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Appetizer Fun At Summer Parties

Appetizers are an ideal way to treat guests who attend your summer celebration. From light and refreshing to hearty and filling, there are several types of appetizers that you can serve depending on how many guests you have and the size of the main meal. The appetizers will likely be something that guests go to at some point after the main meal as well, especially if they want something light after playing outdoor games or talking with friends and family.

A Tuscan pasta salad is something to consider if you aren’t serving a large meal. Any kind of pasta can be used, but spiral pasta works best as all of the ingredients can blend into the crevices. Add pieces of purple cabbage, onions, carrots and cucumbers for a delicious meal. It’s best to prepare it in the morning, letting it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving so that all of the flavors blend together. A flatbread pizza is another option if you want something that is a little heartier without serving a full meal. Add mushrooms and onions to the flatbread as it grills. Mozzarella cheese also works as a way to bring all of the ingredients together. Spices can include pepper and sea salt for a different taste on the dish. Make sure the flatbread doesn’t stay on the grill long as it will burn.

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