Mirror Mirror…

Stephen Bittel, a successful entrepreneur and founder of Terranova Corporation, is someone who has seen the world change. Terranova Corporation is a firm in South Florida that deals with real estate and private equity investment. Bintel has witnessed the rise of computers, smartphones, and social media. He talks about his successes with Terranova Corporation and how he plans to take over the world.

Stephen Bintel was born in Miami and grew up in the city. He was always interested in science fiction and technology from a very young age. In his youth, he decided to take classes that were not offered at his school to learn about computers, which would set him apart from everyone else later on in life. He started Terranova Corporation in 1989 and had seen the company become one of the real estate firms in Florida.

Bintel engages in exercises every day and is a super health freak. He tries to maintain his physical appearance to look young for as long as possible but admits that it has not worked out the way he had planned. He also attends the gym and walks beside his busy schedule.

According to Bintel, entrepreneurship skills such as empathy, integrity and drive are used to become successful in life. He advises people to take charge of their lives rather than letting things happen around them. People who make decisions usually end up being the one who is in control of their destiny. He believes that his company could reach its level of success by taking charge and making good decisions over the years.

Stephen Bittel believes in bringing his own experience and knowledge about entrepreneurship and real estate to the table. He advises people to take charge of their lives and be innovative by thinking out of the box, as this makes a difference between those who succeed and those who fail.

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