Mirror Mirror…

According to the observers, starting Major League Soccer is not one of the most straightforward ideas. It requires huge amounts of money for one to ensure that they have a team in place. However, one of the stand-out expenses that one must handle involves licensing and all the administration works. There are many teams that don’t have a home stadium, which means they have been operating in public properties. This means that such teams don’t have to incur stadium-related expenses.


However, Wes Edens wants to start a soccer team in Las Vegas, and he has vowed to have a home stadium. He does not want to use the route that other Major League Soccer teams have used to pay attention to the infrastructure. It is already evident that such teams lack home support, which is very vital for the success of any team in the league.


According to Wes Edens, building a home stadium is attractive and one of the goals that any other soccer investor wants to have. However, this is a huge investment that requires huge amounts of money and time. It might take a couple of years to construct a modern stadium that can sustain a Major League Soccer team. However, Wes is committed to achieving his dream of a Las Vegas soccer stadium before the 2026 World Cup.

Wes Edens is also concerned about the size of the stadium. In his view, a huge stadium might lose the intimacy of the entertainment and might also be costly to construct. In this case, constructing a 30,000 capacity stadium is a feasible undertaking. It will be very cost-friendly and will also take a short period to construct. Also, the stadium will be easier to fill and can attract a considerable number of intimate fans, thereby making the home games worthwhile.