Mirror Mirror…

In order to make it in any business, one has to pour their sweat in the whole idea. According to John Ritenour, this is the only way to go. Oftentimes, finding the right balance on what to do and who to hand up with is always the hardest thing. John Ritenour says that by doing so, many of those who engage in business often end up setting up meaningful trajectories. He was speaking on the best practice that each entrepreneur should follow for them to make it in life.

“All over the world, entrepreneurs use their time, energy, and resources to ensure whatever they do flourishes. As such, these individuals focus on development, gradual growth, and the long-term trajectory and success of their businesses. By doing so, these individuals show the world what true entrepreneurship is,” says John Ritenour. According to John, although with experience, many of the modern-day entrepreneurs are able to balance their work, business and families, it is not always easy for those that are starting. Novice entrepreneurs will oftentimes find themselves overwhelmed with balancing essential responsibilities.

For those that have had the experience, work, family life and personal life will thrive whether there is a pandemic or not. However, John Ritenour agrees that balancing these things require effort, dedication, and around the clock commitment that not only start during the launch of a new idea but also way before the launch of any kind of business. The founder and director of Insurance Office of America says having it all enables one to balance every aspect of his or her life even in the face of calamities. When he was starting, John did not find it easy to run his business. However, after sometime, as his family was growing, John had to find a way to balance between his family, personal life, and the fledgling business.

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