Greg Secker philanthropic activities

Greg has been in the business segment for quite a long span of time. Over the years he has been able to excel in various segments thus creating a good brand in the segment. Most people who are now operating in foreign exchange segment know Greg Secker very well for is good performs in the market. Greg ventured the market while he was still very young. As a young person, he learned a lot from his seniors and thus at the moment he fully understand the market.

Many people who are now operating in the segment are making huge losses. They are doing that mainly because they lack all the skills needed to operate in the segment. So as to educate such people, Greg has been offering a wide range of books on the market. By reading the books, you will be in a better state of knowing a lot about the market. There are many books which have been offered by Greg, and thus you have to get the most suitable one for you.

Greg also has a company which has been offering education to newbies in the market. Forex can be quite demanding for someone, and thus it needs a person who has all the skills needed. By failing to have all the skills you may end up making huge losses within a very short span of time. So as to meet the needs of a wide range of people the entity is offering the education with reasonable rates. A wide range of people is in a better state of affording the rates being charged by the firms. You do not have to overspend when getting into that school.

He is also known for his philanthropic activities he has been engaged in over the years. He has been supporting a good number of families which are not well off. He has sponsored a good number of students who are not in a position of raising the needed amount of tuition fee needed. By taking them through the entire education system most of them are now in a better state of supporting themselves


Alexandre Gama’s Unique Addition To Brazil

Alexandre Gama is a very successful individual and businessman. He has won awards for the business firms he has been a part of as well as recieved recognitions for individual projects he has done on his own. The advertising and communications firm he initially opened up in 1999 has been very successful since their first year of operation. Alexandre Gama named the firm after himself, titling the business Neogama. They specialized in creating advertisements on social media and sometimes print platform to call attention to different brands. The company Neogama won a Lion from the Cannes Festival in only a single year of operation. They later went on to win an additional two more, jumping Alexandre Gama’s total count to 23.

Alexandre Gama has received recognitions and honors for his work as a businessman and entrepreneur, even without the company Neogama being mentioned. For example he has been called one of the most important and influential men in Brazil as well as Agency Director of The Year. Gama has also succesfully held his own art exhibition and been involved in a unique music project called VIOLAB. He focuses on showing off Brazilian culture through his work and is proud of his country.


The Top Foods for Hydration and the Best Recipes Utilizing Them

Summer is finally here, which means that eating healthy is easier for most. Not only do the high temperatures make a person inclined to eat less, but they allow the body to crave cold, raw, and natural foods. Surely some of these foods are better to eat than others because they serve more than one purpose. Aside from keeping you full and on top of your nutrition game, certain foods are full of water, a necessity for keeping hydrated in the hotter months. The Food Network makes sure you know which foods are best for hydration and, of course, provides some recipes that allow you to eat these foods all at once.


The Food: Iceberg Lettuce


Most know that this household staple is mostly water and perfect for traditional house salads. Despite its low calorie count, iceberg lettuce is full of soluble fiber, a fact that keeps a person fuller longer.


The Recipe:


Given its versatility, one can use this lettuce in a plethora of recipes. Among the most common is a garden salad, a meal including the lettuce, chopped purple onions, shredded carrots, sliced cherry tomatoes, and a dressing of choice. To achieve the utmost health, consider drizzling olive oil and lemon juice on the ingredients before tossing to perfection.


The Food: Skim Milk


Those who dislike skim milk have either not tired it or are simply addicted to the delicious fat content of rich, whole milk. Sure, fat tends to equate to flavor, but that is not necessarily a healthy truth. Skim milk is full of water, healthy vitamins, and zero fat. Because of this, it is ideal to drink this all year long, especially when the temperature is hot.


The Recipe:


Choose two fruits and cut a half a cup of each. Add these items to a blender, place ice into the appliance, and add one cup of skim milk before blending a healthy, hydrating smoothie that can also double as a meal. Sneak some kale into the mixture to boost nutrition.


A High Fiber Diet Can Help Ward Off Arthritis Of The Knee

A healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy life. Close attention to detail makes it easy to eat well. A diet should be balanced in every possible way. One of the most important factors in any diet is making sure that it has enough fiber. Consuming fiber is known to have many benefits. Enough roughage makes it easier to keep one’s digestive system in good shape and reduces the potential for problems such as colon cancer. Now, a new study is showing that consuming enough dietary fiber also has other important additional benefits that can really improve a person’a overall health as they age.


Joint Health


As people age, they may have problems with their joints. The wearing down of the cartilage is known as arthritis. This can be a painful medical condition that can impair mobility and make it hard for people to carry out their daily activities. A new study demonstrates that it is possible to help ward off the risk of getting arthritis in the knee. Researchers looked at over six thousand people via two different studies. The larger study found that those who consumed more fiber were thirty percent less likely to develop arthritis in their knees during the course of their lifetime. A smaller study found that the reduction may be as high as sixty percent. As the subjects consumed more fiber, the risk of getting arthritis of the knee seemed to decrease.


Many Possibilities


While researchers aren’t entirely sure how consuming more fiber can help, there are indications that has multiple useful effects. Those who eat more fiber tend to feel fuller faster and longer. This means they tend to eat less. When people eat less, they may find it easier to maintain a healthy weight. People who are overweight can place all kinds of stress on the body. A diet high in fiber can reduce weight and help make sure their knees can fully support their weight.


Caffeine Can Boost Athletic Performance

Caffeine has long been seen as a great way to help people feel revved up and ready to face the day. It’s no surprise that many athletes or those who just like to get in some fun exercise have turned to a cup of coffee to help them feel more energized when they’re swimming fast or running outside before work. Many athletes have long wondered the best circumstances under which to use it in order to help them get the best time possible when they are competing professionally. This is also a question that has been a source of study for scientists over the years who have often wondered the exact same thing. A new study out clearly offers some important answers about when and under what circumstances it’s best to use caffeine. Many athletes can now take this study as a guide that allows to determine when to have the coffee they like.


Making Exercise Easier and More Efficient


Today’s athletes and those who want to stay in shape know that it is important to engage in workouts of varying intensity. Studies have found that a single cup of coffee within an hour of any workout can be ideal. Even a small amount of coffee can make a difference in stamina and the ability to get the most of a planned exercise routine. In the past, it was thought that it was okay to consume coffee but it was best to avoid it within a few days of a contest. The new study looked closely at caffeine consumption by the physically fit. They were able to track the progress of athletes after they drank coffee. The new study suggests that an hour before any planned activity can help make it easier for muscles to burn fat and thus for the drinker to lose more weight and gain muscle. This results in increased performance both in the short-term and for much longer periods of time

To Be Healthy or Not to Be; These Food Hacks Will Determine

Food is tricky, especially if you are attempting to eat healthy. Not only must you learn what foods are considered healthy, you have to understand how to prepare them and in ways that take the least amount of time. This knowledge has allowed the experts, like those at the Food Network, to craft up some hacks for those in need of some healthy inspiration.


Your Fridge Is Your Friend; Your Healthy Storage Partner


Believe it or not, you will have a burst of energy on some days, which will allow you to get a lot done at one time. During these days, consider making extra food, like vegetables, and storing them for a later time. Lightly saute peppers, onions, spinach, garlic, oil, and more for an incredible pasta sauce and store the rest for soups, enchiladas, and even breakfast omelets.


Smoothie Packs or Life Savers? You Be the Judge


For decades, healthy eating habits and smoothies have gone hand in hand. People rarely want to dedicate the time each morning to chopping up fruits and vegetables, though, so smoothies are simply cravings that laziness tends to demolish. One night a week, prepare jars, or “smoothie packs,” in advance. Consider placing bananas, strawberries, and kale together or blueberries, raspberries, carrots, and chia seeds for nutritious options. Simply open a jar each morning, pour it in the blender, dump some ice and milk in there, and you are good to go until lunch time.


What Do We Want? Frozen Veggies! When Do We Want Them? Always!


Frozen veggies and fruits have already been cleaned and typically require being heated up before consumption. Stock your freezers with these gems to ensure that you can use them each day. Not only are they time-saving, they are incredibly affordable and, of course, delicious.


Make Your Greens Interesting


Greens are perhaps the hardest to eat each day, but they also tend to be the most important nutritionally. Disguise these veggies by blending them, pouring the mixture into ice cube trays, freezing them, and popping them into soups, stocks, smoothies, and breakfast egg dishes as needed.


Food Hacks That Create Healthy Eating Habits

Though it took seemingly forever, the majority of the world is finally understanding that eating healthy is of the utmost importance. In more industrialized nations, however, time is a rarity to come by, an unfortunate reality that makes eating healthy a dream more than a daily occurrence. Because of this, the working class and those with children to feed quickly and cheaply turn to the fast food industry for a full belly, totally eliminating the word “healthy” from their vocabulary. The Food Network wants people to understand that incorporating healthy food hacks into their daily routines is completely beneficial and, certainly, easy.


The Rice Cooking Life Saver


For centuries, rice has been a staple food for most of the world. Because of this, plenty of people have a rice cooker and those who do not are easily able to purchase one at affordable prices. Unfortunately, rice is not exactly a healthy meal, but that does not mean that the kitchen equipment becomes useless for those attempting to eat better. Instead of using the appliance for rice, use it for oatmeal, steamed vegetables, soup, and even to cook fresh fish in less than fifteen minutes.


Cook with a Purpose…Many of Them


People are often discouraged by the same old meal all of the time, something that forces them to turn to picking up the phone to order a quick pizza to break up the monotony. Learning to repurpose meals can result in healthy eating habits, indefinitely. If you make a roast chicken one night, you can easily turn the leftovers into healthy salads, including Asian chicken with mandarin oranges, chicken salad with cranberries and walnuts, or a Southwest delight with avocado, corn, and black bean.


Do Not Let Dinner Be a Wash Out; Clean Produce in Advance


After a long day of work and taking care of a home or children, the last thing a person wants to do is prepare a ten step meal. Basically, most would opt to throw everything into a pot and relax until the meal is done. This fact eliminates the chance of somebody incorporating clean vegetables or fruits into their meal because cleaning them beforehand proves to be too daunting of a task. When getting home from the grocery store, clean your produce before putting it away to save time on those all too tiring days.


Securus Technologies Helping Keep Inmates Behind Bars

I work as a fugitive hunter and had a very challenging case to solve this month. We had a suspect of a violent crime in custody, but the evidence was weak and unless we found the weapons used, he would certainly be freed. We knew that while he was in jail he could not hide that evidence, so we had his family under surveillance the whole time. His family was sure to not do anything that could tip us off, so we decided to head to the jail to try and collect data there.


That same month, the jail had a visit from Securus Technologies, they were there installing an updated call monitoring system that was going to help my team by doing the work of several officers. The company is run by CEO Rick Smith, and his Dallas-based employees are dedicated to one task, making the world just that much safer. Already installed in 2,600 jails around the country, maybe we had the resources right in front of us to keep this inmate behind bars.


Once we started to use the LBS software, we couldn’t wait to see if the inmates were talking about our suspect and maybe could give us the evidence we needed to keep him locked away for life. While we waited for inmates to start talking, something quite unexpected happened.


We actually picked up a call where our suspect was on the phone with his family discussing his own defense. His brother was on the line and whether he realized it or not, was talking in detail about how the suspect should deal with the courts. He recounted things only someone involved in these crimes would know, so we dispatched a team to that location to collect the evidence he was discussing. He unwillingly sealed his brother’s fate.


How the New US Food Policies Enable People to have Healthy Foods

The recent transformation in the United States’ food policies will significantly assist in the reducing the number of deaths that are caused by cardiovascular diseases. The country has currently increased subsidies on vegetables and has raised taxes on drinks that have a lot of sugar. There are also mass media campaigns that aim at changing dietary habits. CVDs have currently reduced in the United States, but they are still considered as one of the leading causes of motility in the country. They make six million people to be hospitalized and cause 800,000 deaths every year. Individuals who have a low income are likely to be affected by these problems.


People who love diets that have a lot of sugar and fewer fruits and vegetables are likely to be affected by CVD. According to the research that was done on food taxes and subsidiaries by professionals from the Tufts University and the University of Liverpool, the government’s activities enable the wealthy to easily access fruits and vegetable at the expense of low-income families. The raising of taxes on sugary drinks and conducting campaigns through mass media greatly facilitates healthy eating.


Dr. Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard was the head of a research team that had been established at Imperial’s School of Public Health to analyze and determine how the CVD deaths are influenced by the country’s food policies. The professionals created a model that had data from 2015 to 2030. They then used in measuring the past and projected cases of conditions such as stroke and coronary heart disease, which are common CVDs.


The analyses that were conducted by the researchers indicated that the introduction of subsidies on fruits and vegetables based on income levels and increasing taxes on sugary foods would prevent the occurrence of about 230000 heart diseases by 2030. Dr. Pearson-Stuttard believes that making fruits and vegetables available to the low-income earners will reduce sugar consumption, and therefore, minimize cardiovascular diseases.


Oncotarget: A Scion of Open Access Peer-reviewed Journalism

Since its founding in 2010. Oncotarget has carved out a name for itself as one of the leading peer-reviewed journals globally. Its Impact Factor (IF) as measured by Thomson Reuters JCR has risen from 4.784 in 2011 to 5.168 in the 2016/2017 grading year. Between 2011 and 2016, Oncotarget’s citations have increased over 20 times from 493 to 10,452. The journal’s five-year Impact Factor stands at 5.415 as of 2015/2016 ratings. It has been given the highest ranking, Q1, by Scopus/SJR for its excellent contributions in medicine and oncology. This growing popularity informed the journal’s decision to expand the fields to be covered by the articles to be included in its publications. The fields have expanded from oncology to other fields including cell biology, pharmacology, neuroscience and cardiology. It also accepts papers on metabolism and endocrinology among other fields. Learn more about Oncotarget at Research Gate.

Journal Profile: Success Factors

Oncotarget is published weekly by Impact Journals in English. The medicine journal is peer reviewed by its highly experienced editorial board members and editors. The over a hundred editors and editorial board members are specialists in a wide range of fields including pathology, oncology, aging, immunology and microbiology, and cell biology. Some of them such as Andrew Schally are excellent research scientists who have been honored with the prestigious Nobel Prize. The excellent service delivery by the journal’s editorial board was recognized in 2013 when four members were honored with the Breakthrough Prize. These individuals have brought their experience and expertise to Oncotarget and helped the journal build a strong reputation rapidly. Others such as Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, who are the founding editors-in-chief, are experienced research scientists who have led cancer research for many years.

As an open access, Oncotarget accepts articles from authors around the world. It is an indication of its commitment towards knowledge and information dissemination with the view of meeting the ultimate goal of a world free from diseases. Its free access policy has also driven its popularity especially within scientific communities. Moreover, the journal’s success can also be attributed to its multidisciplinary nature. Covering numerous disciplines ensures that the journal’s impact factor and citations increase significantly. Check Oncotarget journal at