Billy McFarland Enhances Magnises Membership with Better Benefits

Exclusive social club, Magnises began attracting young millennials between the ages of 21 and 35 by the end of 2015. Membership had reached over 6,000 elite members in New York since Billy McFarland founded the club in 2013. It’s almost the end of 2016 and tens of thousands of people have joined to experience perks and benefits.

McFarland enhanced the membership to provide members with better experiences and rewards using the Magnises NOW app. He successfully raised an estimated $3 million to fund the enhancements and relocate to the lower east side of NYC.

To join the club and receive the black card in locations in DC, NY, CA, and IL, sign up online. Each applicant is required to pay a $250 fee upon approval of application before becoming an exclusive club member.

Members are offered club passes for a $65 monthly fee to enter night clubs at no door charge. They have access to two of the most popular clubs in New York City, One Oak and Up & Down. The Magnises black card is worth all its enhanced perks, including hotel room upgrades and sports games.

Link the Magnises club card to bank and credit cards and make purchases or reservations at a concert or restaurant. Use it to receive special discounts on travel, dining, clubbing, shopping, and much more. Local businesses have partnered with Magnises to offer great incentives at fine restaurants, art galleries, concerts, and sporting events. The company holds functions twice a month on Thursday nights for its professional members to mingle and network.

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland attended Bucknell University in Pennsylvania and founded Spling in 2010. Three years later, he established Magnises Elite Club and Black Card which offers its members plenty of rewards and benefits.

The business started with only 200 members and has increased to more than 30,000. Magnises has expanded to Washington DC, Chicago, and San Francisco. Billy McFarland serves as the chief executive officer at one of the fastest growing companies in the America.