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Access to affordable solar power has a big impact on the community. Those interested in getting solar power can easily work with PosiGen to get affordable solar power. As the CEO of the solar panel supplying company, Thomas Neyhart has come up with different measures to ensure they target low-income communities with affordable solar power solutions. The different measures they have taken have improved lives in different parts of the community. 


Making solar power easily accessible

The company has been very reliable in making solar power readily available to people in different parts of the country. Some low-income communities struggle to access affordable solar power and Thomas Neyhart is aware of that. Solar power comes with several benefits, and the company is helping people in the community get affordable power to improve lives


Solar leasing program

The leasing program has been of great help to people. They stand out in making it easy for potential solar panel buyers to get great deals. The company has been helping people in different communities develop the right solutions that aim to make it easy for them to access reliable solar power solutions. The PosiGen leasing program has created a positive impact in the community. As Thomas Neyhart states, several households have accessed power under it. 


Supporting low-income communities

Some communities face different challenges when it comes to access to solar power. Under the leadership of Thomas Neyhart, the company has been very reliable in coming up with the right measures to offer top-quality services. PosiGen has been very reliable in supporting people in different communities to access affordable solar power solutions.