Alexandre Gama’s Unique Addition To Brazil

Alexandre Gama is a very successful individual and businessman. He has won awards for the business firms he has been a part of as well as recieved recognitions for individual projects he has done on his own. The advertising and communications firm he initially opened up in 1999 has been very successful since their first year of operation. Alexandre Gama named the firm after himself, titling the business Neogama. They specialized in creating advertisements on social media and sometimes print platform to call attention to different brands. The company Neogama won a Lion from the Cannes Festival in only a single year of operation. They later went on to win an additional two more, jumping Alexandre Gama’s total count to 23.

Alexandre Gama has received recognitions and honors for his work as a businessman and entrepreneur, even without the company Neogama being mentioned. For example he has been called one of the most important and influential men in Brazil as well as Agency Director of The Year. Gama has also succesfully held his own art exhibition and been involved in a unique music project called VIOLAB. He focuses on showing off Brazilian culture through his work and is proud of his country.


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