Power Shifts as Sam Tabar Joins Full Cycle Energy

Update January 5th, 2017:
With a new year, there are many exciting prospects for making investments. A couple of years ago, Sam Tabar wrote a piece I really enjoyed, about planning for new financial goals, but keeping them realistic. Every New Years I’m reminded of this, so it’s definitely something I wanted to share again. Find that article here, I’m sure Sam Tabar has something new that all of us can utilize for financial successes going forward.

Update December 14th, 2016:
According to BrandYourself, Sam Tabar has just undertaken the position of CFO at Awearable Apparel. As their Chief Financial Officer, Sam will be responsible for managing the tech startup’s financial assets. This will include formulating fundraising strategies going forward, as well as dictating how departments expend financial assets for product development.

Update October 20th, 2016:
Sam Tabar has become a contributor for the Huffington Post. Sam will provide financial and legal analysis with a weekly column dealing with the world we’re facing in 2016 and beyond. Check out his column here.

A December article announces a new leader in Full Cycle Energy’s ranks. Sam Tabar joins as Chief Operating Officer for the energy alternative group and their mission to help turn power plants away from high cost, high polluting fossil fuels and to utilize and reuse municipal solid waste. Both Sam and Full Cycle are excited for the venture, as stated in the article.

Sam Tabar, a former Merrill Lynch Director of Capital Strategy, joins alternative energy group Full Cycle Energy. PR Newswire’s past article quotes Tabar and his enthusiasm to continue the company’s trend and to spearhead big changes in the industry to help move away from environmentally damaging fuels.

Originally a law student, Sam Tabar is a practicing attorney in New York State. Sam holds law degrees from Oxford University and completed his education at the Columbia School of Law. Afterwards, Sam turned his attention to business, specifically the Asian markets.

Sam Tabar has spent several years in Asia working for different companies and positions. One such company is SPARX Group which Tabar joined in 2004. During that period Tabar used his unique business strategies to turn Sparx into one of the most lucrative companies in the Asian Pacific region. Tabar then held a major position with Hong Kong located PMA Investment Advisors. There he developed their Asset Raising Team to the success it is today. Currently, Sam hopes to help women in Asian and African countries by investing in the SPARX group.

Full Cycle’s addition of Sam Tabar can only bring more insight and innovation to the company and the industry as a whole. From the PR Newswire, Tabar is excited to utilize what he has learned domestically and overseas to help lead Full Cycle Energy.  To get an idea of what Sam Tabar brings to the table, check out his investment tips in the Examiner.

CCMP Capital Advisors Gets Backing to Resume Investing From Fund

CCMP Capital Advisors, the private-equity company, has won investing support to resume business from a later fund. For this reason, the company has departed from the mother bank JPMorgan Chase Bank under the leadership of the former Chief Executive Officer and President Stephen Murray. Stephen died in March after leaving the company.

When Mr. Murray exited the business, he triggered the key-man clause to a typical private-equity company, for the $3.6 billion to be reinvested, there has to be a reason why the money should be spent in the absence of the key-partner. This was an amount received by the firm this past year.

Private-equity companies have a standard routine to identify a group of deal-makers referred to as their key-men. These people are central to all decisions made by the company. As a matter of fact, the company cannot make decisions in their absence. The firm is prohibited from conducting any deals from the company until the matter is resolved if something happens to them. These are the people who determine the continuity of a company.

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When he left the company, Mr. Stephen Murray died. The company has, therefore, opened an investigation into the matter as investors’ fail to conduct daily business. The limited partners supported the coming funding reinvestment period reinstatement after being promised new investor projection methods. For this reason, CCMP Capital proved a vote of confidence among the investors who were disappointed I the recent coursing.

Endowments, Pensions, and foundations that are backing up CCMP Capital want to re-assure that their money’s fate is in good hands following the departure of Stephen Murray. For this reason, they assurance is looked up for more than 10 years. The administrative managing capital has entwined this situation. One of the concessions offered by the private-equity company was that the key persons were determined to pledge more than $60 million as a way of demonstrating their alignment with the risks and fortunes associated with the fund. For this matter, the company is planning to use the same capital to purchase the stocks under Mr. Murray’s funds. According to the memorandum of investors, this was the best move.

CCMP Capital’s principals had more than $200 million in pledges to the growth-equity fund and mid-market buyout. The company has an update list of the new key persons under the management of a new leader. Moreover, the company has also agreed to lower the minimum vote for limited partners needed to enhance development.

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Tips To Help Improve Your Smartphone Photography

The new smartphone cameras have changed the traditional notion of photography for Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. For this reason, these new smartphones come with cameras that are easy carry. For the traditional cameras, they were only carried during special occasions or memorable moments. This new technology allows us to take images at any instance. This phenomenon has brought about the photo-sharing influx. There are also numerous social media platforms that allow participants to share photos seamlessly according to Figueroa. For this reason, these apps have revolutionized how professional photographers are taking on their daily business. If you use these applications well, you can be a professional photographer.

For most of use, we underestimate the capability brought about by the smartphones. These cameras possess great power and pleasure. For those who know how to use them effectively, they understand these words. The key to using a smartphone well is an investment. You must invest in a quality camera smartphone says adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. You should also invest in better applications that allow seamless photo editing and taking capabilities. As a matter of fact, lighting, angle, and settings matter a lot when taking quality images. You should also consider using multi-featured tools and apps to make your photos interesting and beautiful.

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In this post, we are here to study the few helpful tips that help you improve on your photography tips.

1. Understand the settings of your camera
You should never rely on the auto settings of your camera. Therefore, seek to understand the deeper meaning of the features of your smartphone cameras says Figueroa. There are other aspect ratios in the camera that offer perfect integration in the cameras. While different settings are coming with other hones, the best phones must allow you have better control over your phones and the quality of images they produce.

However, most cameras lock both focus and exposure. Therefore, you can change the light settings on your camera and take better picture quality. According to the environment, you can match the settings well. For instance, daylight and cloudy settings are suitable for outside photos.

2. Set high resolution
For most, the quality of the image is determined by the maximum resolution on your camera. Try using a close camera when taking these images. Consider using the magnifying lens instead of the zoom button. Resolution decreases with the increase in zoom. Better resolution-photos are cropped. Moreover, you might have problems storing the images of they are of high resolution. Because of this, consider acquiring an alternative storage capacity on your phone.

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Don Ressler at the Helm of Fabletics

When your personal life spills over into your business life, that has the possibility of being a great thing. Being active is something that Don Ressler has been his entire life. He was a college athlete and him and his wife make it a point to be active to this very day. Being active and living an active lifestyle was the starting point for his company Fabletics and helps to steer him in a positive direction.

Fabletics launched in 2013 and has taken off in a big way. In the short time that it has been around, they are already on track to make $500 million in revenue this year. This number is predicted to grow in the coming years. Fabletics was created by Don Ressler as well as Adam Goldenberg. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler serve as co-CEOs and the celebrity Kate Hudson also is on board as a partner and the spokesperson for the brand.

The idea for Fabletics sort of happened by chance. Don Eressler and his wife spend a good amount of time wearing athletic clothing. The clothes they had been wearing did not have a lot of variety and they were not inspiring.  Ressler had the idea to create an athletic clothing line that was comfortable, was a quality product, and was fashionable.

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More and more people are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. This includes working out and eating better. Fabletics is there to help people with fitness and give them something fashionable yet comfortable to wear. The clothing that is put out by Fabletics are items that can be worn all day from a morning workout to work and then back home.

Fabletics may be a young company but they are continuing to look to the future. They recently launched a brand that is geared towards men. These clothes are made for how a man would use them while being active and they allow a man to look good as well.

Don Ressler and his Fabletics company may be the newcomers but they are changing the way people of all shapes and sizes look at athletic clothing. People can now have clothes that are comfortable for working out yet help them look and feel going doing it. This is just the beginning for Fabletics and the future looks bright.

Stephen Murray Leaves A Legacy

Stephen Murray was an influential businessman who left a powerful impact upon CCMP Capital. He was born in 1962 and passed away in March of 2015, but he is remembered as a man who cared about other people and his family. Stephen was the CEO of CCMP Capital for many years before his passing. He left the company unexpectedly citing health reasons. The cause of Stephen’s death has not been officially reported, but he is missed by the company he worked at for over 20 years.

Stephen was a key figure in the development of CCMP Capital, but he left his mark on other companies during his career. Stephen worked at Chase Capital Partners which was then purchased by JP Morgan. The new company was then named JP Morgan Partners. This company was very successful, and Stephen played a key role. In 2006, JP Morgan Partners was spun-off the main corporation and was renamed as CCMP with Stephen as its leader.

Stephen served on the board of directors for many organizations such as Jetro JMDH Holdings, Octagon Credit Investors, Credit Investors, LHP Hospital Group and others. His expertise was so respected in the industry that many companies sought him out.

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Stephen’s career at JP Morgan began in 1989. Even at a young age, he was highly trusted. Stephen Murray was given the responsibility of creating the structure for a private-equity business. The company that Stephen structured went on to acquire Aramark and other large corporations.

Stephen’s former colleagues were saddened to hear of his passing. When asked about Stephen, Greg Brenneman, CCMP’s current executive, offered heartfelt condolences to Stephen’s family. He knew Stephen to be a man of pride and greatness who valued his family immensely. Stephen Murray was a deal maker who was crucial to the success of CCMP. The entire CCMP team is grateful for everything he accomplished for them while he was alive.

Stephen was born in Brooklyn, and he remained there the majority of his life. He went to Sleep Hollow High School then on to Boston College. He chose to study economics which would be a boon for him at CCMP. Stephen was hungry for education. After years in the workforce, he returned to school and earned his masters in Business Administration from Columbia in New York. Stephen then began his rise to the top of CCMP. He did an excellent job and serves as an inspiration to those who follow after him.

Stephen Murray the Irreplaceable CEO

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was born August 2, 1962, and died on March 12, 2015. Until his untimely death, he was a man dedicated to his job, family and society. Murray was the CEO of CCMP, a company that he helped build since its inception in 2007. His retirement from the seat and untimely death dealt a significant blow to the established company that is listed in the SEC. Murray was one of the two executives on the company’s records.

A few days before his demise, Murray’s name as CEO of CCMP was pulled down from the company website. No information about the action was forthcoming. The spokesperson later explained that it was due to health reasons. Mr. Murray left behind a wife, Tami Murray and four children. The graduate from the prestigious Boston College devoted his working life to the American equity investment and charity work.

The MBA graduate from the Columbia Business School contributed immensely to the society. Murray gave support to institutions like the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He also chaired several boards and gave advice based on his experience and expertise.

As president of CCMP, his main agenda included buyouts, business mergers, and growth equity. He performed his job well, and many successful buyouts and mergers followed his career.

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Murray’s career began in 1984 when he was offered a position in the credit analysis program at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Later, a merger between the company and the private equity created a company called Manufacturers Hanover private equity. Stephen Murray was absorbed into the new outfit in 1989. Chemical Bank bought the merged company in 1991and made a further merger. The merger with Chemical ventures resulted in the creation of Chase Capital Partners.

Murray moved to JP Morgan in 2005 as the head of buyout business and later Co- founded his enterprise CCMP Capital in 2007. CCMP, later on, bought out the private equity. He had been the CEO of CCMP since then to the time he retired.

Murray’s generosity had a far-reaching effect. Murray donated to different sectors. In the food industry, the Food Bank in the lower Fairfield County was a beneficiary. The educational institutions he reached out to include the Columbia Business School. He also acted as the Vice-chairman of the board of trustees. Other beneficiaries of his philanthropy included the Stamford Museum.

As a professional, he sat on various boards of major companies like the Crestcom International, Ollie’s Bargain Octagon Credit Investors, Outlet, Infogroup Inc, LHP Hospital Group and Jetro JMDH Holdings.

Source: http://nypost.com/2015/03/13/ccmps-murray-dead-at-52/

George Soros: A Best-Selling Author

According to the research conducted by the Forbes Magazine, George Soros is one of the best-selling authors of America. His insight into a diverse range of knowledge fascinates the world. While using books as a way to impart knowledge to the people, he has led them into knowing his approaches in business and investment. Soros uses books to share his perspectives on open societies, philanthropy, globalization, economics, and politics. Here are some of his important texts.

Why I Invest $500 Million with Migrants
According to the data issued by the United States government, the world has seen a surge of forced migration unsettled. For this reason, this is the era that saw the largest number of people under migration in different parts of the world. For the world to develop a policy, they must have a standardization statement on Forbes that governs immigration problems. There are millions of people on the move. However, some are fleeing from home countries in search of greener pastures. While other nations provide a better environment for them, they are looking for the best states in the world. Some are escaping an oppressive regime or civil war. Due to extreme poverty, some are forcing their way out. For the sake of their families and themselves, they are lured by the possibility of a better economic advancement according to Soros.

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Promise of Regrexit
The refugee crisis has remained one of the greatest issues affecting the people of the United Kingdom according to Soros. The British Exit from the European Union was part of the solution for this problem. Whenever you have a problem, you will always think about home. As a matter of fact, the crisis had a significant role to play in bringing calamities in the Exit. The vote for Britain to exit the European Union came as a shock to many people. While they never expected the United Kingdom to exit the Union, the voting morning was the final fate. For this reason, the European Union disintegration is inevitable.

The future of Europe after Brexit
I believe, Britain, had diverse interests that gained the favor of the union. The country had best deals under the guidance of the European Union on nybooks.com. However, they had a choice to make as a civilized country. The union was the common market belonging to all states in Europe. While the European Union severed many deals for the country, they never saw that as a conviction.

Europe’s Last Chance to Fix Asylum Seekers Policy
For the European Union to slow its disintegration process, the asylum seekers crisis was the principal problem. In 2016, Brexit was a major calamity that contributed to the crisis. Xenophobic has been reinforced by these calamities. In the coming year, the European Union will try to win a series of votes because they are failing.

Stephen Murray leaves Behind a Strong Legacy in the Financial Industry

Stephen Murray was a prominent man, a sponsor and a private equity financier; Murray was the Chief Executive Officer and the President of CCMP a private equity firm that concentrates on investment growth transactions and mergers. He focused on building his career in the financial sector and 1999 he joined CCMP when it was known as Chase Capital Partners. CCMP later became JP Morgan Partners before it went on its own in 2006.

Stephen Murray served on the Board of Directors of major companies such as Octagon Credit Investors, Ollie’s Bargain Outlets, Crestcom International, Infogroup Inc., Jetro JMDH Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, and AMC Entertainment. He had a passion and was very dedicated to seeing the financial industry grow to a higher level. After he graduated in 1984, Stephen joined the credit analyst training program team at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He joined MH Equity Corporation that partnered with Manufactures Hanover’s Corporation a private equity group with its leverage finance unit in the year 1989.

After serving at CCMP for 16 years, Stephen Murray resigned as the President and CEO of the company. Just recently the private equity company raised $3.6 billion for its latest fund on wsj.com. Before his resignation, Murray was lucky to be among the few CCMP Executives to be listed in the SEC filings for the funds together with Greg Brenneman. He was also among the five people that were listed on the CCMP new form ADV.

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Stephen Murray was born in August 1962 in New York City Westchester County. He furthered his studies at Boston College and graduated in1984 with a Degree in Economics. He wanted to gain more knowledge and skills in the financial sector, and he obtained his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Columbia Business School. Murray was not only an equity investor, but he was also passionate about humanity and participated in humanitarian aids. He was a big supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, Boston College, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Columbia Business School and Stanford Museum. Stephen Chaired the Board of Trustees of Boston College and the Make-A-Wish Foundation Metro New York.

After his resignation as the President and the CEO of CCMP, due to health related issues, Murray passed on. He passed on March 12 at the age of 52. His death was confirmed by the company’s spokesman Alexandra LaManna through an email. Murray is survived by his lovely wife Tami A. Murray and their four sons.

Learn more about Stephen Murray: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephen-murray-ba834346

How To Find And Purchase The Ideal Rental Property In Panama

There is the need for quality housing, as the population of the cities in Panama continues to grow. The demand for rental properties is high. In order to benefit from this huge demand, both local and international investors like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa are buying rental properties, especially in Panama City. Below are 8 tips to finding a rental property in Panama based on Adrian Figueroa Jose Velasquez’s analysis of the market.

The market value of the asset is one of the key factors on adrianjosevelasquezfigueroa.com. It is prudent to look for those properties that are undervalued to ensure that one gets quick returns and small mortgage payment. Employing the services of real estate agents is the easiest way through which one can find such properties.

Choosing the right neighborhood is critical. An investment can be good or bad, depending on where a given property is located. For instance, expensive buildings in low-income neighborhoods will not give good returns. In addition, one should also have a good grasp of the rental laws in the country.

A rental property should have access to public and private services such as schools, social areas, security, private parking and gym. These services are critical and will determine how fast your property gets occupied. Ensure that there is also reliable water and electric supply.

Before purchasing any building, one should visit the property and inspect the quality of construction. Individuals with little experience in the area should enlist the services of a professional to do the inspection. For investors who plan to live far from their rental properties, it is wise to have a professional rental property manager.

An investor like Figueroa should always remember that something big is not always better. With big buildings, it is always difficult to rent the property for an amount proportionate to its size. It is prudent to always do research on the potential income that a property can generate before investing in it.

The costs of public services such as water and electricity can increase rapidly and compromise your income. As an investor like Figueroa, you should always make sure that the tenants are responsible for paying for these services. This means that when their costs increase, you net income from the property is not affected. It will also prevent the tenants from misusing resources.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa
Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a Venezuelan-born executive based in Panama City. He is known for his insightful investment strategies and marketing of Panama to investors. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa holds several positions in Panama companies. He is a treasurer, director and president. He is also a mentor to many young leaders in Panama.

Steve Murray: A Great Man Gone Too Soon

Sadly, the business world lost one of it’s most prominent figures in the industry last year. Businessman and investor Stephen “Steve” Murray passed away at the age of 52 due to an illness on Crunchbase. His premature and surprising death serves as another reminder of how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away.

Throughout his long career Steve Murray acted as one of the few individuals in the investment industry that didn’t look to trick clients into investing. Murray was always an investor trying to help people instead of profit from their shortcomings. Many professionals, including Murray, called him a civil servant looking to share his knowledge and wealth with the less fortunate instead of keeping it all to himself for his own selfish personal gains and pursuit for power on pehub.com. Murray’s dream was to be known for his success as a philanthropist as much as he is known for his success as a businessman.

As a young man, Steve Murray was someone who craved knowledge to the highest degree. His passion for learning really manifested in his constant goal of furthering his education as much as possible.

After graduating from Boston College, Murray went on to attend Columbia Business School, where he earned his graduate degree in business administration. Murray then furthered his education Murray partook in an analyst training program on fortune.com . He attributed much of his ability to understand trends to the time he spent in the program.

Steve Murray is the former President and CEO of CCMP Capital. Murray spent more than a decade of his career with the equity firm, first joining the company in the late 1990’s. At the time he was hired the company was still known as Chase Capital Partners. During much of Murray’s employment at the firm it held the title of one of the largest equity firms in the world. Under the leadership of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital.

A month before his death, Murray left CCMP Capital as President and CEO due to health issues. Still, many people thought Murray was just taking a hiatus until he was removed from the firm’s website.

He will truly be missed by those close to him. In my opinion, it’ll be a while before we see a man like Steve Murray again. Someone who cares for their fellow man as much as they care for themselves is an individual hard to come by in this cruel world.

Learn more about Stephen Murray: http://nypost.com/2015/03/13/ccmps-murray-dead-at-52/