Beneful: A Rocky but Fruitful Evolution in Dog Food

A dog looking up to you is more than just a simple gesture because (to the dog) you are a caretaker and protector. There is an immeasurable amount of trust that a pet gives to his or her owner. It is a role that you–as a pet owner–take very seriously, so it is only befitting that the dog food company you buy your food from does the same.

Beneful Steps up to Please Dogs and Dog Owners

An article in Huffington Post spoke about Beneful and the lawsuit that was brought on them–on behalf of some dog owners. The lawsuit was concerning some of the ingredients in Beneful, like artificial colors, propylene glycol, and mycotoxins. The dog owners believed that these ingredients might be harmful.

The people at Beneful defended themselves, but did so without disregarding their customer’s concerns. The customers, who are suing Beneful, have found no evidence that these ingredients–that are FDA approved–have caused any harm to their pets. Beneful used these ingredients because they believed they were safe.

For example, mycotoxins are actually found in most crops grown in the United States and around the world. The animals that were used for the pet food consume crops in one way or another, which is how the ingredient gets into the dog food. But the amount has been deemed safe by both the FDA and the European Union.

Still, Beneful has been tinkering with their formula–and this was before the lawsuit–to include more natural ingredients. This has been a focus for the company because surveys have shown how important natural ingredients are becoming to consumers. One of the lines that Beneful is introducing is the Original’s line, which is going to have real chicken, beef, and salmon. The use of real animals as a main ingredient is relatively revolutionary when compared to other popular commercial pet foods. Beneful has also vowed to remove ingredients like processed sugars and propylene glycol.

What the people behind Beneful want their customers to know is that their concerns are important to them. Beneful is ready to evolve with the times and satisfy their customers requests while keeping their dog’s health in focus.

A Breakdown of Beneful Dog Food Varieties

Dog owners need to offer their dogs with proper meals that have nutritional values. The Nestle Purina Company has been able to do provide a variety of dog foods through the Beneful brand. Beneful was introduced to the market in 2001. Their marketing strategy was based on nutrition and wholesome foods, which carved a niche for the products in the market. The physical appearance and packaging of their products has also wooed dog owners to purchase the dog foods. The name of brand is has stood out in the market thus improving the marketability of its products. Beneful means full or packed with goodness. Over the years, the brand has produced many pet foods. All their foods is rich in vitamins and proteins that are important for the well being of your dog.

Beneful has dog treats and snacks that fall under the Beneful baked delights category. These treats are skillfully designed then oven baked. The treat allows your dog to have a change in diet from time to time. Incorporation of different flavors to the dog foods makes the treats healthy thus beneficial in the dogs’ diet. The treats on come in cheese, beef and peanut butter flavors. There is a mixture of textures depending on what you choose for your pet. There is the dog snack stars, which is a mixture of short bread cookies that are made in bacon and cheese flavor and chicken and cheese flavor.

The dog snack snackers are cookies made with creamy filling of natural and artificial cheese and peanut butter. Dog snack hugs have a colorful package. The snack hugs are crispy and are made of beef and cheese. Another exciting dog snack is the snack quacks. They come in attractive packaging and are also made in cheese and hickory smoke crackers. The baked delight products are filled with ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and omega.

Some dog owners prefer dry foods. Beneful on youtube has dry food that has amazing flavors. The kibbles, which are reasonable in size and chewable have lamb, chicken and beef flavors. The sizes are entirely safe for your dog and puppy. There is the healthy dog dry food and the healthy puppy version. A number of dog owners love the Beneful wet dog, which comes packed in wonderful flavors and wholesome ingredients. The available textures are the diced chopped blend and the large heart roasters, which are packed in resealable tubs.

Purina Beneful: Healthy Food for Healthy Dogs

Having a healthy pet depends largely on its diet. Purina is a leader in pet food manufacturing and nutrition. It is also recommended by veterinarians and professional breeders alike. Loving pet owners want to feed their pets the best commercial food available. Nutrition is a priority and Purina Beneful delivers.

Beneful is chock full of healthy meats, vegetables and grains without any artificial fillers or colors. Meat is the primary ingredient of Purina Beneful dog foods as dogs are natural meat eaters. Purina Beneful adds savory vegetables and whole grains such as barley and brown rice. Vegetables add vitamins and anti-oxidants for growth and maintenance of body organs, brain function and healthy coat. Whole grains add texture and fiber to keep dogs’ digestive systems moving well. Whole grains also necessary carbohydrates for active energy to get dogs through walks down the street and playtime at the dog park.

Omega 3 fatty acids keep dogs coats shiny, eyes healthy and brains alert and sharp. Like their human owners, good fats are a natural and vital ingredient for mental wellness, joint care and longevity.

Purina makes Beneful dog food in a variety of textures, flavors and types. There are Purina Beneful chopped blends, a thinly chopped wet food as well as a canned variety that offers real meat flavors such as chicken, lamb and beef chunks. Dogs love the meaty taste and rich gravy and pet owners love the quality. Even finicky dogs will love the flavor of Beneful wet foods.

Beneful on provides several types of dry dog food to meet all dogs life stages and needs. Included are a puppy formula for growing dogs, a healthy weight formula, a playful life formula for active adult dogs and a healthy radiance formula for great skin and coat. For owners that prefer the convenience of dry dog food, Purina Beneful has a number of flavors of crunchy deliciousness for their pets.

Purina Beneful dog food products are made in the United States by dog owners like their customers. They put their heart and soul into the processing of the food because they feed it to their own dogs. Manufacturing standards that surpass government minimum requirements for quality and purity are a few things that make Purina Beneful a great addition to a dog’s diet. The delicious flavors and complete life stage nutrition make it highly recommended by veterinarians and pet owners.

Purina Beneful make a delicious and nutrient rich variety of dog treats to aid in training and rewarding dogs in addition to the food. Owners love to give dog treats to show extra love. Dog owners choose the best complete food they can give to the pets that give them so much in return.

Importance of dog care

I am not sure about any of you, but my dog is not considered my pet, but he is family. I treat my family with my best and my dog gets that same attention and care. I do not cut corners so that I can obtain something better for myself, but I take the time to look over options, pay attention to detail and give my dog the care he deserves.

When I first got my dog, I was notorious for checking labels. Yes, labels. What was in his food was just as important as mine. I look for good ingredients such as vegetable, rice, and other wholesome ingredients. By-products are not something I want for my dog or even me so labels matter. I also check with friends and family who own dogs to see what they look for in a food.

I want the food to not only be delectable for my dog, but I want it to also be soothing to his stomach, enrich his coat, and be a tail wagging experience. Who here can remember the first time you tried something new like Brussel sprouts? I can. The smell of them cooking, the look of them on the plate tantalized my pallet. The first bite left me hunger for more. I want my dog to have that same experience.

When my dog hears the sound of food hitting that bowl, or watching the cover come off his moist food, I want that tail wagging, his eyes sparkling, the ears sprung up and his nose wafting away with excitement as he sees it all. Watching him lick his chops after cleaning out his bowl is my confirmation that I’ve chosen correctly.

Bandit, my Pom, truly enjoys the moist food from purinastore’s Beneful. The flavors from beef to pork along with barley, rice, carrots, and green beans just uproar his senses. I love watching him first slurp up the gravy and then eat up the food with great gumption. The tongue circling his nose and mouth only confirms what I know — he loves it!

I also see via his coat that the elements of Beneful enhances his fur with shimmer and shine that makes me proud to be the type of fur mom that I am – particular. That is right, I’m particular as to what goes in Bandit’s stomach and part of my equation is ingredients and the other is Bandit’s reaction to what is being fed to him.

Think about it, would you feed your child something that he/she was not enticed about? Would you continue to force cuisine on anyone if the reaction was negative? I think not! So, don’t do the same to your dog. Remember, dog care is important and Beneful has your back.

Making Informed Dog Food Decisions is Important

In a world crowded with choices, dog owners are faced with an important decision every single day. Deciding which brand of food to feed the family pet is important to the health and longevity of the dog. While some brands are loaded with fillers and other unhealthy choices, finding a brand that companies stand behind and other owners appreciate can be difficult. Luckily, there are a number of healthy options when it comes to dog food.

Purina Beneful is a brand that uses a number of natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are just as important for dogs as they are for their human counterparts. In addition, the employees involved in the manufacturing of Beneful choose the brand to feed to their pets, which is a major boost of confidence for any owner looking to make a better choice when it comes to the nutrition of their best friend. In short, finding a brand the dog enjoys and the owner believes in can make a world of difference.

In the end, choosing a brand of dog food is important to the health of the dog. Brands like Beneful take advantage of top quality ingredients to provide nutrition and keep the dog healthy. Pets rely on their owners to make informed choices, and owners that do a little bit of research can easily figure out which brands are at the top of the curve and which ones should be left on the shelf. After all, pet deserve a healthy diet as part of their overall care.

Insure Your Best Friend’s Health With Beneful

What is it about human beings and their pets? Only humans support other animal species from birth into old age. Recent surveys indicate that they spend more on toys and accessories for their pets than they do on their own children. Revised statistics indicated that Americans spent a whopping $58,000,000 on pets in 2014. And they are quicker to get those pets to the doctor for medical checkups or for treatment for illness or injury than they are themselves. And when it comes to pet food, they’re downright obsessed with it, especially since the pet food poisoning scandal of a few years ago. To save money and to ensure quality ingredients in the foods that their pets are consuming, many owners have turned to “home cooked” or “raw” foods.

But many of these well meaning owners don’t realize that such efforts can actually sicken pets, or deprive them of essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Fortunately, where dogs are concerned, one of America’s leading pet food manufacturers has come up with a better solution. In 2001, Purina began marketing a dog food called Beneful that focused more on balanced nutrition for canines than similar brands. Beneful‘s ingredients to that end included meat, vegetables, and whole grains. The food’s debut was accompanied by a multi-million dollar television campaign, the largest in Purina’s history.

Beneful was an instant hit. It is the company’s single biggest dog food seller, and the third biggest seller on the market today. Its staggering sales forced the company to make multi-million dollar upgrades to a facility for the sole purpose of manufacturing this one brand. When Beneful debuted, the brand was available as a dry kibble, or as a “wet” or canned one. Today, Beneful is available as a vegetarian meal in addition to eight different “prepared” dishes. The brand debuted new and improved foods in 2010 that look more like human foods, as studies have shown that dogs are more excited about eating what their two legged parents are. Beneful brands now include varities that target a dog’s teeth, coat, and weight, in addition to a special brand for puppies. Indulgent owners can also purchase various Beneful treats, some of which help to remove tartar from dogs’ teeth.

Since 2011, Beneful has sponsored a “Dream Dog Park” contest in which the winning video earns its creator $250,000 to put towards building or renovating a community dog park. For more on Beneful, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.