Andy Wirth Sees A Bright Future For Squaw Valley Ski Resort

The name Andy Wirth may not be one known to the public at large, but within the tourism industry the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort has become a major figure for the role he plays at his place of employment and beyond.

The community around Squaw Valley has already begun to the see the effect Andy Wirth can have on the area through his work with the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board, which reflects the roles he has taken in the past in similar capacities in areas he has worked in previously.

Andy Wirth has always had a belief in the businesses of an area playing a major role in the community they are located within, which is why the CEO of Squaw Valley looks to make his presence felt in a range of different areas. Conservation has always played a key role in the life of this former park ranger who works with local groups in the Lake Tahoe region to protect the delicate balance between developing the area for success and preserving the unique landscape of the area. Read more: Julia Mancuso opinion: My friend Andy Wirth is a good guy

The German born executive also played a key role in the decision over the incorporation of Olympic Valley as its own city, which saw officials in Placer County agree with Wirth and his supporters that the economy of the area could not sustain itself as a city.

According to KCRW, the return of Andy Wirth to a position of power and success once looked impossible to achieve following a 2013 skydiving accident that threatened his life and forced him to spend months rehabilitating his body before returning to work.

Upon his return to Squaw Valley Andy Wirth found inspiration in a group of Navy Seal’s training in the area and was prompted to return to competing in ironman competitions; raising funds for the families of special forces recruits has become a passion for Andy Wirth as he continues to return to the life he led before the skydiving incident.