Now, A Meatless Burger That “Bleeds” As It Cooks

I love reading about food-related news online, and earlier today I came across an article about a new meatless burger product named Beyond Burger that has become a very popular item. According to this article, Beyond Burger is a plant-based product that possesses a flavor and texture that are remarkably close to those of ground beef.

The afore-mentioned article makes a point of stating that one of the great attributes offered by Beyond Burger is the fact that the meatless burger product “bleeds” as it cooks. The ‘blood’ that the meatless burger releases is actually beet juice. While I realize that the pseudo blood is supposed to make the Beyond Burger appear more beef-like, I also think that the whole bleeding thing
is pretty unappealing.

Several consumer reviews of Beyond Burger are featured in the article, and most of the reviews are glowingly positive. Many of the reviewers state that Beyond Burger is the best vegan meat substitute they’ve ever eaten, and the ground beef-like texture is mentioned repeatedly. One reviewer on social media, however, provides a list of questionable chemical ingredients that are contained in Beyond Burger.

Interestingly, this article mentions how the entire stock of Beyond Beef at a Colorado supermarket sold out in one hour when it was offered for sale. The article also mentions how this meatless burger product has received some financial backing from Bill Gates.