Focus on George Soros and Puppetry

It is a never a surprise when nasty news are aired at Fox News. However, on this occasion they got personal or rather institutional when one of their top rated stars used three-hour episodes to tear down a prominent American citizen on The advance publicity sought for the broadcasts were lavish and distilled the very moral essence of the episodes advertised. The quotation read that his mother was an anti-Semitic and ashamed that she was born Jewish. was superimposed on an empty black screen. This was followed by a black and white footage showing a 1930’s era of people who looked anxious to depict the Jews walking on a street in Europe, a synagogue door was shown with some Jews praying. The soundtrack of a faint heart beat accompanies the quotations as another one is superimposed on the Star of David read that he does not in any way deny that Jews have their rights up to a national existence but he does not want anything to do with it.

The next scene shows the grainy photograph of a middle-aged gentleman with a grim face looking furtively over their shoulder. Then the black background again popped up and gave the source as an article by Connie Bruc on the World in the eyes of Soros published on the New Yorker on January 23, 1995.

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This does not need anyone to be oversensitive or a professional to note that Glenn Beck through his promo is trying to imply that George Soros, a hedge-fund investor and a liberal and anti-totalitarian causes funder is an anti-Semite. It further portrays him as a Holocaust complicit and an enemy to the State of Israel. These can only be taken as lies on the face of them as the article they refer to was published by the New Yorker but they transcribed it accurately to function like lies by placing them in an absolutely misleading context.

Beck’s promo and programs were bad as they tried to portray Soros as a downright evil man and a shadowy puppet master to unions, the media, the Democratic Party, the President. He further portrayed him as an avaricious funder who is seeking to sabotage and then destroy the American republic to satisfy his greed for money. Beck even went to the point of referring to Soros as a “Jewish boy who helped in sending Jews to the death camps” referring to George when he was only 13 years old. Beck never explained to the viewers that all the causes George Soros funded were revolutions meant to counter dictatorships that were Communist or anti-communist.

About George Soros

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest and spent most of his boyhood hiding from the Nazis. He managed to survive through forged documents and identities his father had organized for the family. He witnessed Communist dictatorship in its early years before he migrated to England and attended the London School of Economics. He discovered he had a thing for the financial markets and took a job at Wall Street in 1956. Soros became wealthy from this venture and supports a number of civil-society causes.