Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale Wears Lime Crime’s Red Velvet Matte Liquid Lip Cover

If you are familiar with the show Riverdale, you will recognize the color of red lipstick seen on Cheryl Blossom. It can be found through the Lime Crime makeup line. The same rosy red shade of lipstick found on Cheryl can be obtained by shoppers all around for less than you might think it would cost.

Cheryl is known for her love of fashion and her knowledge of fashion. She wears the same shade of red for every episode of Riverdale. The actress is known to wear the line of red which does not lose its color or wear off after a few hours. The line of makeup was chosen because of the sustainability of the lipstick shade.

There are scenes that will require the actress to leave a small amount of color behind on her co-star. When this occurs, they have a trick to leaving the color behind. The actress will apply a small amount of chapstick made by Nivea which moisturizes the lipstick and then this is able to leave a small amount of color behind on the co-star. This trick will allow for the actress to not only have a small amount of color to their lips but it also makes sure that the actress does not have to keep stepping off set to reapply the makeup.

When actresses are interviewed, they are generally asked about what choices they choose to use outside of the set. When asked, she talks about her own love for the Lime Crime makeup line. She talks about the different shades and about how they all last for hours on end without ever fading off.

If you want to purchase the same red as Cheryl Blossom wears, you will want to check out the Lime Crime Red Velvetine Matte collection in liquid. The shade will go well with other shades in the velvetine collection or with the new line, Angelic collection. The collections of Angelic is a limited collection and will make you feel heavenly when you apply the makeup. Not only will it give you a small piece of heaven, it will also make you feel better knowing that it is completely vegan free.