Roberto Santiago’s State of the Art Manaira Mall

The Manaira Mall was built and finished in the late 1980’s but it is far from an eighties style mall in that it has many modern features that people can take advantage of. Along with the shopping opportunities that are in the mall, it has a college, a fitness center and even a concert hall that people can use for large and small concerts alike. The mall was created to be so much more than shopping and dining and it has far exceeded the expectations that the excellent businessman Roberto Santiago had for the mall. It has become the largest mall in the Brazilian state that it is in and one of the biggest ones in the whole country of Brazil. The developer has made sure that people are able to get just what they need from the mall and from what the mall has to offer them.

There are not many malls that you can find a college in but Manaira Mall is one of them. The college that is in the mall is slightly smaller than a traditional college would be but it is still a college that educates people and that many have graduated from since they have had it in the mall. While it was not one of the original features that were included with the mall, it has made its appearance and fits in well with all of the other opportunities that the mall has to offer the people who visit there during the year. Read more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba.

Fitness centers in malls are becoming more popular as space inside of malls increases while outside the space is diminishing. The fitness centers make it easier for people to get fit and stay healthy while they are in different situations. It is something that has set the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping apart, though, because of how long it has been in the mall. It was one of the original features and when Roberto Santiago first did it, it was an innovative opportunity that he took advantage of. The fitness center continues to be one of the central attractions of going to the Manaira mall.

The Manaira Mall even has a concert hall on its roof. This was not one of the original things that was built into the mall but it was added in 2009. This was a huge change and something that really brought in a lot of people to the mall. The hall can hold up to 10,000 people in it and has been the location of many huge concerts. It has been a big attraction at the mall and has given people a chance to see that malls can be successful when they go beyond the traditional mall model. Read more on

How Can Duda Melzer Help Grow The Brazilian Economy?

Duda Melzer is one of the luminaries in his field in Brazil, and he has been working in the same place since the early 90s. He started work at RBS Group trying to bring new retail stores to Brazil, and RBS Group has grown so much over the years that it is one of the most diverse companies in the entire continent. There are a lot of people who rely on RBS Group for jobs and income, and Duda Melzer wants to make more jobs and income for the people of Brazil. His ideas are very progressive, and they fall in line with the needs of a country that wants to be a superpower in the near future.

There are a lot of open jobs in Brazil that could be created with help from Duda Melzer and his team. He wants to bring as many businesses as he can to Brazil to help increase volume, and he wants to make sure that he is providing for the people of Brazil while also making his company stronger. RBS Group will continue to get stronger with help from the jobs that RBS Group creates, and the people who take these jobs will have disposable income to spend at stores in the country that were likely also started by RBS Group.

Melzer wants to make sure that the people of Brazil have as many job options as possible, and he also wants to make sure that the country is attractive to people who travel there for the first time. Making the country more attractive to the tourist is important, and it could eve make people want to move there. Brazil is a great place to live, and it is even more impressive when there is a thriving economy that is led by companies like RBS Group.

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