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Mahmoud Khattab is a key and enviable person in the medical arena. Other than working as an internist in Elk Grove-based in California, he is also affiliated with several medical facilities such as Methodist Hospital of Sacramento and Sutter medical Centre. He attended the University of Damascus Faculty of Medicine where he pursued his medical degree. His practice in the medical world spans more than two decades. Dr. Mahmoud Khattab has a special interest in general internal medicine popularly known as internists. These are primary-care physicians who conduct a physical examination and treat a wide range of common illnesses in both women and men.

Other than being a valued part of the medical industry, Dr. Mahmoud Khattab is also the CEO of Precision M.D. In his quest to give back to the community, Dr. Mahmoud Khattab is involved in a myriad of charitable endeavors. The most prevalent one is his massive involvement with Syrian immigrants. He has also earned several appointments on multiple charitable boards. He was appointed to the position of chairman of the Syrian American Council. In the current dispensation of the covid-19 pandemic, the global health sector experienced a myriad of uncertainties ranging from supply chain, infrastructure, and workforce.

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Medical experts across the globe recently congregated to discuss a myriad of issues affecting the health sector globally in 2021. One of the prevalent issues discussed was care model innovation. It was noted that healthcare facilities across the globe are struggling to come up with amicable solutions affecting the long-present challenges of access, affordability, efficiency, and quality. However, the current healthcare models can be reconfigured to evolve and adapt for the impending future. Care model invention can significantly aid in delivering a more satisfying and effective clinician and patient experience and at the same time bend the charge curve.