Mirror Mirror…

The founder and CEO of Hughes Marino, Jason Hughes, started his career in construction management back in the 1980s. The successful businessman worked for Wakefield and Cushman in Century City, Los Angeles. Later, Jason Hughes relocated to San Diego. In San Diego, Jason Hughes represented non-profit tenants of municipal and corporate buildings, negotiating leases and purchasing for almost 30 years.


For over 20 years now, Jason Hughes and his lovely wife, Shay, have been an influence on buyer representation and tenant representation. In San Diego, one of the leading companies now in buyer and tenant representation is Hughes Marino. As Jason Hughes states, tenant representation has become an outstanding company with offices all over the nation. The owner of Hughes Marino and his wife are now the leaders in the market with the aim of offering new client services that have never been used. 


This service is an addition to their clients and will create a special relationship and bond between them and their customers. The chairman, owner, and CEO of the Hughes Marino company have been able to transact purchases and leases in the past year totaling over ten million square feet (Csq).

 With his experience in negotiating, Jason Hughes has been able to negotiate leases, hotel purchases, contractions and expansions, loans, government projects, and many others. In Carmel, San Diego, the UTC, and Sorrento Mesa, the business leader has been able to negotiate some of the transactions in the tenant lease for the last thirty years. The Hughes Marino owner, Jason Hughes, is a well-established and well-known expert in tenant and buyer representation in California.