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A medical practitioner and CEO of Precision MD in California, Mahmoud Khattab is a Syrian immigrant. He graduated from the University of Damascus, a prestigious medical school in his home country, in 1993. He later immigrated to the United States, where he completed his residency at Case Western Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. His desire to help others led him to pursue a career in medicine in the U.S.

While studying medicine, Mahmoud Khattab cultivated an extensive philanthropic background, serving on several boards. He was named the Chairman of the Syrian American Council in 2006. He also has an interest in cosmetic surgery, running Precision M.D., a medical practice in Elk Grove, California, that offers a wide range of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. To stay in shape, Mahmoud follows a healthy diet and participates in regular physical activity.

In his private practice, Mahmoud Khattab prioritizes the health and welfare of his patients and employees. He is especially dedicated to ensuring that the working environment is hospitable for everyone. He makes sure to give patients the attention they need. Khattab enjoys working out at gyms and browsing the internet. He is also quick to share that he enjoys a good movie. This is an important point for any small business owner.

Dr. Mahmoud Khattab is a board-certified general surgeon in Elk Grove, CA. He is affiliated with Methodist Hospital of Sacramento and accepts multiple insurance plans. Regardless of whether you have Medicare or another insurance plan, Dr. Khattab will take your insurance plan as long as it is approved. For those who do not have coverage through one of these plans, he does accept multiple health insurance plans.

Among his other areas of special interest, Dr. Khattab has lobbied U.S. senators to address the crisis in Syria. He believes the future of Syria looks bright, and that common sense will eventually prevail. However, he does have to work hard to get there. So far, he has served on several boards for charities. For more information, please visit his website:

The majority of complaints against Dr. Khattab stem from his lack of transparency. He advertised as a Board Certified plastic surgeon but performed surgeries in a back room of his medical office. In the medical practice, he had no admitting privileges, no crash cart, and did not monitor patients’ blood pressure during surgery. While there are no specific complaints about Khattab’s surgical technique, many patients complained of pain during the procedure and unpleasant encounters with medical staff. The medical facility was also allegedly dirty and unsanitary, which contributed to poor patient care.

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