Goettl Provides Air Conditioning For Harsh Weather

The weather can be very harsh during the warmer times of the year. This is especially true with Arizona. In certain areas of Arizona, it could get hotter than 100 degrees. This is why it is important for people to have air conditioning in their home. One issue with air conditioning is that it often costs a lot. Fortunately, there ate ways to reduce the costs of energy. There are air conditioning companies that take a lot of steps to make sure that the customer is getting adequate air conditioning while saving money.

One example of a great air conditioning company is Goettl. The professionals of Goettl make sure that they provide their customers with air conditioning units that are matched to the home that they are servicing. This makes sure that the air conditioner unit is not working too hard while cooling the home down. This also saves people from extremely hot temperatures in their home. Ken Goodrich, who is the owner of the company, makes sure that the professionals take the time to do the work needed so that customers are satisfied. He also checks the installation job himself and signs off on it when he is satisfied.

Goettl is also involved with giving to the community. The professionals that run the company also have a heart for those who find themselve sin a tough spot. For example, there are a few people that have had their air conditioners quit working. While they did not have any air conditioning, they also did not have money to pay for another unit. Fortunately, Goettl has come to their rescue and helped them out with some units. This made it possible for them to live in a more reasonable environment. One of the reasons that Goettl is so successful is that it gives back.

Goettl Air Conditioning owner Ken Goodrich rewards Veteran, College of Southern Nevada Student

Nick Hughes had no idea of what profession he would pursue after excommunication from the United States Navy. As it is with most ex-veterans, they always find it hard to find the next best option concerning career and profession. While most of them pursue a career with the knowledge acquired in the military, there are others who find it hard to get a better option. For more than three years, he worked at the United States Navy without knowing his fate. One of the scariest things for ex-veterans is the transition into a civilian life.

For now, he is two weeks away from his graduation. Thanks to the Goettl Foundation that sponsored his education. He was so grateful for this award. According to Ken Goodrich, he found hope in the young man who wanted to pursue a career in Air Conditioning Technology. Therefore, they gave him a lifetime opportunity to continue a certification at the Southern University of Nevada. Nick is a recipient of the 9/11 post-veteran technology award by the company. This award gives people an opportunity to pursue their dreams after coming out from the military. It is unmatched with any other veteran awards. This is because it offers comprehensive education together with the tools needed to commence practice.

This is the second award issued by Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning Company, after he bought the company. He has also sponsored Duncan to pursue a career and certification in Air Conditioning Technology at the same College. For this reason, Goettl Air and Heating Conditioning Company has a long line of assisting families to pursue education as one of the ways to eradicate poverty in the country. For the company, they will continue with these charitable events as long as they stay in business. For the loyal customers of the company, they will keep winning these awards as they are the priority of the company.

According to Ken Goodrich, he has learned that people coming out of the Military are the best employees. He has based his studies on a research conducted among the ex-veterans. For him, he trusts these individuals because they undergo an intense training that lets them focus on their activities. Therefore, this scholarship is a good opportunity to work with the world to make it a better place. He has also extended a job invitation to Nick of he considers working for Goettl Air Conditioning Company in the capacity if a technician.

Goettl’s Dedication to the Community

For one of the most trusted air conditioning and heating companies on the West Coast, individuals turn to Goettl, a company that holds modern tradition in balance and a company that offers the best customer service that is offered to each individual without having the break the bank in the process. As a 70 year old company, Goettl takes pride in tradition and makes sure that each and every customer of the company gets exactly what they paid for and much more. With each trip to the home or to the business, Goettl makes a promise to exceed all expectations.

During the hottest summers or the coldest winters, Goettl’s versatile and expert employees make sure that not one of their customers freezes or overheats during these brutal seasons. If it is a complete installment, or just minor repairs that are needed, Goettl is the company to seek out to make sure that everything is taken care of to prevent discomfort. Not only does Goettl promise the best air quality, but Goettl also makes sure that all of the installments that are made have the best equipment to make the function that is needed to be the most energy efficient. This not only saves money for the customer in the long-run, but also produces better air quality and produces no gases in the household. Safety is the number one priority for Goettl.

In recent news, Goettl has proven its dedication to the community of Phoenix when one elderly woman in Las Vegas found herself with no cooling system as well as no money to pay for a complete AC replacement. Though Goettl is a business that is growing, this company is also a caring company full of individuals that wanted to help this lady out. As a result, a repair and installment job that would have costed close to $15,000 was done for free. This is just a taste of all the good deeds that Goettl does for the communities that the company is involved with.

Goettl is a company that is known for the excellent offered services. At Goettl, the employees take pictures of their work as insurance to show that they have done the best job that they can do. Goettl even offers free checkups where the employees make a visit a week after the repair or the installment in order to make sure that everything is functioning properly.

Goettl Air Conditioning: The High-End Solution to Your Needs


The name Goettl has been recognized worldwide for its excellence in service and delivery. Their excellence spans air and heating conditioning service and installation since Adam Goettl and Gust invented the company. Since 1939, the company has prospered and succeeded for more than seven decades of technology and business changes in the world. There has been numerous technological advancements and transitions, however, the company is still at the forefront of service delivery. The company is dedicated towards an exceptional way of delivering services to their customers to continue with their ongoing success. Goettl has service centers in various parts of the country. Some of them include in Tuscon and Pheonix metropolitan areas. The company has a team of managed and experienced professionals. The highly-trained team of professionals working in the company provides exceptional services to the community at the most affordable rice. They help maintain, install, and diagnose the heating and air conditioning systems in homes and offices.

Indoor Air Quality
To ensure that your family is in comfort and safety, the company offers whole-house air cleaning and humidification air duct testing and cleaning, digital thermostat installation, and the UV germicidal lights integration into the conduit architecture in your home. Whenever you want to be assisted in the system HVAC, Goettl Air Conditioning Company is always there for you.

Heating Services
Goettl Air Conditioning Company offers a wide range of residential heating sources that include the installation of electric furnaces and gas systems, radiant heating service and installation, and heat pump installation. For the company, it engages in the maintenance of dual fuel system, air handler, traditional furnace or the ductless heating system, and a wide range of tune-up services to keep your system running smoothly in home setups.

Cooling Services
Goettl Air Conditioning Company offers you a conglomerate of services that include cooling solutions, air conditioning installation, heat pump management, maintenance, repair, and replacement of the sources of comfort in a home setup. The company also has a 24-hour response team that works all the days of the year. Goettl Air Conditioning Company designs new systems for new homes and their different installation according to the client’s demand. The company also specializes in installation and recommending high-efficiency systems.

Goettl Air Conditioning Company is one of the best companies specialized in heating and HVAC cooling systems in the country. While you are in need of these services, they are never far from you.

The Company and Continued Growth of Goettl Air Conditioning

At the company of Goettl Air Conditioning, they take pride in their ability of staff and technicians who help to exceed clients expectations in everything that they do. They offer the full coverage of services from commercial to home services in comfort within the Phoenix area. The services that are provided by Goettl Air Conditioning includes the installation of heat pumps, central air units, air cleaners, ductless mini splits, UV germicidal lights, humidifiers, radiant heating systems, furnaces, along with many other services. It doesn’t matter weather the client may be in the market because their current air quality is not very pleasant or if they want a new AC unit, Goettl is ready to take on the job. Goettl also has an excellent customer, including a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 response.

Air Conditioning and Heating are two of the services that are provided by Goettl. Whatever it is that may be going on with the client’s air conditioning, whether it be that the ac unit is just not up to the Phoenix summer, or if they wish that an existing unit would work better. Goettl can help with all of these issues, keeping their local community cool is just part of what they do, and they strive to do it exceedingly well. They do this in several ways, this includes installations, air conditioning repair, maintenance for the central air units and replacements. And the same passion that they have for Air Conditioning, they put this same passion into Heating. So if a client finds that their heating unit is not living up to their expectations, they can’t expect for it to fix itself. In this case a professional needs to be hired for heating services, this could include anything from annual tune-ups to minor repairs and major system installations. No matter how big or small the job may be, Goettl is ready to take on the job in order to provide families with sufficient heat throughout the winter. This includes anything from heat pumps, furnaces, and in-floor radiant heating systems. Other services that are provided include Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, and Commercial HVAC.

The Continuing Exceptional Seven Decade-Long Services Provided By Goettl

Since the inception of Goettl, the company has earned recognition as a leading provider of heating and air conditioning services. Goettl began operating in 1939 after its launch by Gust and Adam Goettl. The seven-decade-long company has evolved by integrating smart business strategies and technology into its business model.

Today, Goettl Air Conditioning is headquartered in Phoenix and continues to provide excellent customer services, among some of its first services. The quality services of Goettl are a production of its well-trained commercial and residential technicians and experienced management staff.

Goettl offers its services to a larger part of Phoenix, Tucson, Chandler, Meas, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Paradise Valley, Apache Junction, Goodyear, Tempe, among other locations. Its expansion has also increased its employee count to approximately 200.

Goettl offers a full range of heating services, air conditioning services and cooling services. Apart from installing the devices for these specific needs, they also provide maintenance and repair services upon requests.

Ken Goodrich heads Goettl and is a graduate of the University of Nevada with a degree in Business Administration. He began working as the CEO of Goettl in 2013 after leaving America Residential Services as the company’s President. Ken Goodrich was the former Vice President of the company and earned a promotion in 2010.

Before joining America Residential Services, Ken Goodrich was the CEO and president of 24/7 Service Corporation between 2000 and 2008.

In addition to leading Goettl, Ken is the President and CEO of Red Falcon Equity, a private investment company in the economic and residential sector.

In 2013, Ken Goodrich acquired Goettl. He then reopened the company’s offices in Las Vegas in April 2016.Goettl set its headquarters in Las Vegas in 1968 and relocated in 2007 due to the effects of the recession. Ken’s motive to reopen the Las Vegas’ offices is a nostalgic effect of the company’s early dealings in Southern Nevada.

Under the leadership of Ken Goodrich, Goettl has received increasing numbers of positive reviews of their products and installation services. Ray Lockhart, a Sun City Arizona resident, wrote his appreciation of the exceptional services he received for his AC/Heating plant. Ray went ahead to thank the company’s staff for explaining the benefits and disadvantages of each of the installations.
He also complimented the fast and efficient work that reduced the number of days he presumed the system would be down to only one day.

Goettl continues to serve more clients by showcasing their various products and services on social media. To date, the firm remains active on social media and earning consistent positive reviews.

Goettl Air Conditioning Continues To Grow After Acquiring Moore

In May 2016, Goettl Air Conditioning purchased Moore Air Conditioning, giving the now combined companies over 300 years of expertise. Goettl has been growing exponentially in the Las Vegas Valley in recent years and this acquisition will make them grow even bigger.

Purchasing Moore Air Conditioning allows Goettl to continue and grow their commitment of providing customers the very best in the industry. Goettl CEO, Ken Goodrich, is excited about the new addition and believes that this addition of Moore’s experienced team will only add to the company’s richness in providing quality services.

Moore’s President, Bill Moore, claims that the company looks forward to continuing their legacy that they built in the market alongside the leadership and services of Goettl. The two leaders have always had tremendous respect for one another.

Goettl is currently in the position to become the primary service provider for residential air conditioning services in the Las Vegas market and plans to continue to grow. Goodrich claims that Goettl has plans to grown 50% in 2017 and with that growth, plans to add over 100 employees to their roster.

Future technicians will be obtained through the air conditioning technology program at the College of Southern Nevada. At this college, Goodrich created an endowment, named the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Program. This program is in honor of his father. Goodrich also sponsors a HVAC employment program that created job opportunities for veterans.

Goettl Air Conditioning was originally created in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl. In 1968, the company made its way to the Las Vegas area. Due to the recession, it left the area in 2007. When Ken Goodrich bought the company, located in Arizona, in 2013, and brought it back to his hometown of Las Vegas in 2016.

The Goettl name is recognized for their excellence in heating and air services. They have succeeded and prospered through over 70 years of business and many changes. The legacy first started by Gust and Adam Goettl continues today with the company’s dedicated service and tremendous customer service. They have an experienced team, with highly trained technicians that have been making customers happy for decades.

Ken Goodrich-the man behind Goettl

Goettl Air Conditioning has purchased Moore Air Conditioning, a company over 50 years old and the merge is combining over 300 years of technical experience to the Goettl team. Over the next 12 months, entrepreneur and HVAC technician, Ken Goodrich is planning to add more than 100 jobs to the Las Vegas area. With a goal to become Las Vegas’ primary air conditioning service provider, Goettl is planning to expand 50% in 2017.

Goodrich formed the J.Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Program at the College of Southern Nevada and is also a sponsor to the Kenneth D. Goodrich Veteran HVAC Employment Program, which helps veterans to obtain job opportunities.

Goettl Air Conditioning Acquires Moore Air Conditioning

Gust and Adam Goettl founded Goettl Air Conditioning in 1939 and came to Las Vegas in 1968. Ken Goodrich bought the Arizona company in 2013 and established it in his hometown of Las Vegas in April 2016.

Since he was ten years old, he helped his father when he went out on evening service calls. As he worked alongside his father, he learned many things, such as the importance of helping people in their time of need no matter how inconvenient and to always do the right thing.

To this day, Ken D. Goodrich continues to have a positive impact on those around him. He turns struggling businesses around, saves jobs, trains an excellent staff and inspires goodwill in many communities. Ken Goodrich has been dedicated to making thing better through HVAC and plumbing industries for over forty years. His motto is, “There’s no greater satisfaction in life than helping someone, whether to make their home comfortable again, teach somebody or inspire someone to create a better way of life, creating jobs.”

Goettl operates in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and Southern California and you can learn more about them at http://www.goettl.com/phoenix-air-conditioning

Angie’s List Reviews Show The Success Of Goettl Air Conditioning

The review Website Angie’s List has recently seen a new range of reviews arrive for the Goettl Air Conditioning as the company has been enjoying a rise in success over the course of the new leadership of Ken Goodrich. The review site sees individuals provide details of their experiences with certain companies, including Goettl in Nevada and Arizona; the company has been rated excellent by members of Angie’s List who detail how they enjoyed both the customer service and the response to emergency requirements.

One reviewer explains how the Goettl technician put right the problems that were left with their equipment after it was installed by a rival company. The reviewer explains the HVAC system had not looked as though it was installed correctly by the rival company, but the Goettl technician made the system look better to the naked eye and opened up the entire system to make sure it was working correctly. Even when arriving late because of an overrunning previous appointment the Goettl technician kept the homeowner aware of his estimated time of arrival, which appears to have been appreciated by the reviewer.

Goettl has always been known for the high level of quality and customer service that has been offered since the company was established in 1926 in Arizona before the brand expanded to include offices in Nevada. The return of Goettl to Nevada shows just how far the brand has come as it looks to make sure each and every customer has the best possible options for enjoying a comfortable home with impressive HVAC technology. CEO Ken Goodrich believes the company should be located in Las Vegas, Nevada and play a full role in the local community.

To ensure the future of the Goettl brand is just as impressive as its history the chance to enjoy excellent customer service is something Ken Goodrich insists upon. The brand looks to bring Internet specials to the attention of customers who can also take advantage of the latest technology to lower HVAC noise levels in their property and make sure each home has the perfect ambient temperature.

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