A New York City restaurant that’s specifically designed to appeal to those on social media was part of the original plan that Jordan Andino put together. The success of the concept is such that Andino is looking to eventually franchise it, with all facets of the business already taken into consideration.

Located in the West Village, 2nd City is what Andino calls a Filipino taqueria, with the name itself based on his plan to take the idea to secondary cities across the country. The food isn’t necessarily original, consisting of things like burritos and tacos, with a touch of the Phillipines thrown in.

Andino is aware that the West Village is still part of New York City, which seemingly contradicts the push for those secondary markets. However, he points out that many of the restaurants in that segment of the city are high-priced, as opposed to the reasonable prices he offers.

Stating that approximately 70 percent of his business stems from social media like Instagram and websites like Yelp, Andino also offers up provacative names for some of his meals. Visitors can eat such things as Bi-Curious Tacos and Nice Buns, with the idea that such a light-hearted atmosphere will encourage visitors to stay around after they eat.

Some have compared that concept to Starbucks, which Andino wouldn’t mind emulating. However, one other innovation he offers is that payments for meals are never made in cash. That prevents any crime from taking place and also makes for much easier bookkeeping.

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