Mirror Mirror…

Values, like characteristics or qualities, are things that we have. However, values are broader. Values are what we feel, what we think, and what we want to do. Values are the essence of who we are. You may have values that are more about your family than about your work colleagues or instilled in you by your culture or religion.

Values are important because they shape your career choices. When you have a set of values, you are more likely to choose a career path that supports these values. If you don’t have weight, you are more likely to pick a career path that doesn’t help your core values.

Kristin Ihle Helledy is a career expert and author of The Career Guide to Values and Effect on Careers. Kristin Ihle Helledy also explains the importance of values in various career fields and how to implement them in your work life.

As a career expert, Kristin Ihle Helledy has worked with many executives and business leaders who are on the cusp of making big decisions regarding their careers. Her book provides a great deal of insight into these individuals’ values and provides insight into her values. As the author of The Career Guide to Values and Effect on Careers, Kristin knows a lot about values. While working as a manager at Amazon, she would observe her employees and come away with insight into what deals they hold and how those values impact their work lives. Different from other employees in a few ways. They tend to be more productive, committed, and have the right attitude. These employee traits can help you identify high-performing employees and make room for them in your organization.

Help employees feel like they’re making a difference.

Employee engagement is key. Employees who feel like they are making a difference, treated like people, and feel like their voices are heard will be more likely to stick around and do great things for your company. You can increase your employee engagement with a few easy steps. Show your employees that their ideas matter and that theirs is a voice that carries weight. This might mean playing a playlist that showcases what your employees love, offering mentorships and training, creating an employee resource group, or hosting a happy hour. Suppose you have a department that offers really important work, like a mission-driven business, where the interests of your employees are paramount. In that case, you can give them a real reason to feel valuable. You can provide ways for employees to show their appreciation and recognize good work. Check out this blog post: https://www.kristinihlemolinaroli.com/post/press