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Angie’s List Reviews Show The Success Of Goettl Air Conditioning

The review Website Angie’s List has recently seen a new range of reviews arrive for the Goettl Air Conditioning as the company has been enjoying a rise in success over the course of the new leadership of Ken Goodrich. The review site sees individuals provide details of their experiences with certain companies, including Goettl in Nevada and Arizona; the company has been rated excellent by members of Angie’s List who detail how they enjoyed both the customer service and the response to emergency requirements.

One reviewer explains how the Goettl technician put right the problems that were left with their equipment after it was installed by a rival company. The reviewer explains the HVAC system had not looked as though it was installed correctly by the rival company, but the Goettl technician made the system look better to the naked eye and opened up the entire system to make sure it was working correctly. Even when arriving late because of an overrunning previous appointment the Goettl technician kept the homeowner aware of his estimated time of arrival, which appears to have been appreciated by the reviewer.

Goettl has always been known for the high level of quality and customer service that has been offered since the company was established in 1926 in Arizona before the brand expanded to include offices in Nevada. The return of Goettl to Nevada shows just how far the brand has come as it looks to make sure each and every customer has the best possible options for enjoying a comfortable home with impressive HVAC technology. CEO Ken Goodrich believes the company should be located in Las Vegas, Nevada and play a full role in the local community.

To ensure the future of the Goettl brand is just as impressive as its history the chance to enjoy excellent customer service is something Ken Goodrich insists upon. The brand looks to bring Internet specials to the attention of customers who can also take advantage of the latest technology to lower HVAC noise levels in their property and make sure each home has the perfect ambient temperature.

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