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John Ritenour on Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance

John Ritenour is a lawyer who specializes in personal liability insurance. He has been practicing law since 2005, and for the last two years, he’s been working with a company specializing in this type of coverage. In his article, John discusses protecting yourself from being sued when you’re driving your car or going about your daily life. He also details what an umbrella policy can do for you and why it’s so important.

An umbrella policy is a type of insurance that covers you for multiple incidents. It can cover legal fees and payouts, as well as any medical bills or lost wages. You may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t have the money to afford an extra policy like this!” but John explains how it’s more about risk management than anything else. Even if you don’t get sued, it’s possible that there could be an accident where you are liable. This type of policy can protect you from any lawsuits or claims stemming from bodily injury while driving your car (or other vehicles). It also protects against property damage and loss, which even renters should consider since the landlord has higher liability.

There are a lot of companies that offer personal liability insurance policies. John recommends shopping around to find the best deal. In addition, make sure you ask questions and get all the information you need before committing to anything. Some policies have limits on how much they will pay out in damages or legal fees, so you must look into these details before signing anything.

Personal umbrella liability insurance is a type of policy that protects your assets and provides coverage if you’re sued for damages or injuries, as outlined above. John Ritenour is an attorney who specializes in this area, so if you have any questions about personal liability policies, he’s happy to help.

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