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A Comprehensive Guide for Making Perfect Pancakes

Pancakes are a true breakfast staple, loved by nearly everybody, and one of the great comfort foods. In a recent article for the New York Times, food writer Alison Roman presents readers with the definitive guide to making the perfect pancake ( She also includes an excellent and easy recipe for buttermilk pancakes, for those who have not yet sworn loyalty to a favorite of their own.
Recipes aside, the science of pancake cookery can be divided into two stages: the mixing of the batter and the flipping of the cakes.
The secret for producing a successful batter lies in the whisking in of ingredients. The only utensils needed are a large bowl and a whisk. Once you’ve got all the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl, whisk them together thoroughly. Make a well in the center and crack into this the eggs, then pour in the buttermilk. Whisk the wet together first, then gradually mix in the dry. Your goal is to get everything wet; lumpy is okay. (If you overmix, you’ll make the pancakes tough.)
It takes practice to cook pancakes with ease and confidence, but even the most skilled cooks know that the first cake will be a test, not to be eaten. The griddle or large frying pan must be well greased with vegetable or coconut oil, not olive oil, and preheated for 2-3 minutes to a degree between “low” and “medium.” The cakes should be spaced about an inch apart. They are ready to flip when many tiny bubbles appear on the top surface. Use a large, wide, and angled spatula for flipping.

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