Mirror Mirror…

Asot Anthony Michael is a member of parliament in Antigua and Barbuda and was born in Guadeloupe, French indies, in 1969. Asot grew up in one of the most active political families in that region. Asot Michael fondly remembers his grandfather, to whom he is named after. The latter died a year ago from a heart attack after one of his properties in Radcliffe got burnt down by some riots sponsored by anti-government around 1968.


His father is among the pioneers who supported forming one of the largest political parties in Antigua and Barbuda, known as the Antigua & Barbuda labor Party, ABLP. The party got established when Antigua was going through a hard time politically in the early 1970s. Asot Michael´s father sacrificed his resources and business to ensure that the Labor party survives. The generation that came later, comprising a whole family dedicated to politics. These included Asot Michaels brothers, including Maurice, Mitchell, and Asot, was heavily involved in Antigua socio-political life and served diligently in various government positions. Their contribution to the transformation of the Antigua and Barbuda government was entirely meaningful. 


The Asot family gets widely known throughout the country for their philanthropic means in the social-economic change of the entire country. Asot schooled at St Joseph Academy and St John, Antigua for his high secondary school between 1982 and 1986. He graduated with a diploma in Cambridge – O level GCE, and he passed all the six subjects he sat for during that year’s exam (LinkedIn). 

Asot Michael later proceeded to Barry University, where he pursued a business degree from 1986 to 1989 and graduated with an honors degree in Business Administration. Asot was a double major in finance and economics. Asot Michael was featured prominently on the Dean’s list twice, and presidents list once during his stint at Barry University. He is also a master’s degree holder from the prestigious University of Miami from 1990 -1991, graduating with an MBA and getting listed in the graduate school dean’s list for 1991. Asot Michael has been on the achiever’s list since his days in high school, and he continued with the prowess up to graduate school. He has won awards for being among the best performed international students in American Universities. He has won awards for his scholarly prowess, the Delta Mu Delta national honor award for business administration.