Beer Cited as One Woman’s Source of Longevity

South Carolinian Mildred Bowers will soon be celebrating her 103rd birthday. When asked by a local news station as to what her secret to living so long could be, she simply laughed and attributed her venerability to regularly including beer in her diet. Bowers is quite fond of having a frosty brew around 4 p.m. each day at her assisted care facility. She joked that while the nurses were rather against the notion, a consultation with the on-site physician revealed that beer could do little harm. In addition to giving her long life, Bowers’ routine seems to have done wonders for maintaining her skin and she still has quite a bit of wit and intelligence; the latter point of which Bowers says seems to grow dimmer as most people age.

In examining the health benefits of beer, here’s what various studies have confirmed. Note that the health benefits from a diet that includes a moderate level of beer consumption become greatly diminished if a person is suffering from alcoholism:

  • Beer is an anti-carcinogenic substance thanks to the presence of xanthohumol and polyphenols. The latter compound can also be found in slightly lesser quantities within red wine.
  • Beer is useful to individuals with cardiovascular issues because it contains vitamin B6. It can also reduce cholesterol and thin the blood; the latter point should be eyed carefully in people with blood-based illnesses. This also means that regular beer drinkers are far less prone to hypertension.
  • The hearty nature of a good beer means that regular consumption can lead to increased bone health, thwarting the effects of osteoperosis.
  • Beer seems to have a positive effect in preventing type 2 diabetes.
  • The presence of both vitamin B12 and folic acid means that beer is a defense against anemia, maintaining a healthy level of development and preserving mental faculties.
  • Beer can boost the effects of skin-nurturing vitamin E, preserving the health of the epidermis.
  • Because beer can bolster the presence of good cholesterol, beer drinkers are less likely to succumb to dementia.
  • Beer contains several vitamins and minerals that assist in digestion, prevent the development of kidney stones and serve as a diuretic to expedite the removal of toxic substances.