BPA Still Being Used

A few years ago I’m sure you heard all about BPA and how it was being removed from products like baby bottles, sippy cups and water bottles. What you might not be aware of is that BPA is still being used in a number of commonly purchased items in the grocery store. Most of the world’s largest food companies that create canned items are using BPA in the lining of their metal cans. This is discouraging as BPA has been linked to breast cancer and a variety of reproductive issues.

A recent study, published this past Wednesday by the Environmental Working Group explains that there is a
database available
that allows consumers to search a certain product and they can find out how safe the product is and if BPA or other chemicals are used in the production or packaging.

Susan McGalla says, chances are if you are buying an item in a can, there is BPA involved. This is true even for organic food products. The food inside is organic but the can itself is not safe. Many products replaced BPA with BP-B. Studies have shown that this replacement is actually causing the exact same issues that BPA did. This even includes heart palpitations and digestive upset. The hopes are that BPA will be banned across the board. With research showing how harmful it is, its confusing why this product is still being used.