Mirror Mirror…

From infancy, it was clear that Haroldo Jacobovicz would one day become somebody. Haroldo’s parents, now aged, are among the numbered civil engineers Brazil had when the son was still a young boy. It appears the parents knew what they wanted in their son because the now aged Haroldo Jacobovicz says among the things he admires most about his parents especially his mother is the fact that she carried the young boy to her place of work whenever she could.

Later, when Haroldo Jacobovicz had fairly grown, he explains, “I would watch my parents design some nice structures from the scratch. I marveled at what my parents did back then and continue to think deeply about what they did. I’m grateful that they decided to show me what they did and inculcated the same spirit in me.” Go Here for related Information.

Now a grown man, Haroldo Jacobovicz has followed his parents’ footsteps candidly. The first thing he did was to start an information technology company with an aim of exploring the possibility of covering the whole country with fiber optic connectivity.

True to his mission, Horizons Telecom, Haroldo Jacobovicz’s maiden startup laid the foundation for what would follow. Shortly after starting HT, Haroldo Jacobovicz founded an annex company and named it Horizons Datacenter. He later would use these two startups along with a third firm; e-Governe Group to form a strong team of talented civil engineers who would in turn ensure the whole country is mapped for fiber optic connectivity.

Thanks to the startups, latest technology, the team he instituted, Haroldo says now the whole country can enjoy a faster fiber connectivity, something that seemed a far-fetched dream decades ago when his parents were among a handful civil engineers in Latin America’s largest country. “Our aim is to ensure every person whether old or young, employed or not to have access to a viable and faster internet,” Haroldo said recently.