Bob Reina Launches Video Marketing Into the Future

At no other point in history has information been more accessible. Everybody has photo and video capabilities built into their cell phones, with the quality rivaling professional equipment from 30 years ago. Social media thrives on pictures and videos, with casual home clips going viral overnight, often to the surprise of the originator. If the man on the street can reach millions accidentally, what does that mean to your business? If you aren’t using video marketing, you are missing out on serious opportunities to share your message. Talk Fusion created their video marketing strategy when founder Bob Reina realized that AOL didn’t provide video capability in their email platform. He set out to revolutionize that and today helps thousands of business owners just like you take advantage of what video has to offer modern companies.


Why Video Marketing?


Talk Fusion built its business model around offering solutions directly to the marketing movers and shakers in companies all over the world. Not only do Bob Reina and his team identify trends and analyze markets, but they also implement individualized solutions and allow you to test drive them before you purchase a program. The company has been so innovative that industry leaders such as MarTech Advisor partner with Reina to spread his message- video marketing is big business and for good reasons.


Creates Connection


Video is a personal medium that makes viewers feel like they know you. It’s engaging and builds trust between yourself and your consumer base. Unlike some marketing strategies, video seems like a softer sell, as you can tell stories, show behind-the-scenes views of your business and be more casual than other advertising models might allow.


Offers Real-Time Exposure


Live video is the fastest growing trend in video marketing, and there is virtually no limit to the ways you can use this type of content. Because live video is uncut and unedited, your viewers feel like they are right in the action. It also creates an urgency to act, which is why many brands are using live video as a selling platform, delivering products directly to the customer in real time. Your clients also perceive live clips as more trustworthy because they know that what they see is what they get.


Boosts Email Campaigns


Talk Fusion began as a way to send videos via email, and there is still a high demand and distinct benefits to pairing these two methods of communication. Marketing data suggests that almost 75 percent of people prefer email advertising over more invasive approaches of delivering content, with this positive perception translating directly into higher response rates. When you add video clips, reader engagement soars, creating a direct connection between the viewer and your message.


About Talk Fusion


Founded in 2007, Talk Fusion has been a leader in video marketing for a decade. The company culture is directly inspired by CEO and founder Bob Reina and is a unique juxtaposition of intense focus pairing with a casual work environment. Mr. Reina loves animals, and it isn’t uncommon for him to bring his menagerie to the office. He encourages social involvement and responsibility in his staff and has personally donated $1 million to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He also supports an orphanage in Indonesia and provides every Talk Fusion employee with the means to gift a marketing package to one charity of their choice.


Bob Reina hasn’t always worked in marketing and video ventures. In fact, as a young college student, Mr. Reina juggled several jobs to pay for his education at the University of South Florida. Upon graduation, he was accepted to the Tampa Police Academy where he completed the program by earning the Award of Merit. Mr. Reina worked as a police officer in Florida for many years before network marketing caught his attention, prompting him to leave his steady career in favor of entrepreneurship.


As the head of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina leads by example. His approachable demeanor and keen sense of humor endear him to his team, but he also works as hard as any of them, setting the tone for a well organized and efficient organization. To keep up with such a fast-paced industry as video marketing, Reina keeps his team active and excited about every growth opportunity. More than anything, his personal vision for the company attracts and inspires his loyal team and continues to be the driving force behind video marketing advancements worldwide.

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