Get Great Passes When You Become A Magnises Member

Many who like to party will find themselves at a nightclub on a regular basis, but try getting into a New York city nightclub without standing in a long line for a good period of time, it can be impossible. Having the Magnises card can get you passes to get into just about any club that New York City has to offer, and it will only cost you $65 per month for the Magnises ClubPass. This club pass is very valuable because it guarantees entrance, and as long as you pay the monthly fee, you can go to the nightclub of your choice.

Another great feature from the Magnises card is the HotelPass, which is great for travelers and those that like to stay in amazing hotels. Anyone who wants to stay in the Dream Hotel in New York will only pay $79 a night, compared to the standard fee of $245 a night or more. The pass can also give a user upgrades, just as long as they have their Magnises card membership. Another new perk that’s been added to the Magnises card membership is the WorkPass, which allows anyone who lives in New York City to access a co-working space in the Alley building.

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Magnises has their corporate offices at the Alley, and they’re renting out desks to those with a Magnises card for only $500 each month, which can be great for anyone who is professional and wants to take their business to another level. Those that have the Magnises card will have the ability to excel every portion of their lives, including any fun that they may have. With so many different passes being available, those that were turned down before to get into certain restaurants, clubs, concerts, and events will now have access to them because of the Magnises card.

Magnises even has a penthouse in Manhattan, where they’ve had exclusive members only parties, which allows all of their members a chance to gather with one another to talk about anything, especially about the fun that they will have or have had in the city. Along with being able to go to Magnises members only events, those with the Magnises card can find other great events around town that they’ll enjoy, especially with the help of their Magnises Concierge app on The Magnises Concierge application was created by the company and is can be downloaded to any smartphone.

The concierge’s job is to alert the user about different events that occur in a city of the user’s choice. All the user has to do is ask the question to receive an answer. Those that want to go to specific events can get the information from the concierge, especially pricing information and more. There is so much to gain when a Magnises card membership is purchased, so those that live in New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco and other cities are encouraged to purchase a Magnises membership to start enjoying life more.

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