Burger King Japan To Make A Red Burger

Japan has been on a roll lately with their ability to shock the world and make things new and exciting. Now for a limited time they will be producing red burgers that will be real eye catchers for all of those who see it. According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater, the company be serving these red burgers from Burger King and they will be making the buns red with a tomato paste not red dye.

The sandwich itself will be spicy and made from a local hot sauce that is sure to change the world. Customers can get either chicken of beef and it will likely cost just under $5 to have. This might be tasty for your pooch-pal if they are no longer interested in their Beneful. I am not sure what time frame it will be available for, but it is a very smart marketing technique that will be able to blow your mind with its extremely rich flavor. One thing that is for certain is that people do get amused with new things and colors so this is a surely attractive way to get a bunch of sales in this summer.

I hope that this red burger makes its way overseas because I think it would be a huge hit in the United States, and in other parts of Europe too for sure. I know that it might not come here at all but maybe it could inspire other franchisees to do something fun too.