown immeasurably and generates billions of dollars in revenue every year.

Intelligent Beauty has been highly successful since it was a creation of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The two have been involved in multiple online business in their past, and all experience needed when starting Intelligent Beauty. The company has been in competition with industry leaders in the e-commerce platform. Intelligent Beauty operates its business in the fashion industry, beauty, and personal care space. The company believes that the best way to launch and grow a business is to make use of technology. It focuses on a disciplined method of brand building and advanced marketing.

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Intelligent Beauty was established in 2006 and has its headquarters in El Segundo, California. Adam and Don picked this location as it was perfect to carry out its business operations cost effectively. The two also considered the online sales and marketing platform in this area unexplored. Intelligent Beauty’s success is highly credited to its workforce too. When starting out, Adam Goldenberg enlisted the help of professionals working with the Intermix Media. Including Don to the business enabled business operations by the company to be performed entirely and successfully.

After the success of Intelligent Beauty, Adam and Don went on to create TechStyle Company. The company was founded in 2010 by the two businesspersons. The brand focuses on online fashion retailing, it brings in a new concept of handbags, denim, jewelry, shoes and tons of other fashion equipment. The brand makes use of the idea of a personalized online fashion experience. It offers subscription services to people that would like to shop at discounted prices.

TechStyle has since been renamed to JustFab; it has grown to develop other brands such as Fabletics with Kate Hudson as the co-founder. Through Fabletics, the company has made available trendy and active wear accessories. The brand also makes use a subscription concept to make goods available to its customers at highly discounted prices. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg continue to work together to bring new advancements in technology.


SahmAdrangi: Investing for Wealth

The world of trading is not for everyone. It is only reserved for those who have the guts to take the risk, and one of these people who have faced all the risks in investing is SahmAdrangi. SahmAdrangi is an American entrepreneur, businessman and trader who currently works as a chief investment officer in a financial firm which he owns, called the Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. He recently made it to the front page and headlines of major publications across the country because of a bold decision that he just made – buying stocks from a public company that has not been revealed. Reports are coming in that SahmAdrangi managed to raise an amount equal to $100 million from various sources, and his closest investors have placed trust in his decision and gave him the money that he needs. Experts were surprised, because this will be the first time that someone from a financial firm would risk the money to buy stocks from a company that is still unknown.

They are speculating that even if the move is risky, SahmAdrangi would still benefit from it. They also stated that his company, Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, would also benefit from the move. SahmAdrangi does not want to entertain any negativities, and firmly believes that he made a right decision. SahmAdrangi is known for making risks, especially in investing. He made a name because of his unique style, and so many investors are seeking his help for them to succeed in the world of trading. SahmAdrangi keeps on helping those who are asking for his help, turning their lives over and bringing them back on track. SahmAdrangi has helped plenty of people who were initially struggling with the world of trading, and these people are very thankful that someone like him have shared his knowledge to others so that they can learn too.SahmAdrangi founded the Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC in 2009, right after he quit his last job. He believes that by building his own financial firm, he will be able to succeed, and he would also be able to share his knowledge to everyone.


Meet The President Of National Steel Car: Mr. Gregory Aziz

April 30, 1949, was the birthday Gregory James Aziz. He is an economist who studied at Ridley College and specialized in Economics from University of Western Ontario. In 1971, he had already known what business was. This year was the time he joined his family in running their Food business. For over 16 years of operation, the company was recorded as the leading importer of and distributor of fresh food. Most imports were made from Europe and America and distributed to US and Canada.


James Aziz invested in many sectors and like banking in New York in the early 90s and late 80s. This investment enabled him to plan and buy National Steel car which was owned by Dofasco. With his economic mind, Greg Aziz wanted to change this Canadian company into the leading manufacturer of railroad freight car in North America.


Gregory J Aziz’s dream came true in 1994; he purchased the company. His economic mind also led to something productive and prominent. No resources in the company were underutilized. With his inner business eye, Gregory James Aziz saw the strength of National Steel Company. He noted that this company had strong capabilities in engineering and team-building. James Aziz pumped human resource and capital into the enterprise, and the outcomes were visible. The company started producing 12,000 cars per year instead of 3,500 cars which were being produced initially. At the same time, National Steel car started employing between 600 and 3,000 workers.

The successes of National Steel car can be attributed to this powerful man James Aziz. As a chairman, CEO and president, James Aziz led to many changes in National Steel Car. That is why at the moment, the company is celebrating over 100 years of quality manufacturing, engineering, and quality commitments. Those attributed have earned National Steel Car Company a worldwide reputation. Following the vision and dreams of James Aziz of making this company the leading, National Steel Car is the current leading company in North America. It is the only company which is always working to meet all customer demand. That is why since 1912 when it was founded, they have manufactured and designed freight cars that are customer oriented.


If you want to meet or talk to James Aziz, you visit his website or call him through (905)-544-3311. Also, if you happen to pass near 602 Kenilworth N Hamilton ON Hamilton, Ontario L8H 5L3, you can visit him.

The Stunning Accomplishments of the National Steel Car led by Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is a well-known man in the car manufacturing industry. Greg is currently the president as well as the Chief executive officer of the National Steel Car. It can also be added that he is the chairman of the company. National Steel Car is among the businesses that make huge amounts of profits. Gregory Aziz was born in London a place called Ontario, in 1949. Greg had a good childhood background having a good home with a stable family. Gregory went to the Ridley College but later joined the University of Western Ontario and did economics. After school, James Aziz did have the opportunity to work with his family. The family had a food company, and when Gregory joined the business, the sales rose up. Greg is dedicated and hard-working making him a valuable resource to any company lucky to have him. Click Here for more information.


Gregory J Aziz left the family food company and decided to be a banker. Greg decided to work for various banks holding different positions for ten years. The experience he acquired was to be an important tool in his life in business. Greg left the banking industry and joined the National Steel Car in 1994. At this time, the National Steel Car belonged to Dofasco, and James Aziz contributed significantly to the acquisition of the company. Greg Aziz had massive plans for the company; he was to make the company into a global industry even if at that time the company was only known in Canada. In the next few years, National Steel Car had grown beyond with sales rising from 3000 to 12000. The company also created jobs for the citizens due to the expansion of the industry.

National Steel Car has consistently been rising and having Greg Aziz as the leader makes it more successful. The company is now known in different parts of the world for example in North America it’s the only ISO certified industry. National Steel Car has upheld an excellent reputation with their products; they produce cars of high quality and standards. The decision to focus on the quality of their vehicles was Gregory’s decision because high quality leads to more customers as well as massive sales. Gregory Aziz stated that he’s not stopping there, but he is willing to push the company to a higher level. Gregory has been able to keep the National Steel Car ahead of all their competitors. Gregory is also a giver because some of the sales the company makes are used to benefit the society and the people in general.


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All about Gregory James Aziz CEO of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the current CEO of National Steel Car. He was born in 1949 in Ontario, Canada. In this capacity, he heads the world’s most prominent railcar manufacturing company. Greg Aziz is an Economics graduate from the University of Western Ontario. After his graduation, Gregory J Aziz worked in his family’s food processing business before relocating to New York City. In New York City, he worked with various banking and investment firms. During his time in New York, James Aziz initiated the acquisition of National Steel Car by Hamilton National Industries from Dofasco in 1994.


By the time of this purchase, National Steel Car’s performance had declined significantly. As a result, Greg James Aziz input and management skills were crucial in turning the company’s fortunes around. His significant achievements in this period include increase in staff from 500 to 3,000 and production capacity from 3,500 to 12,500 rail cars per year. Greg Aziz is dedicated to the welfare of the company regarding engineering, manufacturing excellence, and efficiency.


Because of his dedication, he has incredibly helped the company maintain the number one position as the world’s premier freight railcar production company. His efforts have resulted in the recognition of the company in consecutive years. Under his leadership, National Steel Car has won the ISO 90001:2008 and TTX SECO

awards for the last eighteen years.


Gregory James Aziz is married to Irene and is a proud father of two. As such, Greg is a patron of the National Steel Car equestrian team and a sponsor of the 2009 Anglestone Tournament. Together with his family, James Aziz is an avid member and fan of horse racing. Besides that, he is involved in charitable activities with the goal of improving the livelihoods of communities within Hamilton, the home of National Steel Car. In this regard, Greg J Aziz sponsors several charitable organizations such as the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, Salvation Army, and United Way among others. Visit This Link.


Gregory James Aziz attributes the success of National Steel Car to the excellent cooperation that exists between its employees and management. In addition to that, he reckons that continuous innovation, commitment to engineering excellence, and the challenging of existing boundaries are significant factors that help the company dominate the freight car production industry. With this being so, Greg is committed to ensuring that National Steel Car continues to deliver quality products and services to its clientele globally.

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Mike Baur Helps Young Entrepreneurs Acheive Success With Their Startups And Their Dreams

Mike Baur is best known for his creation of the Swiss Startup Factory but this is not where his story began. When he was a teenage boy he lived in Fribourg, Switzerland and has a passion for banking and finances. Nobody who knew him was surprised when he took his passion and turned it into a career. He pursued his education at the University of Rochester and the University of Bern and earned his MBA and executive MBA.


Mike Baur spent the next two decades as a success within the Swiss banking industry. His promotions were consistent and he eventually became an executive member of the board at one of the biggest private Swiss banks. He worked at several prestigious banks including Sallfort and Clariden. In 2014 Mike Baur reached the age of 39 and his journey into entrepreneurship began. He created a team with two partners and the Swiss Startup Factory was born. This was where young innovators could go for support and mentorship. The business is owned privately and was financed independently. This was the first business Switzerland had ever seen offering techpreneurs accelerated programs.


Due to Mike Baur’s interest in youth’s he has contributed a lot of his time helping young entrepreneurs with their startups by offering financial help and coaching. He works at the Swiss Startup Factory as the CEO and handles all the fundraising and financing personally. The Swiss Startup Factory was created in Zurich and strives to find and lend support to entrepreneurs in the digital field. An accelerator program lasting three months is offered to these entrepreneurs to mentor them in financing, provide office space, and teach them the workings of both investor and financial networks.


The Swiss Startup Factory gives young entrepreneurs the ability to learn more about digital technologies and attend an accelerator program structured to enhance their creative thinking and innovative power so they can become competitive on the global market. During the three months, they spend in the program their startups are put through their paces and tested to make certain their ideas have value and can successfully be pitched to possible investors. The program was designed for young entrepreneurs with ambition to use their innovations and ideas to make a difference in the world. Lean canvas methodology is used to share their ideas with the world. A collaborative environment brings experts and innovators together through the Swiss Startup Factory.


The contribution of Gregory James Aziz on the success of National Steel Car

The National Steel Car as a company

Under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, the National Steel car has been ranked the best in car manufacturing. The company is based in Ontario. The company has had more than a century of continued operation in freight manufacturing. Owing to the demands of the clients, the organization has been very keen on the production of quality cars to satisfy the needs of the customers. Other than just the manufacturing of cars, the company is dedicated to providing several other social works with the aim of giving back to the community.

The early life of Gregory James Aziz

Gregory was born in April 1949 in Ontario, London. He first attended his college in Ridley College then later studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. After his studies, Gregory worked together with his family in their food company which grew after his input. Later, between 1980 and early 1990s, he worked with different banks at a variety of positions.

His influence in the growth of the manufacturing company

In 1994, Gregory Aziz became one of the brains behind the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco. By this time, the company was only based in Canada, and James Aziz had better plans with it. After its purchase, Greg focused on making the company stronger. He ensured that the core values are strengthened. On top of this, Gregory J Aziz made sure that the annual manufacturing of cars increased from 3000 to 12000 in five years from its purchase. With this improvement, the rate of employment equally had to grow, and this provided many opportunities to the residents.

Gregory’s success as the president

Under his leadership, the National Steel Car has been on the top of its competitors for several years. In North America, it is the leading company producing quality cars. It is the only railroad freight car with that is ISO certified. Since 1996, Gregory ensured that the company should focus on quality and market will develop on its own. For over twenty years, the National Steel Cars has been seen to produce the highest quality cars, and it has received its certification over these past decades. In five years, the company increased the employment population from 600 to 3000 between 1994 and 1999. His knowledge and experience in the manufacturing fields have been attributed to the successful operation of this company. More Information Here.

A Peep at National Steel Car under Gregory Aziz’s Leadership

National Steel Car is one of the leading manufacturers of railroad freight cars in North America. The experience of the company in the industry spans over a century. However, the company never enjoyed a global reputation until in early 1990’s when Gregory James Aziz purchased it from Dofasco. Greg Aziz dreamed of expanding the company to the entire North America. Here is a quick glance at some company’s accomplishments so far.


Initial Achievements

When Greg J Aziz arranged for the purchase of NSC in 1994, it was only producing 3,500 new cars every year. In 1999, the number of annual productions had increased to 12,000. Additionally, the number of employees quadrupled in the same period. Today, thorough the combined hard work and determination of the employees, the National Steel Car manufacturers new railroad tank and freight cars in thousands.


Ever on Top

Besides offering quality products and services, NSC focuses on always being on top of its competitors. Currently, it is the only company of its kind in North America that has ISO 9001:2008 certification. Moreover, with the leadership of Gregory Aziz, it has consistently received TTX SECO quality award for the past 20 years.


Pursuit of Excellence

In spite of the past success, National Steel Car continues its pursuit of excellence. As the CEO and Chairman, James Aziz explains that the firm is committed to upholding its traditions while relentlessly reaching for the opportunities of the future. He points out that quality and excellence are the core values of the company. Consequently, NSC enjoys massive customer loyalty and trust. See This Page.

Service to the community

National Steel Car has its headquarters in Hamilton Ontario. As a result, most of its employees, including Greg Aziz, are natives of Hamilton. In service to the community, it offers better pay to its staff compared to other industry players. Other contributions include sponsoring of local charities such as the Salvation Army and the United Way among others. The organization also supports the Theatre Aquarius and Hamilton Opera. Above all, it has a major annual food drive in which all its current and former employees take part. The drive aims at supporting the community’s food bank.


Other Achievements

Gregory Aziz is a chief economist with a degree from the Western University of Ontario in economics. Before acquiring National Steel Car, he had successfully managed his family’s food company. Under his leadership, Affiliate Foods became the main fresh food wholesale distributor in North America.