Mirror Mirror…

Andrew Alexander has had an exciting career spanning over four decades; he has achieved several milestones. He has been able to build a 35-million-dollar empire and leave a lasting impact on the film industry.

His most significant milestones have been while he was at the Second City Theatre Company. A venture he partnered with his trusted friend Len Stuart and together have worked to make it a success.

While at Second City, Andrew Alexander was part of groundbreaking shows in the company, such as the 150-hour television comedy show SCTV that was among the company’s first productions.

The production achieved such massive success that it even bagged an ACTRA Award and 2 Emmy awards along with 13 Emmy Award nominations.

Andrew Alexander has also worked with several artists, the likes of Stephen Colbert and Tina Fey, and has helped showcase their talent to the world and launch their careers in the long run.

Andrew Alexander is also the great producer behind Martin Scorsese, a Netflix and CTV documentary. He is also the executive producer behind the famous The Second City Project that was so successful it managed to be nominated for 6 Canadian Screen Awards in 2016.

Alexander also organized a reunion for the cast of SCTV hosted in Toronto that led to the Second City Alumni Fund launch. This initiative has raised over 750,000 dollars to aid actors and staff during challenging times like economic hardships or when diagnosed with a severe illness.

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