Mirror Mirror…

QNET is not a pyramid scheme. The sales team sets monthly quotas based on their experience. If a representative does not reach her monthly quota, she cannot make a profit in the month. If you want to work with QNET, you need to be a self-motivated individual. If you don’t have the patience for the grueling work involved in selling QNET products, QNET doesn’t want to work with you.

People who get hooked on something too fast usually burn out, find it difficult to maintain focus, and eventually look for something else to fill the void they’ve created in their lives. That’s not QNET. The desire for money and possessions does not drive us. We’re motivated by the desire to help others.

Why QNET scam claims aren’t true

QNet’s representatives support its core business model: to sell products to people who want them and/or need them at prices they are willing to pay, regardless of whether there is a huge markup on the price tag. QNet operates an efficient, professional sales network and rigorous vetting and regulatory process. Its representatives are independent of the other representatives who represent other products, and those representatives are made aware of QNet’s requirements for success. QNET scam allegations are false.

Read News HERE: https://newsghana.com.gh/qnet-launches-mama-campaign-anti-scam-education-for-african-operations/

All products sold by QNet include customer support as standard. All customers are informed of the use of “peace of mind” guarantees and their rights to initiate dispute resolution with any particular representative and with QNET’s client support team if a problem should arise.

What is the QNET Affiliate Program?

In 2015, QNET expanded its affiliate program with a dedicated team and a new toolkit to distribute promotional materials. These materials are the tip of the affiliate iceberg. QNET continues to invest in creating superior educational resources, technology, and training modules.

After the start-up phase, QNET aims to answer a real need for an exclusive social network, allowing representatives and prospective representatives a direct connection and a social community. QNET scam claims are thus not real.

The Basics of Network Marketing

1) Join the network.

2) Sign up with QNET.

3) Contribute monthly to your representative’s business.

4) Participate in the sale.

5) Grow your business and make money.