Mirror Mirror…

Edgard Corona is the leader of the Smartfit group and Bio Ritmo. He is also the CEO of Smartfit. The group has over 480 gyms and has a net worth of around 1billon as of 2017. Before that, Edgard was a qualified chemical engineer and worked at the Corona family’s sugar mills.

Smartfit has its presence in many countries, including Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Peru. Smart has transformed how people exercise in the country. Edgard was born in the 1950s. He enrolled for a career in chemical engineering after high school.

Edgard’s passion for being an entrepreneur began back in college, where an analysis laboratory for materials had. He has two businesses he sold and went to work in a family’s sugar mill in Sao Paulo. He then joined a gym, saw it as a great investment, and became a partner while working in the sugar mill. At that time, the company has financial difficulties.

Edgard Corona took over the company, managed its operations as the executive and director, and was responsible for the revival of the business. He left the company to undergo therapy after he got a skiing accident. He stated that business has ups and down, and it’s not easy starting and running a business since business sometimes has very complex features.

Edgard Corona is the CEO and establisher of Bio Ritmo. The company is a trailblazer in sports activity in Brazil and other countries. Edgard Corona is also recognized as a leader in the business management process that focuses on sports. He is also recognized for his professional career, having worked before in the industrial sector.

Besides his career, he is also a famous figure for his political standpoint. Edgard advises people should study, learn and make mistakes and concentrate on what they do. Edgard Corona’s: Facebook Page.