Mirror Mirror…

Don Manifold, the founder of Don Manifold Advisory Partners and the Joint Managing Director at Equity and Advisory, is a distinguished professional in acquisitions, divestiture, and mergers. He is Booth Transport’s former chair and is currently chairing Hybrid Ag, EC Carpets, and ADX Depot.

Before Don started his own company and joined Equity and Advisory, he led the Transaction Advisory practice and was the Managing Director at EY. He has also worked in other industries, including retail, technology, and manufacturing.

With more than thirty years of experience, Don Manifold spent his later years in transaction advisory, where he worked in prominent roles in big professional service organizations. He has advised over 60 completed acquisitions, divestments, IPOs, and capital raising, bringing in more than three million dollars. Don has worked as a self-dependent expert for clients valuing over twenty-five million dollars, preparing their reports and valuations.

Don Manifold graduated with an Honors in Bachelor of Economics at Flinders University. He also attended the Australian Graduate School of Management, where he earned a Master of Business Administration. Don began his career in Adelaide in the South of Australia and later moved to other cities like London; he came back to Adelaide and worked for KPMG for around six years. Manifold has advised several countries like England, Australia, New Guinea, and Croatia on international transactions.

The Manifold Advisory Partners was established in 2018 to help companies develop and implement their business approach at the board level. The company’s customers are deployed in Australia and other countries and are offered many years of experience in professional service.

The years of experience have allowed the company to provide the best results in various industries. Manifold Advisory Partners and, Equity and Advisory give realistic advice to private businesses that do not have a management team or board of directors. These companies cash in on their experience and mastery through consultancy services.