Mirror Mirror…

Jason Hope studies trends that indicate the future of business. He notes social media is one of the most influential and accessible tools in the marketing arena. Not only do people spend 80 percent of their online time on social media as opposed to websites but also the platforms have a global reach. According to Jason Hope,  coupling this reach with integrated shopping apps and social media marketing becomes an obvious choice for business growth planning.

Activist Investor Jason Hope

Social media platforms offer social proof that customers have successfully and satisfactorily purchased from retail businesses, Jason Hope adds. Comments, numbers of followers, and star ratings are common ways shoppers can judge the likelihood of a pleasant buying experience. Additionally, social media is more personable than static websites adding to the like, know, and trust factor customers need to feel comfortable. This reality has shifted businesses’ focus from websites and brick-and-mortar storefronts to social media accounts and shopping apps.


Recognizing the fact that people use social media for finding entertainment and information, businesses offer insights into their operations, community involvement, and product developments in keeping with popular culture trends. Jason Hope names advertisements telling stories, for example. Clever, cinematic videos display products. Businesses can offer news related to their company or industry in trending topics with the expectation that the post may “go viral.”

Research indicates that 91 percent of people use smartphones to access social media, making it important for businesses to develop mobile apps to build brand awareness and customer loyalty. Most platforms have tools specifically designed for advertising and order processing for business accounts. Jason Hope notes that no particular social media platform is better or worse than the rest. The platforms and their users evolve and adapt as technology develops. This evolution has already changed the environment from a hang-out for friends to a powerful business growth setting.