Mirror Mirror…

Gary McGaghey, private equity expert, and CFO at Williams Lea Tag provides an insightful perspective on the private equity industry. He offers his thoughts on everything from undervalued and undervalued properties to taking care of overleveraging companies. His writing is buttressed with examples from his experience, tips, and advice for anyone considering private equity.

  1. What does 2022 look like for today’s CFOs?

Gary McGaghey believes that CFOs will continue to be the most undervalued asset in their portfolio. In our industry, we look for a company with a strong balance sheet, a management team aligned with the interests of shareholders, and an outstanding P/E ratio. The best way to find these companies is through private equity. Over the past decade, it has gained significant traction as an investment vehicle for institutional and high-net-worth individuals. As the market grows in value, so does the opportunity for those who can identify these companies before they hit the public markets.

  1. The future of work

Gary McGaghey believes that automation will continue to be the biggest threat to employment in the future. Over the next decade, we will see several different applications for artificial intelligence, including cyber security, healthcare, and transportation. For CFOs, this means that they need to be on top of new technologies while also maintaining a steady eye on operational costs. The best way to do this is through private equity.

Gary McGaghey’s writing is well-researched and provides a great introduction to the private equity industry. His writing focuses on practical examples that readers can take advantage of in their business dealings. The CFO is an often overlooked role, but it can be highly lucrative if you know how to use the suitable vehicles and deal with some of the unique challenges of managing a private equity portfolio.

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