George Soros Is Keeping The World Kind

George Soros is a Hungarian born man who is known as an amazing billionaire and a super philanthropist. Soros had an extremely humble beginning, and he is a person who personifies the Western dream. Soros and his family fled their native country when Soros was a young man. He and his family were pursued by the Nazis, and they were forced to leave their country. Even though Soros and his family were people who were downtrodden, they helped other Hungarian immigrants to flee from the Nazis as well. Soros immigrated to London when he was a young man because he wanted to go to college in order to study economics. Soros began to work as a railway porter, and he also worked as a waiter. Soros started to go to the London School of Economics, and he was able to get his degree in Economics. After graduation from college, Soros began to work at a merchant bank in London. Learn more on about George Soros.

Later, Soros moved to the United States in order to work on Wall Street. Soros was able to establish his own hedge fund in 1969 with $12 million in it. Soros is also the person who is known as the man who broke the Bank of England because he made a huge profit when he shorted the British pound in 1992. Soros’s Fund Management has gained over $30 billion in assets, and he is still an individual who is in the investment game. Soros is a man who is known as a legend when it comes to the financial market because that is how he made his billions.

Soros is an individual who is a huge philanthropist. He started his philanthropy with black Africans in South Africa during apartheid. He wanted these individuals to be able to have an opportunity to go to college, so he gave them millions of dollars for their college funds. George Soros continues in his efforts to better the world with his philanthropic efforts and also with his support of liberal causes. Soros has helped thousands of individuals all around the world, and he fiercely criticizes any type of government that tries to infringe upon human rights. Soros is an individual who has fought for women’s rights, gay rights, minority rights and much more. Soros is an individual who is a huge critic of President Donald Trump because he believes that Trump’s policies are narrow minded, and he also believes that the president is an individual who does not seek the betterment of the human race. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

George Soros is an individual who has been fighting to better the world ever since he was young. He was able to work very hard, and now he is the 22nd richest man in the entire world. Soros is an amazing example for those individuals who want to make the world a better place, and he has used his abundance to help people in need.

Andrew Rocklage: An Adventurous Innovator

If you’ve ever visited the Sky Zone in Tampa Bay, Florida, you’ve unknowingly visited a franchise that is owned by a well-known Boston businessman named Andrew Rocklage. Interestingly enough, Rocklage didn’t start out in his career with plans to be a business owner at such a young age. After earning a law degree and working in the legal field for a while, however, the opportunity presented itself, and he decided to go for it. Even if you don’t know what Sky Zone is, you are sure to be impressed by Rocklage’s credentials and experience, so read on to learn more about him.

Growing up in Greater Boston, Andrew Rocklage was fortunate in that he lived in close proximity of some of the finest educational institutions in the world. Right in the metro area, you’ll find prestigious institutes of higher learning like Harvard and MIT. Those are the best-known examples, but the area is studded with many other highly regarded colleges and universities. Greater Boston also has a very educated population, so Andrew was lucky enough to be surrounded by people who cared a great deal about education. These people inspired him to strive to be his very best in everything that he does.

After finishing high school, Andrew Rocklage was ready for bigger and better things. He was accepted into the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he enjoyed the college life while working hard to earn his degree. By the time that he finished in 2009, he was cum laude and had earned a bachelor of science in sports management with a minor in economics. The really interesting thing here is that this part of his education isn’t reflected a whole lot in his current business dealings. His tastes and interests have shifted and evolved frequently through the years.

Once he’d earned his bachelor’s degree, Rocklage was thirsty for more education. He went on to attend Suffolk University Law School, which is considered to be one of the best law schools in the region. He finished his studies there in 2013, and he left the school with a Juris Doctor law degree. While working on his various degrees, the young man also participated in many internships that afforded him incredible connections within the Boston business community. Little did he know that these connections would come very much in handy just a few years down the road.

Andrew Rocklage has held many positions in his brief professional career, as he has eclectic interests and tastes. One of his internships was in public relations for Major League Lacrosse. That internship nicely wove together a few aspects of Andrew’s educational background, and it helped him to get his foot in the door in the world of business. Later, he held down positions as a legal consultant and a law clerk before becoming corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. Andrew did well in the world of law, but it didn’t really excite him as much as he had expected.

The restless young businessman decided that he needed something of his own. He realized that if he really wanted to achieve amazing levels of success, he couldn’t work for someone else. When he ran across an opportunity to own a franchise of a popular indoor trampoline park, he knew what he had to do. Andrew Rocklage jumped at the opportunity to become involved with Sky Zone, which has taken the country by storm as being the first national chain of indoor trampoline parks. Interestingly enough, Andrew now owns and operates the Sky Zone in Tampa Bay, FL. The Boston native traded the snowy winters of the north for the year-round warmth and sunshine of Jupiter, FL, where he now resides.

Although he’s only owned the new Tampa Bay Sky Zone for a short period, Andrew Rocklage has quickly made a name for himself in the community. His Sky Zone is a true marvel, and you will find many exciting features and attractions within the massive facility. There are wall-to-wall trampolines where people can flip, jump and try various acrobatics with friends. Lively, high-energy music is always pumping, so everyone is excited and ready to go.

The Sky Zone also boasts a FoamZone with soft foam; SkySlam, which merges basketball with trampolines; Ultimate Dodgeball; and even a Fuel Zone, which is basically a concessions stand.

For now, it appears that Andrew Rocklage is content owning and running Sky Zone. Given how adventurous and innovative he is, however, there’s no doubt that he will move on to even bigger and better things later.