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Contact Karl Heideck for help with your case
Contact Karl Heideck for help with your case

UPDATED September 15th, 2017 – Karl Heideck is now featured on Philly Purge as a regular contributor. Read his latest article discussing the latest car seat laws in Pennsylvania. Read more here.

UPDATED July 27th, 2017 – Karl Heideck was just featured on Click the link to read his article regarding Pennsylvania employment law for small businesses.

UPDATED May 25th, 2017 – To learn more about why Philadelphia is suing Wells Fargo, head over to the Philly Purge where  Karl Heideck breaks down the entire case. Read the full article.

Litigation, simply put, is the process of taking legal action.

Whenever two opposing parties take legal action against one another, either to enforce or defend a legal right, those parties are involved in litigation.

The while the stereotypical vision of the lawyer usually involves a man or woman in a suit, pacing a courtroom, either in defense or prosecution of a plaintiff or defendant, the job of the litigator has a broader scope which keeps them spending much of their time behind the curtain so to speak. In many cases a litigator may settle a suit between clients before it goes to trial, thus most litigators do not spend as much time on the courtroom floor as other attorneys do.

It is the litigator’s duty to oversee and manage all phases of the litigation process. Phases which include but are not limited to: Investigations, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlements, and appeals.

The field of litigation is uniquely varied, with a broad range of cases and opportunities ranging from civil, to criminal, to corporate suits.

Succesful Litigator Karl Heideck
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A successful litigator, like Karl Heideck, will possess strong research skills, and also possess skills in interrogation and negotiation, as well as the ability to interpret laws, legal terminology, and court rulings.

To be a litigation attorney, one must successfully complete four years of college, followed by an additional three years of law school.

After that, they will have to take and pass a state ethics test, and the bar exam.

Karl Heideck is an experienced litigation attorney in the greater Philadelphia region of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

Karl Heideck began his education at Swarthmore College, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in 2003. He later went on to study at Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law in 2006, graduating with his Juris Doctor in 2009.

Acquiring his license to practice law in 2010, Karl Heideck Heideck has now been practicing for seven years, without a sign of stopping.

Today, Karl Heideck works for Hire Counsel, a leading innovative service provider for law firms across the United States. Heideck works as part of an experienced and dedicated legal teams, working to provide customized legal solutions to their clients.

Heideck has garnered experience in multiple aspects of law throughout his legal career, including; commercial and civil litigation, corporate law, employment law, product liability, intellectual property protection, legal writing, mediation, arbitration, trials, and appeals.

His work also focuses on compliance and risk management.





Transforming Internal Medicine, Dr. Imran Haque

Today there are technological breakthroughs occurring almost every hour in which some new technology or invention revolutionizes an industry or at least a facet of an industry. Throughout the world there are such expanses occurring in every field including the medical field. Most notable is the advancement of robotic machines in the surgical theater. It is growing more and more common for surgeons to use robots to assist them in their operations or even control the robot remotely and do the surgery from a computer desk.

While some of this may sound a bit intense rest assured, in order for a surgeon to utilize robotic assistance while operating he or she must already be an expert surgeon. The surgeon remains in complete and total control over the machine, translating motions of the surgeon with much more dexterity than possible with a human’s hand. One such surgeon is Dr. Imran Haque at the Horizon Internal Medicine center in Asheboro, North Carolina. With well over 15 years of experience, Dr. Imran Haque is a noted physician with a kind hearted nature.

Dr. Imran Haque believes in the multi-headed approach in which a physician relies on his or herself along with a team of specialists to ensure that patients get the best possible care. Specializing in internal medicine, Dr. Imran Haque is a leading expert on Diabetes and the treatment of this disease. Having a skilled physician in your corner when you begin your battle against Diabetes is one of the key elements to successfully climbing the hill of managing your Diabetes.

Dr Imran Haque is a specialist who passionately attends several medical facilities including his own practice, Horizon Internal Medicine. Through his career Dr. Haque has established a transformative and multi-faceted approach to help those with crippling illnesses manage them and live the best lives they can possibly live and even in some cases rid the patient of their ailment.


Avaaz Community

Avaaz, which is a Persian translation for “voice” is a civic organization based in the US, that advocates for animal and human rights; and yearns to take action on climate change, corruption, poverty, and conflict. It is considered the world’s largest online activist network, as it is mighty.

Avaaz was launched in 2007 and aims to organize citizens all over the world to close the gap between the world we are living in and the world most people want. The organization empowers people from different backgrounds and walks of life to take action on global issues. The online platform allows for easy and fast organization of campaigns.

The world would be a better place without corrupt leaders and individuals; there would be peace in the absence of conflict and observance of human and animal rights. Avaaz yearns to achieve this world in reality and not in fantasy or a dream, and it has successfully been able to obtain masses of supporters and activists.

The success of an organization lies in the wisdom and expertise of its management. Avaaz has a standing administration and is not corporate or government-sponsored, but only accepts donations from its members. The organization, therefore, is not attached to the priorities of one single person or group. This helps Avaaz be independent and maintain a robust and healthy development. To know more about Avaaz click here.

Groups and organizations usually break down after some time because of ideological differences. It is a fact that people will always have ideological differences. Avaaz accepts this and curbs fragmentations by allowing members to participate in campaigns of their choice. This way, one will not be forced or feel obliged to a movement they are not in full support of. Avaaz community has achieved global activism and has brought many people from different parts of the world together, towards a common goal of advocating for pressing issues in the society for a better tomorrow.

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Texas Bankers Association Panel Discusses on Community Banking

Texas Bankers Association, a leading forum for bank leaders in the state, conducted the 5th annual Conference on M&A Conference and Strategic Opportunities in New Orleans, Louisiana. Interestingly, top bank leaders including NexBank Capital Inc CEO, John Holt, served on the panel. Mr. Holt actively participated in the discussion based on the topic “Reinvent Community Banking: Perceptions on Competing by Innovation” on November 7, 2016.

It should be noted that the conference is a forum comprising bank leaders, consultants, and advisors to share their views on various opportunities and challenges that are faced by community bank leaders. Both panelists and participants tried to figure out strategic opportunities using M&A activity, and branching and organic growth. Mr. Holt delivered his insights and the possibilities in the community banking sector and confirmed that it has more areas to tap with the help of innovation.

NexBank was founded in 1934 and headquartered in Dallas. Currently, it is the 13th largest bank in Texas and 200th largest in the country. It offers commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services to the customers. It is built on three critical characteristics namely execution, expertise, and flexibility, and that helped the firm to offer quality servicing to its various customers. The firm has a customer base of institutional clients, financial institutions, corporations, and individuals across the country.

As of first quarter of 2017, it holds assets worth $5.3 billion with total deposits approximately $5 billion. It is also providing personal banking services including savings account, checking account, and mortgages. The bank is very keen to collaborate with nonprofit groups to support the community in addressing their needs. In 2016, it collaborated with Dallas Neighborhood Homes – a non-profit mortgage service organization – to offer Affordable Home Loan programs to people in Southern Dallas. In 2010, it worked with ReserveAid, a non-profit group providing financial aid to active personals, in various fund raising programs as a principal sponsor.

Aloha Construction Is Known As The Best

Aloha Construction is known as the best construction company in Wisconsin and Illinois. This statement has been made by many for several different reasons. The main reason is how nice the people are who work for Aloha Construction. From the customer service representatives to the actual workers, every employee connected to Aloha Construction treats every customer with the utmost respect.

Aloha Construction is credited with the building of almost 8,000 properties between Wisconsin and Illinois. Whether it is a government building or a home, Aloha Construction is willing to take on the job. They have built properties that were one acre and some that were twelve acres. Their same great methods apply to each job.

Aloha Construction is not just a team of builders, but they have an entire team of various individuals working on a particular project from beginning to end. After a deal is made, the first team will draw up all the plans for the property. After this, contractors will build the foundation, framework, and main areas of the property. At this point, a team of plumbers and electricians will come on the scene to do their part. The contractors will them finish up the job. Aloha Construction professionals will even be there when the ribbon is cut to open the establishment.

Aloha Construction has also been praised for having low prices. They make a promise to all their customers that no other company would give them a lower price. If the customer finds a company that will do the same job for a lower price, Aloha Construction will lower their price another 50%. Aloha Construction offers payment plans for people or business owners who can only make a down payment at the moment. This has helped a lot of homeowners get started on their dream home.

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National Steel Car’s Great Penetration to Top Market with Gregory Aziz

For ten decades, Mr. Greg’s National steel car company has been in the manufacturing industry of railroads and tank cars. For all this time, the company has proven to be excellent in areas of engineering. Besides that, the company has been highly ranked for its quality products. According to Gregory James Aziz, the chairman, president and, the CEO of National Steel Car, the company has achieved a lot as a result of customer’s positive response. For these reasons, National steel car has experienced a diverse product portfolio making it more valuable than before.


James Aziz is the man behind all this success. He’s been hard working ever since when he acquired the company. Greg Aziz was born on April 30, 1949 in London, Ontario where he, later on, joined Ridley College. He enrolled at the University of Western Ontario majoring in economics. After graduating he worked in his family’s wholesale food business. The company, however, managed to grow to become renowned for importing fresh food. Greg James Aziz then relocated to New York City where he worked with various investment firms. Much later on, in 1994, Gregory James Aziz purchased the National Steel Car company from Dofasco. At this point, Mr. Aziz focused on transitioning the company into North Americas leading railroad freight car manufacturer.


With Mr. Gregory J. Aziz’s efforts and great leadership skills, the National Steel Car Company’s production capacity increased from 3,500 to 12,000 cars annually. This was as a result of the company’s robust engineering capabilities at that particular time. Additionally, the National Steel Car Company’s great team building abilities enabled an increase of employees from 600 to 3000 respectively. Currently, Greg James Aziz’s company is a leader in new freight car innovations. As such, National Steel car specializes in the massive production of freight cars. According to sources, Mr. Greg’s company is currently the leading freight car manufacturer in North America.


This is exactly as he desired, and besides that, the company has been consistently certified for the last 18 years for its long term achievements and excellent services. Also, he received the highest quality award from TTX SECO Company. Lately, Greg Aziz, through his company, sponsors various organizations such as Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, and the United Way among others. Currently, Gregory J Aziz is in patron of the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair in Canada.



Michel Terpin – Thoughts


We filled our position with a few people in San Paolo valley area but we still need review writer on Yelp, and we offer $15 for 7 sentences review through Paypal.

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Michel Terpin’s Thoughts

A good leader is someone who knows how to deliberate tasks to fit everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and allows a positive environment for the people that he is leading to strive.

He would be willing to accept payment through many streams.

He would be willing to learn and perfect any style of racing.

He has raced in the past. He has created a website for himself and found a business partner who completely edited and wrote every page for the website.

Thank you for the response, and I apologize for the delay: Terpin lives in Brazil and has been camping in the mountains.

A great leader in his eyes in someone who enjoys teaching. A leader should not only be setting an example but also keeping everyone motivated. A unique quality that I have seen Terpin possess is the ability to bring out the leader in each individual he leads. This is the type of leader I strive to be.

Working as an independent subcontractor and being paid through private earnings works fine for him.

When it comes to writing, he does really well with writing in a way the reader can relate. Conversational writing would be one of his biggest strengths. Areas of opportunity for his writing skills include grammar and punctuation. Considering he writes in a conversational manner, sometimes the placement of punctuation will not be grammatically correct because it will follow the flow of conversation, which isn’t always spoken in a grammatical way.

He would love to write about any topic. He enjoys advice pieces, travel, beauty, and teaching pieces. Depending on the length of each order, committing to 3 a week should be fine. After getting the feel for things, Terpin could easily commit to more.


Orange Coast College Offers New Planetarium and much more.

Orange Coast College was established in 1947, classes began in Fall of 1948. The third largest college in Orange County. It sits on the coastline of Costa Mesa, CA about 40 miles south of Los Angeles. The college offers a 2-year Associates Degree in Arts and Science. Students have a sizable number of academic classes to choose from. Orange County College also offers classes that can be transferred to another a college or university based on a lower division. They also can take certificate programs that can be completed in less than two years. Orange Coast College enrolls about 24,000 undergraduates a year.


Recently, the college has received a generous donation of $1-million for a new planetarium device, called the Foucault pendulum, an instrument known for demonstrating the rotation of the Earth. The new planetarium will be open for students from kindergarten to 12th grade and surrounding communities. Also provide Orange Coast College students with the opportunity to engage in science. The new planetarium is expected to be open for the 2018 Fall Semester. Learn more:


Orange Coast College offers housing to students to rent an apartment off-campus at an affordable price. The apartment allows 2 students per bedroom with shared living quarters, but private rooms are available. Housing is provided for international students as well. Homestay allows the student to live with a family while attending Orange Coast College. They also offer childcare to students and staff who have young children. This is a vital part of a parent who is attending college and needs a suitable place for their children to spend their day. The Children’s Center is run by the students who are enrolled in the Early Education Program and the faculty/staff are on site too. It has recently opened to the community as well.


The college also offers many extracurricular activities that play are large part in campus life. Sports is one of them, from football to beach volleyball, there’s something for everyone. There are also different clubs for students to become a part of. The college offers a student newspaper, The Coast Report, written and edited by the journalism students. Learn more:


Meet The President Of National Steel Car: Mr. Gregory Aziz

April 30, 1949, was the birthday Gregory James Aziz. He is an economist who studied at Ridley College and specialized in Economics from University of Western Ontario. In 1971, he had already known what business was. This year was the time he joined his family in running their Food business. For over 16 years of operation, the company was recorded as the leading importer of and distributor of fresh food. Most imports were made from Europe and America and distributed to US and Canada.


James Aziz invested in many sectors and like banking in New York in the early 90s and late 80s. This investment enabled him to plan and buy National Steel car which was owned by Dofasco. With his economic mind, Greg Aziz wanted to change this Canadian company into the leading manufacturer of railroad freight car in North America.


Gregory J Aziz’s dream came true in 1994; he purchased the company. His economic mind also led to something productive and prominent. No resources in the company were underutilized. With his inner business eye, Gregory James Aziz saw the strength of National Steel Company. He noted that this company had strong capabilities in engineering and team-building. James Aziz pumped human resource and capital into the enterprise, and the outcomes were visible. The company started producing 12,000 cars per year instead of 3,500 cars which were being produced initially. At the same time, National Steel car started employing between 600 and 3,000 workers.

The successes of National Steel car can be attributed to this powerful man James Aziz. As a chairman, CEO and president, James Aziz led to many changes in National Steel Car. That is why at the moment, the company is celebrating over 100 years of quality manufacturing, engineering, and quality commitments. Those attributed have earned National Steel Car Company a worldwide reputation. Following the vision and dreams of James Aziz of making this company the leading, National Steel Car is the current leading company in North America. It is the only company which is always working to meet all customer demand. That is why since 1912 when it was founded, they have manufactured and designed freight cars that are customer oriented.


If you want to meet or talk to James Aziz, you visit his website or call him through (905)-544-3311. Also, if you happen to pass near 602 Kenilworth N Hamilton ON Hamilton, Ontario L8H 5L3, you can visit him.

A Review Of Key Migrant Rights Groups In The United States

Since the election of Donald Trump as the president of the United States, threats to human, civil, and migrant rights have drastically increased in America. This situation heightened during the first few weeks of his presidency when he signed an executive order banning the entry of individuals from a number of Middle East country’s from entering the US. The order targeted immigrants from the Muslim community.

The implementation of the executive order led to the arrest, detention, and mistreatment of thousands of travelers. These individuals were detained at different United States’ airports for many days even after the courts had declared that the order was illegal.

The plight of these refugees saw many immigrant rights group step in to offer fair treatment and allowed entry into the country. Different human rights groups were involved in providing legal assistance, accommodation, and medical care.

Many organizations conducted online fundraising drives through which donors were able to donate to the groups to ensure that they effectively attend to the needs of the immigrants. Donors to these groups included both individuals and charity groups such as Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. Below are some of the migrant rights groups involved in the fight against Trump’s executive order.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was one of the key participants in the process. ACLU held a strong online campaign that saw the group raise over $24 million in donations from over $350,000 donors. Most of these donors were from the US. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Facebook

ACLU used the money to organize for pro-bono legal services, medical services, and food to the detained immigrants. In addition, the organization presented the case to the court that saw it secure a stay on the executive order. This success saw the release of thousands of the detainees and dropping of charges against them.

ACLU’s work was supported by The Black Alliance for Just Immigration, a rights advocate group established to educate and engage African American and black immigrant communities on immigration issues. The group ensures that members of the communities are protected from racial, social, and economic injustices.

Almost 905 of the individuals affected by the executive order were Muslims. To this end, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) participated actively in the fight against the order and in helping the victims. The organization used its local chapters to ensure that immigrants in every area of the United States received legal and humanitarian help. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The group was founded with the objective of fighting against discrimination targeting member of the Islamic community. The other groups that were involved in fighting for the rights of the immigrants were CUNNY CLEAR, The Immigrant Defense Project, and The Immigrant Legal Resource Center.

About Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is a charity organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. The organization funds organizations that fight for migrant rights in Arizona. Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund also provides resources to organizations involved in the fight for Freedom of Speech and Civil Participation.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the brains behind the successful Fund. The two journalists are also the founders of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times.

The duo founded the Fund using settlement money that they received following their wrongful arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio