Mirror Mirror…

 Under the guidance of CEO Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen has positioned itself as one of the leading providers within the solar energy and energy efficiency industry. PosiGen strives not only to help its customers cut down on overall energy costs, it also aims to make solar energy readily available to people of all levels of income. The company prides itself on making the environment more sustainable and efficient.


According to Thomas Neyhart, they have achieved this through its offerings and providing a diverse, equal work environment for its employees. The thousands of customers who have already made the switch over to PosiGen solar energy benefit from the company’s net meter system. This meter allows consumers to receive energy credit reimbursement for any excess energy produced by their solar panels.


Also, clients receive energy from the grid when their solar energy levels are not at full capacity. When it comes to panel installation, PosiGen provides leasing and purchasing options that each come with their own unique benefits. As Thomas Neyhart points out, in terms of energy efficiency, PosiGen uses its own auditing system to identify areas of concern and areas of improvement for home energy efficiency. 


Through the installation and use of a blower door test, PosiGen can determine air loss throughout the home. Since their leasing program is inexpensive, he says it helps these communities save on utility bills, making it easier to save for their future. CEO at PosiGen Thomas Neyhart says that the company has installed solar panels for over 18,000 customers through the project. They can then use the test results to suggest or install fans, thermostats and other devices designed to help improve energy efficiency for consumers.