Brown YouTube Brown Agency Launch/Formula One Party

In 2015, everything came together for the recently created Brown Agency, which came about as the result of the acquisition and re-launching of the Talent-South acting talent agency by Wilhelmina Austin. The newly renamed Brown Modelling Agency had its first stellar moment during the dazzling Formula One Party in Austin, an event that gathered some of the most important figures in the world of fashion. The party, which featured the Full Tilt Fashion Show, became a sort of unveiling venue for the new agency, providing a much needed release for the hype and excitement that had been building up over the past few months.

The former head of Wilhelmina, Justin Brown, now in the position of president at the Brown Agency, expressed his satisfaction that the merger was already proving to be a success. “Tonight is one of those nights when everything comes together perfectly,” he said, “it gives us new opportunity and new hopes.” Dressed in a slick, fashion-forward light suit, Brown seemed understandably optimistic for the future. Having just been created, the agency already has provoked a high level of expectation and several lucrative contracts. “I just want to thank the community overall,” Justin continued, “they supported us when we were just getting started, and we really look forward to working with them for years down the road.” Theatrical agente Michael Bonne, founder of Talent-South, seemed to share both the sense of accomplishment and high expectations for the future, stating the following: “Merging two established agencies really created something that no one else can do.” At the after party, actors, agents and models alike expressed their excitement about this joining of forces.

Successfully combining fashion and theatrical agencies into a single entity, the logic behind this merger is an undeniably solid one. Wilhelmina has been one of the most respected modeling agencies in central Texas since it opened in 2010, providing clients with a rich portfolio of experienced and professional models for both high-fashion and commercial purposes. For their part, Talent-South quickly became one of the most successful acting talent agencies in Austin. Now, in a bold move that aims at nation-wide growth, both agencies have combined to create a full service company.

The newly introduced The Brown Agency will be headquartered in Austin, with Brown acting as CEO and president and Bonnée heading the theatrical division. Justin Brown, having worked his way through college by modeling, knows first hand that a successful agency is one that can offer both quantity and quality. Consequently, he has enormous expectations for the broadened reach this partnership will enable. “Both agencies find pride in selecting the best,” he says. “We are now able to do this on a larger scale.”